Bennetta Slaughter - Lisa McPherson's old boss - buys Memphis Mission

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Please post all you know about Bennetta Slaughter - she was Lisa McPherson's boss and apparantly did not go to the hospital when Lisa was there - Lied to Lisa's mother (Fanny) about Lisa's death - is a big shot Clam - who got offloaded to Applied Scholastic's in Spanish Lake, Missouri after Lisa died.

The Mission in Memphis - purchased by Lisa Marie Presley and Isaac Hayes - donated to the Cult for a Mission was purchased in 2006 by Bennetta and David Slaughter. They renovated it and moved into it - and are planning to sell it or have already - not sure. Posted on Marty's Blog today - all about the failing contraction of Scientology.

Please post what you know about this woman - :coolwink:

I don't have the warm fuzzies about her - anyone know her.:no:

The Memphis Mission was moved 20 miles away to a retail strip center. FAILED MISSION - Epic contraction for Scientology!


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I know David & Bennetta. One only has to Google her name to get the lowdown on this slimy bitch.

There's way too much dox on her to post in this thread.

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SHE IS OSA! She tried to find out about the bilked investor's from Reed Slatkin's fiasco - another famous Scientologist - Reed Slatkin.

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Here is more of her resume: (My oatee abilities were SPOT ON! She is evil)! And I am not even OATEE! Wow - thanks Ron!

Slaughter & Lisa McPherson

Slaughter assisted the Church of Scientology's failed coverup in the death of Lisa McPherson, who was employed at Slaughter's company, AMC Publishing. Claiming to be Lisa's best friend, Slaughter told the Tampa Tribune's Cheryl Waldrip that Lisa "just got sick and died... There's nothing else there." But there was much more there: criminal charges were eventually filed against Scientology, and a wrongful death civil suit is now under way. For more information on Lisa McPherson, go here.

Slaughter also tried to frustrate the efforts of prominent Scientology critic Bob Minton to set up a foundation to help cult victims. After Minton announced plans to name his group after Lisa McPherson, Slaughter ran out and registered The Lisa McPherson Foundation, The Lisa Foundation, Friends of Lisa McPherson Foundation, and the Lisa McPherson Educational Foundation. Her actions were against the wishes of Lisa's family, who support Minton's organization, the Lisa McPherson Trust.

She says in this article that many activities are planned for both foundations, and boasts membership of over 300. The groups have been inactive if not dormant since then.

The "Citizens for a Better Clearwater" instituted a plan in which citizens could donate up to $55 for bricks (each brick would bear an inscription chosen by the donor) that would line an alley way. As a 'secret' member of the "Citizens for a Better Clearwater", Slaughter only became a known member of this group *after* the group (Chairperson Pam Marks specifically) had already A) denied having any Scientologists as members and B) rejected a submission from Church of Scientology foes and Lisa McPherson Trust members Jeff Jacobsen and Stacy Brooks. (Read St. Pete Times news story here.)

Jacobsen's brick was to say "Remember Lisa McPherson," and Brooks' brick was dedicated to the memory of former Scientologist Roxanne Friend, a personal friend of Brooks. When the ACLU stepped in, the group relented and Jacobsen and Brooks got their bricks accepted. However, Marks obviously lied on behalf of Slaughter, as she publicly thanked Bennetta for all her hard work on the committee during the alleyway's opening ceremony.

So it turns out that Lisa McPherson's 'Good Friend' Bennetta Slaughter stifiled an attempt to honor her!

Slaughter & her 'Clubs'

Bennetta is the ultimate Scientology "Church Mom." She starts up and joins community groups all the time, all of them with benign sounding names but each with the same purpose ~ furthering Scientology's goals.

