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Belgium suing Scientology and 10 members for FRAUD!


Deeelicious . . . looks like the boring Belgians can THINK and recognize a fraud when they see, smell and taste it! :yes:



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Miscavige is going to have to handle way too many lawsuits all at once.

I hope he has a stroke.

Then I can piss on him while he is fully cognizant of the fact, but unable to stop it.


I have waited years to see OT powers at work and now they have announced, irrevocably, that they will advance time.

If my theory is correct, I will get younger as time speeds on ahead. I will finally get something out of Scientology.

This is a big win, where that Suckcess story paper when you need it? :happydance:

Bad luck folks.



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Scientology members referred to criminal court (with video)

Flanders News: Scientology members referred to criminal court (with video)http://www.deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws.english/videozone_ENG/eng.140327_Scientology_trial

27/03/14 - Two non-profit organisations of the Belgian branch of Scientology and 10 of its members have been referred to a criminal court. They will face charges of fraud, blackmail, illegal medicine and are also accused of violating privacy legislation. The accused allegedly offered job vacancies, but those that were chosen eventually ended up doing volunteer work.

Go to site for video.