Due to all of the media, the Scilons are FREAKING out about Scientologists getting a hold of the book and reading it. Just got a few messages on FACEBOOK about Scilons telling other Scilons NOT to buy the book and that it is full of lies. Awesome! Everybody knows (except Scilons), tell someone that they can’t have something and now they want it more than ever.

I have shipped out a bunch of books to Scilons already and chances are the more promotion Scientology does within the ranks, the more will ship out.

Here is the latest media link list for the BFG Book. I am sure there are more that I missed because they are coming out everywhere all at once.

I did a TON of interviews yesterday and today as well for mags, rags and old bags. And also a few dags!

Until Next time…

Washington Post
Celebritology - Tom Cruise. Scientology. Need I say more?

New book Blown for Good reveals details inside Scientology headquarters - Wikinews, the free news source

The John and Ken Show (KFI AM 640)
On Demand Podcast - KFI AM 640 More Stimulating Talk Radio
(search for "Scientology")

The Village Voice
'Tom Cruise Told Me to Talk to a Bottle': Life at Scientology's Secret Headquarters - New York News - Runnin' Scared

The Daily Beast
Inside Scientology's Big Defection - The Daily Beast

De Standaard (Dutch)
De Standaard Online - 'Tom Cruise praat in op asbakken'

Leggo (Italian)

The National Enquirer

The Daily Telegraph (Austraila)
Cruise's private Scientology ritual | The Daily Telegraph

Radar Online
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Scientology Employees Forced To Watch Tom Cruise Videos |
Former Scientology staffer speaks out, Tom Cruise jumps on ottoman in disgust

New Scientology Tell-All Book Reveals Tom Cruise’s Telekinetic Powers
New Scientology Tell-All Reveals Tom Cruise’s Telekinetic Powers | The Frisky

Perez Hilton
New Book Reveals Tom Cruise' Xenu Secrets!


Patron with Honors
How do you know that Scilons are ordering? Are they just names you recongnize?

I wonder if Tommy Davis is sitting somewhere right now reading the book trying to think of what kind of PR spin he can put on it. :D


Patron with Honors
It's insane out there!

I texted your wifey last night about an OT7 contacting me via FB @ 11:00pm
He's a pretty well known chiropractor in the SCN community. This is the second OT7 who contacts me and my boyfriend. They're not even on my FB network. And, I have the settings set up so that viewers searching me do not see my friends. Most Scilons I was in communication with have deleted me from FB because they found out that I got my money back!

Here is what was said by an OT 7 Scilon: :D
"Marc Headley is an active critic of the church. Please do not mention me as it will end up on the internet, any comm bout such -he posts on anti scientology websites. It has happened to me once already. The problem is he is going to try to add all your friends now using you as a reference."

GO MARC! GO MARC!! GO!!!! :coolwink:

Miss Penguin

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Great reviews. The book was a good read, hard to say I "enjoyed" it because the abuses are horrendous, but I couldn't put it down. It was an eye opener and I really do hope and Scientologist read it or at least pieces of it through these reviews.

You have some big brass ones my friend! I'd love to see you on Oprah.


Oprah or Bust!

Really...she should ask Tom C to come on her show and have you as a guest as well.....:D

I have never seen such a co-ordinated alignment and explosion of theta evar!

Oh, and the book rocks!

Sharone Stainforth

Silver Meritorious Patron
Got my book today,between blowing my nose,taking a short nap and keeping plenty of fluids down I've manged to read 72 pages.

You are a really good writer Mark, the book flows easily.

Was a little worried as had tears in my eyes just reading the introduction, fortunately because of the heavy cold i've got I had plenty of tissues ready on hand.Apart from being livid a couple times,the tooth brush saga especially, I could really relate to much of what you had to say. Scientology has always been Scientology regardless of time span, differrent generations.

Learning more about the front groups and how they operate is new info to me, except for what I have read on the net, which is quite extensive now.

Beautifully set out so I think even non - never -been Scientologists will understand the jargon, especially with the help of the glossary at the back.

Moving around so much as a child made me sad, something else I can relate to. Was in hysterics over your everytime you moved home, shortly after they joined the sea org, hope you don't mind me quoting this bit here.

It was like the force that I could never get away from. I was going to have to warn people that if they let me live with them, that they would automatically be joining the sea org within the next few months.p.44

You are a force to be reckoned with Mark Headley, my warmest wishes and love to you, your wife Claire and your beautiful children.


Blue Spirit

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Fist Fight

Oprah or Bust!

Really...she should ask Tom C to come on her show and have you as a guest as well.....:D

I have never seen such a co-ordinated alignment and explosion of theta evar!
Oh, and the book rocks!

I think it would be the first fist fight on the show !


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Marc, I am almost done with the book. I love it!!! I can't put it down but I have to...:happydance:

I am glad that you are having a lot of success...well done!



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How many books are selling??

I looked on Amazon this morning and BFG was in the 11,000 range of rankings for books being sold on Amazon, I just looked again and it was in the 4,000 range. Are the sales rolling in quickly or is this an oddly calculated stat on


Gold Meritorious Patron
Thank you so MUCH for writing this book Marc - it is a great read. You really remember so much detail. I am sure, from what I have read so far, the last thing they want is scientologists to read this book. There so SUCH a loud ring of truth to everything you say in it.

I haven't gotten these FB messages - possibly due to the fact that I have so far ignored every PM I have gotten to disconnect from you.

It amazes me to think that there are people out there who still think they can tell grown ups who they can and cannot "play" with.

I think I will start responding with: ""Dox or GTFO". Hey if I get a copy of your SP Declare (YEEAAAHHH RIIIIIIGGHT!), you want a copy? LOL
Thank you Marc and Claire

I have finished reading your book and posted a review on I loved it. Thanks for your courage.

Once bitten

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Can't wait to receive mine. Might take a wee while to get here but reading all the comments isn't helping my anticipation! HURRY UP!!
Thanks for the comments guys! Glad most of you enjoy the book. I hope it paints a picture of what it was like working at the international HQ for 15 years.

And yes, if you do end up buying the book through - Please write a review! Our ranking has gone up a lot since the first day the first book went up and the orders are coming in on a steady rate.

A popular Scientologists Chiropractor named Neil Springer is the latest in a series of Scilons on Facebook to spread the word about the book!

Thanks Neal! Send me your address and I will send you a free book for all your work!

Oprah's book went out today as well! Who knows, maybe she might HAVE to read it so you can find out a bit more about her boy Tom Cruise.

Until next time...

Good twin

I really love this book.

I remember being in the procession for the New Years event in 1999 and wondering how this thing was put together and how it was going to be exported to the Orgs and Missions.

It's shocking how I could have been close enough to reach out and touch so many Sea Org members who were living with constant abuse and terrorism. I was oblivious for decades. I thought I was friends with many of these people. The code of silence is amazing and horrific.

Marc you are my hero. You are OUR hero. Thank you for writing this heart wrenching account of what Scientology really produces.

The cat's really out of the bag now!!