"Gung Ho Groups"
"The Lisa McPherson Foundation"
"The Lisa Foundation"
"Lisa McPherson Educational Foundation"
"Friends of Lisa McPherson Foundation"
"Clearwater Community Volunteers"
"Clearwater Beautification and Development Association"
"Tampa Bay Organization of Women"
"Citizens for a Better Clearwater"
"Clearwater Business Association"
"Boy Scout Leaders"
"The Say No to Drugs Holiday Classic Race of 1997"

For more info on Scientology front groups, including these, go to the Occupied Clearwater Page.

Here's an internal Scientology memo from 1997 commending the members of various Clearwater-based Scientology committees and groups. Notice that Bennetta is the most notable overacheiver here.

Ex-Scientologist recounts his personal experience with Bennetta Slaughter

Ex Scientologist Michael Pattinson did work on Bennetta's 1.2 million dollar home back in 1995. In this post he says, "Later when I sent them a bill for my services their reply was to get their attorney to threaten me with a lawsuit for extortion if ever I asked for money from them again. Be forewarned."

Slaughter Attempts to "Handle" a Critic

Here is a long transcript of a meeting between Scientology critic Jeff Lee, Bennetta and VP of Scientology NY (and OSA) John Carmichael and their attempt to "handle" Jeff and dissuade him from picketing. Carmichael is frequently assigned the task of 'handling' critics, so it's not surprising to see him paired with frequent Scientology mouthpiece Bennetta.

Throughout the interview Bennetta spews both half-truths and outright lies. This is a very important read to anyone approached by Slaughter as it shows how deliberately deceptive she will be on behalf of the Church of Scientology.

So, as an investor, would YOU trust this woman to look out for your best interests as opposed to the Church of Scientology's best interests? What do you think the chances are that YOUR interests overlap with the 'CHURCH'?
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Bennetta Slaughter has been one of those names that pops up in all kinds of disgusting stories associated with CoS. Marty posted a good deal of info about her shady dealings a year or more ago. Maybe it's because Bennetta's slimy shadow looms so large I've never heard much about her husband, David.

I did find one little tidbit about Mike Rinder's post very interesting. He states, "deference to the amazingness of Dear Leader hisself."

Made me think Rinder has been an active reader of ESMB's own FaceintheCrowd's "Shooting Stars" thread. LOL.

I will say if Rinder is actually reading the truth online maybe he will eventually finish leaving the cult. I sure hope so otherwise that kid he just had is going to have to grow up with that shit.

(BTW: When ever I think of Rinder having an baby I think, "a geezer with a teether.")


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David & Bennetta have moved around alot after Bennetta was disciplined by the cult for botching her role in the Lisa McPherson death investigation - she did not cast a positive light on Scientology.

After moving from Clearwater, they were known to have lived in Dallas, TX; Kansas City; St. Louis; Memphis, and back to Clearwater, where they reside.. 501 Island Way, Clearwater, 33767.

They co-own several businesses under the umbrella of the Jade Group, L.C.

The Slaughter's partner, Pat Clouden has a shitload of photos on his FB page..


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Isaac Hayes's and Lisa Marie’s Memphis Mission Collapses, Moved to Strip Mall

Isaac Hayes's and Lisa Marie’s Memphis Scientology Mission Collapses, Building Converted Back Into Residence, and Mission Moved to Strip Mall Open 8 Hours Per Week

Over on Marty's blog, Mike Rinder has a good article on the collapse of Isaac Haye's and Lisa Marie's Memphis Mission. It really is worth a read in its entirety.

The Rapidly Expanding Mission Network — Not

The Mission was failing, reportedly defaulting on their mortgage. In what could well have been an amends project for failing at Spanish Lake, now the Slaughters ride into town to take over the Mission.

But they apparently didn’t do anything to increase the activities and viability of the Mission. Things didn’t go well. But to avert a “flap” of a foreclosure of “Isaac and Lisa Marie’s Mission” , on 21 May 2008 David, as the “Mission Holder” sold the Mission to himself for $635,000. But this wasn’t a move designed to increase the delivery of the Mission. In fact, the Slaughters proceeded to convert it back into a home — for themselves! And earlier this year, they put it on the market for $995,000.
Now, you may well be wondering: what happened to the Mission?

