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Discussion in 'Gold Base, Freewinds, and FLAG' started by Free to shine, May 2, 2008.

  1. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    by Blownforgood

    NOTE: Some passages below have been taken or summarized from the book – BLOWN FOR GOOD


    There are many incidents that occurred at the Int Base that I am sure were not reported to OSHA. This is the regulatory agency that most companies or organizations that have certain activities taking place within the premises have to report up on and maintain certain safety standards so that people are not hurt performing such activities.
    Some of the activities that go on at the Int Base that mandate such a regulation:
    1. Automated Stamping equipment
    2. Automated Print finishing machinery
    3. CD stamping machinery
    4. Film Lab chemical processing Laboratory
    5. HVAC Engineering maintenance
    6. HVAC metal work fabrication
    7. Operation of Heavy Equipment (dozers, back hoes, earth movers etc.)
    8. Automotive work (Int Base only)
    9. Electrical High Voltage power line maintenance and installation
    10. Chlorine treatment systems
    11. Aeration sewage treatment systems
    12. Grounds work
    i. High power riding lawn mowers
    ii. Edging equipment
    iii. Water trucks
    iv. Tree mulching equipment
    v. Hydraulic Cherry pickers
    13. Construction activities- including but not limited to:
    a. Electric beam saws
    b. Electric band saw
    c. Chop saws
    d. Metal Drilling
    e. Electrician work
    f. Plumbing
    g. Arc welding
    h. Gas torch welding

    Anyone can see from this list there are a lot of activities that if performed in an unsafe manner could result in injury or death and often do all over the world each day. For that reason OSHA issues regulations and requirements for certain trades to follow to maintain a safe working environment. In my 15 years of working at the Int base I never saw one rule enforced or anyone train me on any rules pertaining to OSHA regulations. All the while, I am sure the Church has made sure that they have a perfect record when it comes to these things. I would remember when we would get an OSHA inspection at Gold; they take the OSHA person and would start in the areas that were no big deal while tons of people cleaned wood shavings out of table saws, emptied bags and bags of dust collector bins, move things into safe storage spots etc.

    Here are some instances of accidents that have occurred at the Int base that are probably not on their list that has been reported to OSHA:

    1. Gary Conley – fell 20 feet onto concrete while cleaning in garage (just after he was busted off post as IG MAA RTC) and shattered both ankles and feet. Was in wheelchair for many years and had more hardware inserted into his legs than the terminator 1, 2, or 3.

    2. Uve Stuckenbrock – fell down water well and broke legs. Years later sent to PAC RPF after attempting to blow the Int Base. Later went onto to get multiple sclerosis and is possibly passed away now. Was still on PAC RPF as of 2 years ago in wheelchair with MS.

    3. Mike Tomozavic. Cut off part of finger on table saw at 3AM. No was around and took him quite awhile to come out of shock and get medical attention.

    4. Chuck Lemmer. Infection untreated over years resulted in chuck getting Elephantitis of the testicles. He was working in HEM making E-Meters and even though he had this infection he was still made to work at his job every day and it required that he sit. He got no special treatment whatsoever even though his balls were getting bigger and bigger each day. After several months, he was able to have surgeries and the fluids were drained and the infection handled. Ten years later he would die of Cancer that went untreated.

    5. Matt Henderson – Fell from ceiling while cleaning garage and broke leg or multiple legs.

    6. Paul Sarkany. Hit on head with 20 lb light that fell from Cine castle lighting grid.

    7. Justin Miscavige. Crotch blown up. While shooting battle scene for a technical training film and working with pyrotechnics, a cork “mortar” was set off when he ran over it instead of AFTER he ran over it blowing chucks of cork into his face and crotch.

    8. Entire Group of 20 people at once! – During a Sea Org Day competition, a tug of war contest turns nasty when the winning teams pulls so hard that the rope burnt all of the other team’s skin off their hands and required many staff get medical attention with the skin literally burnt off the inside of their fingers and hands.

    9. Shannon Barnes. Same Sea Org day as above. Shannon drives a Jet Ski recklessly into concrete side of lake going 50 MPH destroying Jet Ski and almost killing himself and a passenger. After recovering and deciding that he was not good enough to be at Gold, drinks large bottle of bleach. Survives suicide attempt but it was confirmed that he was not good enough for Gold and he was sent to LA to work in PAC.

    10. David Miscavige – broke leg while playing basketball! Last time he had a session was right before this in 1993. Has not been in session since.

    11. David Miscavige. (THIS IS NOT A JOKE) Almost bitten on ass by swarm of thousands of red fire ants in a freakish event where they swarmed over the entire toilet in his bathroom during the night. He only discovered them at the last second before sitting down by the loud noise that they were making. (I REPEAT – NOT A JOKE - REALLY HAPPENED!!) Entire bathroom was ripped out and I guess ant proof toilet was installed.

