Between Lives Research Data - Nuns and Nannies


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Just completed the "Between Lives Rundown" and here are the observations:

Not So Nice Nuns and Nannies:

Recently I've been running another case on his between lives experiences. He
tells me that after he dropped his last body he saw light, became aware of
himself as a being, decided he wanted to be reborn in the U.S., then a dark
cloud came over, there was a golden door, was greeted by a warmly receptive
nun, was ushered in, was given a special cloak, then was put through a school
where he was taught how to behave and generally play the game of life by the
rules in preparation for his next lifetime.

He estimates staying between lives for 3 years. Upon further scanning, he was able
to see a space ship there and an "assembly line" of people who had left their bodies
and were being processed through. Throughout this there were pains being felt in the
legs in present time. He said they felt like electric shocks.

Then upon even further scanning, he discovered that there were gold colored metal
plates one on each of the four sides of the head, with a bed of nails on the inside of
them. He felt them pressing against his head along with electric shocks whenever he
became disobedient. This matched up with pains he's complained about his entire life
and which so far has eluded auditing.

A couple of times during the incident he went exterior and noticed that the
whole arrangement was a holographic mock up put out electronically, in other
words, a heaven or hell or a limbo according to the person's expectations. It
was at those times that they would shock him into accepting their reality.

I'm still looking for a between lives manned by spirit guides with kind
intentions. I hope I find them somewhere along the line, but I'm starting to
lose hope.

My Personal Between Lives - Deeper Look

I just got out of a session where I was asked to explore my last between lives area.
I died in 1952 because I had been programmed through drugs and hypnosis (P.D.H. - Pain/Drugs/Hypnosis)
to speak out against Tito when he was giving a speech in a stadium. I was born after that in February 1954.

The whole story between lives never comes up in a regular session, such a tight lid is kept on it.
We had to specifically ask if anything was there.

Finally I did start to see a hand that looked like a Grinch's hand, then the hand holding up an
attractive mural that I could walk into and then a bunch of Greys working on my prone body
(they brought my injured body up to the spaceship), and then a Reptilian being overseeing it
and I flinched away from looking at his evil expression. He was positioned above the pod of Greys
as if he was a hologram.

Between Lives My Session #2 - Picked up Some More Details

Okay, so today another look at the same between-lives incident. I knew some
more negative energy was there because I had the fright that one has before
going in to see the dentist, but I go into session wanting to get to the truth
no matter how frightening (like, "did I murder someone?", nervous laugh).

I still don't know exactly what all those little grays were doing
around my body except that they were "re-wiring" something. I became
aware they installed a command to forget something about all this and that I
would get a headache and nausea if I did try to remember, which I did in the

I got to looking more at the being who was running these greys and I
actually got into his viewpoint, looking at my body below. I saw that he was
basically a good being, but his actions were misguided as to solving a problem.
I had the idea that he was probably being controlled by someone else, but we
did not want to open that can of worms (who knows how many levels up we would
have to go, and how important is it?).

The strange thing that happened is that somehow by someone I was pulled away
from that rough treatment and given a safe space and a body "hosted" me. This is
the point in the session where I broke down and cried from relief and gratitude and
the love I felt being given me.

I found myself in Philadelphia at Ron Hubbard's Philadelphia Doctorate Lectures. This is
where I believe Ron sublimely channeled or downloaded (or whatever one calls it) from
a higher being because I already was aware of the discrepancy between Ron the humanoid
and what came out of him when he was giving lectures.

Personally I believe this was an aspect of the Maittreya being that spoke to us in the Lectures.

At this time I do not yet know who brought me to the hall where Ron was
lecturing but I soaked up the lectures until I had to go and get my own body.
The body that was hosting me seems to have died for some reason and I felt
responsible somehow and did not want to let go and have been mentally carrying around this
dead body until today (not literally, but more like "astrally" or as an adopted beingness).