The Slaughter’s moved it to a strip mall in the sticks.

If you Google “Scientology Memphis” you get a number of official church links. The one at still lists the Central Ave. address and a disconnected phone number.

There is another entry under Click on that one and it takes you to a page that still has a nice photo of the Central Ave. premises at the top, but the address is now given as Colliervillle TN, 20 miles outside Memphis.

And here is the final proof of the shriveling world of Miscavige. Right on the webpage, the opening hours of the “Memphis” (Collierville) mission are listed:

Wednesday and Thursday 7pm to 9pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm.

This is the “booming” Scientology Mission Network as it ACTUALLY is.


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This kind of Scientology story is classic. Celebrities, flourishing & prospering, total freedom, celebrations, ideal missions, upstats, wins, gala events, joy for all mankind......

Fast forward: Dead/Blown Celebrities, bankruptcy, slavery, downstats, humiliating defeat & retreat behind a wall of silence & lies.

That is the key to understanding Scientology. The fast-forward button....

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Bennetta Slaughter will not have too much fun anymore - they will milk her dry of her MONEY - and her life! She is disgusting - what she did to Lisa McPherson is just evil! To think she actually cared more about the stats in her evil empire than this woman's life! How can she live with herself - just absolutely no remorse - criminals!

What a creepy woman - and this is what Scientology created with the TECH!:nervous: Ewwwww - creepy!


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Karen #1 posted this on the thread on Marty's blog. All about Benetta Slaughter, which was the original question on this thread.

Benetta Slaughter ~~ more about

A David Miscagive Friend and PET.

Benetta Slaughter, owner of AMC Publishing – was Lisa McPherson’s employer until her untimely death. Lisa attested to “CLEAR”,
(Miscavige looking in to her session from a video feed “knew” she was clear and she was sent to attest) And shortly before she had had
Soon after, Lisa took off her clothes and walking naked down Fort Harrison Avenue.

Slaughter and Miscavige were directly connected the enforced “O/W write ups” that Lisa was made to do, week in and week out, looking in the depths of her soul to find her “CRIMES” and her downstatness in not making Slaughter more $$$$ on her post in AMC.

Lisa’s Final O/W Writeup | The Lisa McPherson Files
As such Lisa shared with 2 other people on a daily basis the traumatic details of a year-long ordeal of threats, coercion, tricks, betrayals, and the mind-bending technology applied to her at the Flag Land Base, under the direct supervision of David Miscavige, which ultimately resulted in her psychotic break and death. The electrifying details of the final hours of she spent in an Orlando hotel room with Lisa, was Brenda Spencer, who Lisa talked to. After weeks of sleeplessness and relentless intimidation by Slaughter, Lisa finally reached her breaking point. Every word of what she said about her auditing, and the ranting hysteria and psychotic fits leading up to being committed to a psychiatric ward is on record, probably a story that has yet to be told. It was Slaughter was able to gain Lisa’s release from the hospital and commit her into the “care” of David Miscavige at the Flag Land Base.
Some 25 days later she was dead at 36 years old.


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The first time I met Bennetta Slaughter was at a wedding in Clearwater. We were guests there.

I didn't even speak to her but knew there was something about her that I didn't want any part of.

While we were at the reception, it looked like she was heading towards us to chat so I dragged my other half quickly away outside telling him she was trouble.

Reading all the comments about her here, it seems my antenna was working very well that day. :yes:

Very creepy woman.


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I've never met Benetta Slaughter. Does anyone have something good to say about her?

Maybe the Slaughters are planning to take the profits from the sale and divide the money among the original Mission donors.


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1440 Central Ave. – Central Gardens Historic District - Request for a COA for iron fence for front yard

Applicant: David and Bennetta Slaughter 2012 PACKET AGENDA.pdf

David & Bennetta sued by their contractors on the property in 2009. Later dismissed.