Best Threads For New Arrivals?


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And of course there is my introduction thread which beats the pants off all of the above, with over 100 pages and over 1000 posts.


Most of which are cute bunnies.

But, to put a wog interwebs reality to you, a 100 page thread on a forum is something rather not good, cause no one ever is gonna read thru all of it. It prolly makes nice stats though.


Please don't let IAAS junk up this important thread by being "bull baited" by him/her/it. Thanks. :)
There is a lot of good wisdom, pathos, insights and truthtelling humor on The Golden Quotes of ESMB thread! :thumbsup:

Feel free to add more, everybody!!! :)

Thanks Panda for this collection.


Exposing the Errors and Damage of Scn Tech

This thread by "Dulloldfart" asking and answering the question: "Out-Int — Fact or Fiction?" is a good one in my view.

Reason being that it a) exposes an element of Scn that has screwed so many folks up and, b) shows that there are better answers outside of the limited KSW mania of the CofS.

Here's the link:

The correct answers for handling "out-int" began to be developed on page 15.