The funny thing is that everytime I meet one of these people who attended the lectures I "know"
them, even though they are on their second body since then. The funny thing is that none of them
"know" me. Except one did know me. I wish someone had the roster of people who have attended,
however when I was working in the files section of the DC Church I saw folders for
what seemed like a whole family named "Sisk".

When I wasn't attending the lectures I enjoyed movies and theatres :)

It seems that the Greys who worked on me have a real big urge to turn this
planet into a plant and water paradise, and I myself had a huge affinity for
doing the same -- to return this planet to its Pangeia-like days. Nothing wrong with that as
long as the code of honor is maintained and any compulsions regarding same cleared out.
Yes, then, and only then can we have a lush planet that will be the tourist mecca of the galaxy :)

The benefit of looking at between lives areas/incidents is that it beefs one up
for the next between lives incident.

I can't say any of this is the "last word" because as new data comes in the
story slightly changes, but I'm sure glad I'm not lugging that dead body around anymore :)))

Between Lives Session #3 -- The Great Kahn

Okay, let's see how to explain this....happily shot in the head, explosion of
light, grey holding up a mural of a lush planet, greys working on me (still
can't see what they are doing exactly)....

I noticed their communication lines in present time and said a few words to
them in present time ("I know that you are telling me you are harmless and that's okay")...

We took a side trip and looked to see who was above the Reptilian fella and I
got the face of someone with his face squeezed up against something and looking at this universe.

As soon as I got close to him in present time a very hot hot flush turned on -- boy was he burning up!!
Reminds me of that time....oh forget it :)

I asked him his name. He replied "Kahn" (means "Lord"). Then we decided to help him out since
there was a connection between him and me in present time and he was surely in distress.

The incident he was stuck in: he was a happy spirit playing with other spirits and they were using
the inside of cut off spheres to create upon. Sort of like artists who paint in caves or grottoes --
to keep the pesky spirits from messing with the beautiful creations before one is finished or has a
chance to fully admire it, etc.

Horrors! Someone threw him a corner and his viewpoint got stuck forever down into the corner
like a cat gets its head stuck in a bag. I had something to do with that it seems. We ran the stuck
incident until with laughter and relief he realized he could simply pull his head out of the corner. Okay by me :)

Once again the jolly magnanimous god that he is, he gives this little girl spirit a pat on the head and
says, "what can I do for you, missy?" I flash him a picture of someone handing me a nice big check
for $25million. My counselor puts in a plug for saving the earth or universe or something ridiculous
like that (all smiles). Whatever!! Okay, I did it -- he's going to save the "universe", that's if we can
pull him away from his spheres playground. I also give him the picture of going "Clear" -- a must for any god :)

Now I see the connection between this being and the "Hollow Earth" dramatization -- what better way
to protect one's creation than to tuck it away in the inside of a hard shelled planet? See the Reptilian connection?

My husband thinks HE has friends in high places, wait until I tell him about MY new friend!!

Award for most succinct and truthful quote of the day goes to my wise counselor: THE ATTITUDE IS THE TRAP.

I convey blessings on all from the great god of spheres,


Between Lives Session #4 -- Wired for Sex

The mural with the pretty scene that they somehow knew I liked turned out to be some kind of
white sheet which was put over my prone body which they had levitated into the spaceship after
it had been shot.

It seems it was all about wiring me for sex which the Reptilian overseer seemed to relish. It appears
that the wire went from my head "chakra" to my throat chakra and looped over and above my other
chakras and reconnected again to my "root chakra". I had pains in my uterus and head while looking
at this. Crude but effective.

It seems that every lifetime after menopause I could drop my body and come back and have it done
all over again. In fact, I probably would have died about now this lifetime already if I had not received
some sessions that overrode that.

Then I could have landed in their spaceship again for another round. I had the idea that they have done
this more than once on my between lives, particularly in one lifetime here that I recall. I am very very glad
that I am finally able to take a look at this between lives area, and that it will never happen again! I think
by the time we finish this incident they will have me on their "no fly" list :)

It looks like this might be one of my first lifetimes in a series of lifetimes
where I actually live past my 50's.

