Beware: Pasadena Org is on the hunt


Another email forwarded to me which I feel I must share so that you are aware that you my be hunted down. I know this because they tracked me down through public records.

There is a Brand New Game at Pasadena!! We are the first Class V Org on the planet where the field has demonstrated such willingness and competence on the files project that we have been asked to go one step further....

It's called THE ARC PROJECT and you can ALL be part of it!!

The Purpose is to build full understanding between the Org and everyone in our Central Files. The full understanding does not yet exist for some of the folks who have gotten lost in CF. So we restore the ARC by getting the basics in first - locating each person in CF and confirming their contact info. They can then be helped back onto or further up their Bridge!

Our hat is to be the detectives and locate the people and confirm that they in fact are at that number or live at that address. Then they can be accurately represented in the Org Addresso and approached effectively by the Org or by industrious volunteers and FSMs!!

Talk about a game where EVERYONE wins - WHAT FUN!!

There is a variety of hats you could wear - from detective, to in-putting data in Addresso, to phone calls to confirm we have found the right guy, to pulling and returning our beautiful new CF folders, to helping with food/water and signing up more Volunteers for the project, to name some of them. There is definitely something for EVERYONE!!

All eyes are on Pasadena and the whole wonderful LA field!! Please come in and help us RIGHT NOW so we can set ANOTHER RECORD in completing the ARC Project!!!! We are Trend Setters - movers and shakers - SO MOVE ON OVER HERE AND LET'S SHAKE IT UP!!

Please come in NOW and BRING YOUR FRIENDS - let's show the rest of the planet how it's done...AGAIN!!!

1277 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena 91106 626 792 7533.

Sounds like such a fun game....NOT!!!:clap:


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Ex-staff watch out too, no matter where you live. Office of the CO CLO is recruiting ex staff to fill the Pasa Ideal org.


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It's unbelievable that they are trying to make a game out of hounding people who have left. It's like having dog shite stuck under your shoe.


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"The Bridge"® is more of a conveyer belt that one has to continually feed money into and which leads to a huge soul grinder. Sounds fun doesn't it? If that's "winning" then I think I'd prefer to lose.

It's brilliant really, getting people to pay to be implanted.


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Well, they're welcome to try to initiate contact, but I will give them eight pieces of my mind every time they do so.


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what they are asking ...

They are, in essence, asking people to work as skip tracers/bill collectors without getting paid. I would imagine that life as a bill collector these days would be bad enough even with a paycheck.

Perhaps I should do a song about the Pasadena Idle Org. I would put it to the Beach Boy's tune "Little Old Lady from Pasadena". It could breathe new life into the line about being "the terror of Colorado Blvd."



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It's the Idle Org from Pasadena!
The idle org from Pasadena,
Go regges go regges go regges go!