Berlin, Ideal Org is empty...


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You don't think Dah-veed is going to give up that easily do you? I think he is going to wake up and start promoting hard someday and try and recruit a bunch of new blood. Will the anti scio sites on the internet stymie him? If they look beyond his Scientology site, yes, but not if they go there and buy into all the slick stuff there.

So, let me look into the crystal theta ball umm ahhhh Yep! Lots of Lulz still to come.


I think that would be impossible to pull off today. They depend on being able to drag newbs in and commence the brainwashing in an existing and established environment. They could never start over and try to recruit in numbers. There would be no cult to absorb the new members, and Dah-veed is lucky if he can reach the light switch, let alone the people in the waiting room in Berlin.

They've depended on having an indoctrinated cult staff to begin the mind control work on the newcomers. There is no way to start that from the point they now find themselves at.

Imagine the reaction from today's potential recruits at being told the first thing they need to know is that they are not under any circumstances to look the church or subject up on the internet. Lol-o-rama.


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Well done to the German Anons!

Staffing the org with SO? That should get more of them to see and contact the outside world and like 98% of any sane ones still there, see the lies they have been fed and wake up.


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The Vid


I am getting allways angry, when I see Scientology kids...:angry: They are so young and depent on their parents... They need love and not Scientology.


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Imagine them a year from now. The sooner and quicker the Band-Aid comes off, the better. They'll be fine. :)

Yeah, that's what they tell you at the Brazilian Wax place, lol!

So I did some thinking on all this mess, and did some furious writing that turned into a three part series on DailyKOS.

I post there because it reaches a different audience. Over the weekend, the comments start to pile up. Here's what I find really interesting.

If you read the comments on my blogs from 2006, the critical comments are the minority. Lots of "freedom of religion" posts, and "oh yeah? Christianity does that too!" or "All religions are cults."

These are nice tools to derail a topic without coming out and saying "I'm not a Scientologist, but..."

Fast forward to 2012, the comments on these three pieces are overwhelmingly negative toward Scientology. I believe the 100th monkey has been informed and it's all downhill from here.