Ladies, I think women's liberation needs to be taken to a whole new level :)

Besides the "paymaster" of sex sensations for the Reptilian (huge chauvinists), overall they want to
keep our "Godhood" preoccupied so that they can build their cities in the core of the planet unmolested.
And you can bet that if we knew about them we probably would hassle them, so they do have a point,
but their "solution" is self-serving.

Looking deeply into the between lives incident took away some of my fear of the boogey man.

Between Lives Session #5 -- The Script

We dug a little deeper today into the between lives incident. Because these
beings are not restricted by linear time they have all the time in the world to
put in the most thorough and sophisticated script accompanied by pain and drugs. The pain alternated
between the uterus area and the headband.

I (as a disembodied spirit) was off to the side looking as if a bystander at what they were doing to the body.

Today we worked more on uncovering exactly what was contained in the script they were messaging to
me. It is almost all the nicest stuff in the world that one would say to someone -- all light and reassuring.
They also knew about a particular past life of mine and brought it up to shame me and bind me.
The session ended when I started to get a larger perspective of their operation when I saw them all gathering
together and rehearsing the whole "act". This was all under the guidance of the Reptilian.

The next time someone tells me they went someplace and were "helped" or given "guidance" I am going
to guffaw out loud, I swear!

The only good thing they said was to rely a lot on lemon juice to keep my future body healthy, which I
think is correct, but they cannot say anything truthful without packing it with lies and negative emotional content.

They are pros at this and the layers of hypnotic text along with drugs and
pain are making this incident very difficult to uncover and this is the
first incident I have ever had to recall that seems so persistently unreal.
They wanted it to seem unreal and gave words to that effect, many times
and in many ways. "This is a dream, You are dreaming", on and on in many
different ways. They worked very thoroughly to prevent any possibility of my
ever recalling this incident.

They were very adept at love-bombing me, but it was all self-serving. Sort of
the means justifies the ends mentality. On one level I admire their implanting skills.

We ended session when I started to get a larger perspective of their operation and saw them as a
group, headed by the Reptilian, rehearsing their "act", going through the paces so to speak before
they addressed me (or else it was an after the fact debriefing, or both, not sure yet). You see,
when I am in session, time loses its 3D hold for me too.

Between Lives Session #6 -- Body Bank

Hello, I do believe a lot of this data is already on the internet
as alien abductions. It does not matter to them whether one is dead
or alive, because somehow one is always "alive" and accessible to them.

L. Kin says in his writings that the guards here like to play both sides --
angel and devil, but their aim is to keep us here no matter which side they
are playing. In this particular between lives I guess I saw the guards who
were playing "devil".

This session showed me that hierarchies, no matter how angelic, are apparencies.
It is merely control by enforcing considerations of status. For example, we have the
consideration that angels have a higher "enlightenment" status than we humans.

I'm not saying that there are never any beings anywhere who are simply loving with no hidden
self-serving agenda, and I would like to meet those beings. I see a future when I myself will be one of those beings :)

NOTE: Later I did meet a being who represented himself as Maittreya.

This incident is complicated because there appears to have been two bodies that died that I am
associated with, the other one being the host body I took up during the lectures. That remains to be seen.

I also had some attention on a "curse" and got that it had something to do about being small forever,
like a foot soldier or pawn. It was a curse from a past life that I appear to have still been carrying with me.
I really hate getting tricked into being a foot soldier for the "bad guys". Almost feel sorry for the Greys.
Or very possible they told me in their script that I was cursed, very likely.

Also I picked up that their attention on the body was for the purposes of having a "labour force" and
I got an imagery of people being like forest rangers and all happy. This seems to be the big "cause"
of the Greys, and perhaps they don't consciously realize someone is pushing their buttons to get them
to do their self-serving bidding. No point in reasoning with them though. They are totally into obeying
and doing their job.

I found myself hugely ashamed and embarrassed when they electrically stimulated the body to produce
sexual sensations. I think this is the Reptilian's bag. Somehow I can't see the Greys getting excited about
sexual stimulation.

NOTE: My invalid mother once brought a disembodied being home from the hospital who was into
electrical stimulation so I do have some reality on what degraded beings are capable of.

We are still sorting out the exact sequence of events (what came first) and getting more details on
body-in-pawn that I might still be letting myself be controlled by in this incident.

"Bodies in Pawn" means they are controlling me somehow by doing something to the body that they
have on the spaceship that I feel protective about.

Between Lives Session #7 -- Present Time Control


The end of the session is first.

Towards the end of the session I started to feel like I was spinning around and around, and nauseous,
and my head started to droop. I also got the feeling that my counselor was really an evil Grey and I saw
an image of him as a big hairy spider with claws extended towards me.

I was afraid to tell him: How can I safely tell the spider that he is a spider? I
waited a few seconds and then the question was asked about present time and I saw
that they were RIGHT NOW within the session itself literally spinning me and trying to
get me to think my counselor is evil.

I think it has something to do with the body they are keeping up there for me.

I was helped to run the Excalibur entity running on them, or an abbreviated
version of it and I saw them sort of agglomerate and their white medical gowns turned to black and
then there was just a little puddle on the floor. I sensed that as beings they were in sort of a jumble
and that it would take a bit of time for them to straighten themselves out.

However, the Reptilian overseeing them was only mildly put off by it and that is because I sensed that
he has more "pods" where that one came from and he could easily assign another pod over to me. In
fact, I started to feel the physical spinning begin again, but not as intense as before.

Next I was helped to put the Reptilian in session. The incident he seemed to be stuck in was one
where as a toddler he was started in his career and was forced to watch a reptilian abuse a female
humanoid. By the end of his session he was able to connect back up with the last time he was himself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very very important not to give any of these beings any sympathy but just to
process them to a flat point. I'll tell you why I'm
emphasizing that at the end of this post.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT CAVEAT: When processing them don't make a games condition out of it.
This link will explain "games conditions":

Now, back to the beginning of the session. They gave me IN PRESENT TIME! this morning prior to the session
a "love drug". Before the session I was gushing to everyone and loving everyone and felt like such a good Clear
(achieved "Clear" state in September) -- a little over the top out of control, but, hey, it was "love"!

That's why I personally see their endeavors begin to backfire on them when a
being actually is Clear.

I've never had such drugs this lifetime so I could not relate very well to the
concept of "love drug". I surmise it is the carrot and stick goad, and the love
drug is used as the carrot.

The point is, because I cannot yet fully confront them (or more accurately that part of me they are
getting agreement from), they can push anything on me IN PRESENT TIME! I am totally owned
by them to that degree, and they wanted me to know that my body is not my own (they seem to
have some legal patent claim on bodies). It is similar to the concept that you are a homeowner
even though in reality the bank owns your home and can recall it anytime they please.

It was definitely in my short term survival interests to process that Reptilian,
but not the main objective.

This is simply an impression that came to me: These reptilians like a good game and they have
some awesome technology as far as I can perceive.

The good news is that PDH technology (Pain/Drugs/Hypnosis) has a way of coming back against
the purposes of the being who applied it. I know they have suffered from this and that is one
reason why they put so many checks and guards into their script and have certainly refined PDH
to a skill and an art. If not for that the incident could be more easily spotted and dispatched as
easily as the current lifetime abduction incidents.

#1 They have a different concept of time and seem to have all the time they need
#2 They operate on their subject(s)in present time too
#3 They have an extensive hierarchy of staff thus anyone processed to freedom can be easily replaced
#4 They are technically more advanced
#5 They don't want me to find out in session and they may already
have started to edit their PDH scripts to address the specific
problem of anyone getting any future between lives sessions
#6 You are not aware of them nor what you need to see regarding your
between lives interaction with them except what they want you to
be aware of (example: the lovely mural scene they showed me)
#7 You do not know what is contained in the script they used on you
#8 They can access your past lives memories and know your
proclivities as a being to make it easier to get your agreement
(For example: they knew that I have a liking for mocking up cute
little pixies and gnomes, etc, and so it was easier for them to
make me think they were "cute" little gnomes = false affinity

#9 Some of them may truly believe they are doing
the right thing That is the advantage
of having a multi-layered status-oriented hierarchy. That only
adds to the victim's confusion
#10The Greys mainly view humans as a labour force. It is definitely
a master/slave mentality from top to bottom

My current stance regarding between lives is that as soon as one goes Clear
using R3X, it would seem wise to nullify the between-lives controls with a
"Between Lives" look. Unless you were an Avatar who graciously dropped into
this universe.

Before we started these sessions I had no idea whatsoever of any between-lives interaction with
anyone -- I thought I just went straight to the lecture hall, end of story.

The next time I meet my "Maker" I hope I just see "ME" :)

Between Lives Session #8 -- Shock Moments

With R3X style processing the last Special Attention Command asks
one to look and see if there are any shock moments in the incident.

Shock moments have already presented themselves in prior running
of the incident but this question gets me to focus in on them alone.
As a result I spotted some shocks I had not seen before.

I also spotted some more specific messages they gave me about pain.
One particular message I ran Repeater Technique on was "PAIN HURTS".

One would think that was obvious, but after I repeated that phrase
several times I started to realize that pain and hurt can be separated,
and after that I felt the pain but was more freed up on how to respond
to it. For example, in the incident I did experience pain but now the pain
was simply pain with no reaction to it, or I could choose my reaction.

I realized I was actually starting to "admire" the pain, not in a masochistic
sense at all, more easygoing than that.

The big personal gain is that there are many aspects of this incident which if
someone tried to get me to experience again in the way they wanted me to
react to it they would largely fail. Also running such a very thorough and heavy PDH incident has
shown me the power of PDH AND the way to nullify it's power -- thorough incident running including
the shock moments and asking for "anything hidden?".

I now have more choice over how I react if something similar should ever be
tried on me again.

There were also loopy messages about sex and I had a good cry when I realized how my whole life
had been forfeited in terms of good sexual dynamics because of my acceptance of these messages
and super-Pavlovian techniques.

As far as I am aware my practitioner is the first practitioner in the world to so publicly and thoroughly
and determinedly make a project of helping people get to the whole truth about possible between lives
PDH incidents, and subsequently release any hidden grips on them.

Of course more cases need to be run in order to formulate probabilities.

Specifically, I would love to see run one of those between lives where there
are "good and beautiful" wise beings trying to help me "learn my lessons" and
guide me on my path -- without seeing electrodes sticking out of the sides of my head -- can't wait, lol.

Of course I agree with the Maittreya quote that the ultimate is to no longer
have any identity tags anyone can latch onto.

Between Lives Session #9 - Wrap Up

Besides the personal gain I received from running this incident I hope it also
serves as Public Service Announcement re what is the current general belief
about between lives -- that all is sweetness and nice and nuns and nannies.

It might be more like an 80/20 proposition with 20% being sincerely nice. At
least now that you have read some reports of not-so-nice, I think I can let it

The nice part about my between lives incident is that I did get out of there.
Somehow, when they were putting the "be calm" message into me there was a mockup of
a golden buddha in a meditative position and he had a red ruby on his forehead.

From the Reptilian's viewpoint he was relishing another spirit tidbit and
putting the "be calm" message on me and then he began to feel some
uncomfortable energies, resisted, and the spirit who had been invited to dinner (me) went
through the ruby jewel and a vortex and landed in the PDC lecture hall whilst the "be calm"
machine someone got turned onto the Reptilian, and try as he might he could not get the "
fire" to come out of his mouth. He was quite frustrated.

I was free to hear the lectures, which at this point I have concluded were
pure gold from Maittreya himself. It is just where I am "at" right now.

From the Pan-Determined viewpoint it seemed to be all about spreading a little "goodness"
wherever goodness could be spread -- to everyone and every space involved. Everyone had
a chance to have a wake-up call.

From the Greys viewpoint they seemed to have a real propitiative attitude toward bodies
and it seemed that the Reptilians had promised them bodies and they kept the body in a special chamber.

When I was intent on severing my ongoing connection with the body one of the Greys seemed
to break his telepathic contact with the others and pushed or pulled some knobs and the protective
atmosphere of the body exposed it to enough ammonia in the air to give it ammonia poisoning and it
rapidly dehydrated and expired.

After session the first thing I felt was different in my space was a general
lack of consideration of connections. I had already been starting to feel that
way because this morning before session I briefly had a strong feeling that I
was not going to need to be on this planet much longer and had some attention on another
star system.

But then my practical otherside kicked in, and there is the fun of helping the
beings on this planet who are doing their clearing work, speaking of which -- I
probably need to keep getting my further clearing work too :)

Between Lives Session #10 - Discovered Who was Running the Reptilians

Today I completed running what will become known as the "Between Lives Rundown" Because of
how high up in the chain of command we went with the implanters in this last session, I have
excellent certainty that this between lives scenario will never again play out for me. It was most
likely something that I personally needed to recall because I had been dramatizing it a little too much.

We ran Captain Bill Robertson's "Excalibur" process on the beings controlling the Reptilians. I
t was interesting because at the same time I was processing out my own earlier and negative
connections with them and so both parties gained.

These beings at first put up a screen in present time and we pushed the communication through
and the name they seemed to go by was Annunaki, but that name may have been a dub-in on my
part. I located them and they had attention on me because I was processing out their ability to
further implant me, PLUS I picked up that they had some unusual attention
on my practitioner.

In fact they brought his mockup right into the middle of their council chamber
and their circle.

They have been successful in creating a safe space for themselves everytime the universes collapsed
and thus they had access to much moreof the lost technology than any of us.

But the downside was that they did not have adequate Clearing technology and they were happy to receive
the Clearing processing in fact. The first question to them was "what incident are you stuck in?" and I felt
the good feelings about it run through them.

I call these types "multiversals" or "hyperversals". We had to process them on
two separate incidents (both involving me as the "bad guy") before they could finally unconglomerate
and individually recognize themselves as "me".

The one thing I tend to agree with Captain Bill Robertson is that he said if
enough people run this Excalibur process it will help to lighten up the universe.

The reason I say this is that I saw how in present time and in the dramatizations of this universe
how their decisions and mine concerning these two incidents were still playing out.

I now have no attention on any longer trying to solve the problem of how not to get PDH'd (Pain-Drugs-Hypnosis)
in the between lives area.

Re: Between Lives - A Deeper Look
When my father was nearing his death another person helped him to ease out of his body and into
his new family. Once he exited his body he reported to the person assisting him, "They are zapping
me" and he was in fear of being "zapped".

The person assisting him had already been grooved in on the between lives covert operation and
with the strength of both of them together my father was able to keep from getting "zapped".
However, he decided not to leave his body at that time and the next time I visited him in the hospital
he told me about it and about the "angel" who assisted him. This particular angel happened to live in
Florida at the time and she has since passed on and I'm sure she was also wise enough not to let anyone
interrupt her.

To my knowledge, my father is now a young man living with a good family.

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Squirrel Extraordinaire
I'm still looking for a between lives manned by spirit guides with kind
intentions. I hope I find them somewhere along the line, but I'm starting to
lose hope.

Try auditing people who haven't studied Hubbard's stuff for years. :)



Patron with Honors
Try auditing people who haven't studied Hubbard's stuff for years. :)


My father was not a Scientologist, and yes, that will be another necessary marker for the between lives research.

However, to be fair, Dr. Newton and Brian Weiss and other between lives regressionists should utilize the command "scan the incident for anything that might be hidden". It was that command that brought the Greys and Reptilians to view, otherwise it would have been nice nuns and a beautiful earth scene, end of story.

Beyond that though, I got good case gain and the EP was that I know I will get through my next between life unscathed. No more the sting of death.