    12. David Miscavige. Almost run over by large dump truck backing up. A Grounds Dept dump truck driver (Agnese Bertolina Johnson) was backing up the large dump truck up when David Miscavige pulled up behind her on his motorcycle. As she could not see him, she continued to back up and almost crushed him between an electrical transformer and the back of the truck. He jumped off of the bike and ran around to the side of the truck and started yelling at her to stop and just missed knocking over the electrical transformer. She was “taken off the road” for this. A year later when she completed all of her extensive correction actions to get back on the road, she went home in her car that night and was never seen again.

    13. David Miscavige. Almost speared to death at NEW YEARS EVENT 2000. At the start of the event David was told to stand in an exact position by the stage manager, John Thomas. This is where David would enter the stage after the opening flag procession. There were 30 girls that were flag twirlers and dancers. They all had 12 ft flags with sharp tips atop each. Behind the stage it is near pitch black with very few work lights on during the actual event. A second too soon, David Miscavige decided that he was NOT supposed to enter the stage from the spot he was told and started to move away to a different stage entry point. A fraction of a second later the flag twirlers would start exiting the stage and throwing, chucking and otherwise discarding quickly their flags into a pile at the exact spot where David Miscavige was standing. According to him (DM) he felt at least 2 flags graze his hair as he moved away from the spot. The day after the event John Thomas was assigned to the RPF. He would later get moved to the RPF in New York and years later when David Miscavige later had to go to New York to open the new renovated org there, John Thomas would be offloaded from the Sea Org so that there would be no chance that David Miscavige would be reminded of the fateful night years ago when he was almost killed by a bunch of high school girls in tights.

    14. Charlie Rush. Nice Guy. In the Sea Org for 30 plus years. Constantly lifting heavy musician equipment over 30 years had taken its toll on him. He had such a bad case of hemorrhoids that went untreated for so long (due to no money for crew welfare) that the (completely unlicensed and untrained) Medical Liaison Officer, Cynthia Rathburn decided to take matters into her own hands and perform surgery on him to remove the lumps. After several unsuccessful attempts, she was removed from post and Charlie was sent to Los Angeles to be a dishwasher. I guess hemorrhoids are supposedly only local to desert areas?

    15. Male staff member lost his finger while working on Dave Miscavige’s new building. Instead of using a ladder to climb down from installing some new equipment (safety and access equipment is often skimped on or just plain not used on some projects) this male staff member jumped down to a lower level structure. While on his way down his wedding ring was caught on a fixed metal object and sliced his ring finger clear off his hand. The staff member went into shock and was taken to the hospital some time later; the finger was not able to be reconnected to his hand. In this instance, you can cover up the paper trail or spin whatever story you want, this guy is missing a finger and that is that. His name is Robert Lemoine and he works in the computer programming and maintenance area of the Int Base. Robert has not been paid one single extra dime for sacrificing his finger for Dave Miscavige or the Sea Org. Make me want to give someone the finger.

    16. Marc Morgan- After the electrical department serviced one of the high voltage pieces of machinery in the Manufacturing print shop; a wire was left loose and exposed. Marc accidentally touched the exposed wire and was shocked by the high voltage transformer within. He was immediately winded and fell to the ground in convulsions. After 15 minutes, he would regain proper breathing and be fine.

    17. As there are too many to count, we will just get the put hand in the table saw down here. There are at least 30 instances where staff have been cutting wood and using their hands to push the wood through the table saw and voila, oops the hand is not mightier than the saw. The worst I know of was one former staff member that lost 2 fingers. One of them was partially able to be reconnected.

    The Int Ranch (child prison camp) has its own bizarre accident stories that could be an entire other article, but we will list a few here to show the type of accidents that are common there.

    18. A few kids were trying to connect a hitch type trailer to a large backhoe when they lost control of the trailer and dropped it. Well they dropped it on one of the kid’s feet. The kid screamed with pain and after a few minutes of screaming they went back to putting the trailer on the hitch. Later that night the kid that the trailer landed on was complaining of feeling sick and went to lay down. The next morning when we awoke, his foot was in a lot of pain. When one of the adults questioned him as to what happened, he explained and they decided that they should probably inspect his foot and as he had not taken of his boots since the incident the night before, now would be a good as any. Upon removal of the blood filled boot, they discovered that two of his toes had been mostly cut off and were simply floating in the front of his shoe with his swelled up foot. After spending a few days in the hospital they were able to re attach the toes, but they did remain disfigured and one was a bit shorter than the rest.

    19. One of the teachers was performing some mechanic work on one the large school busses that was used to bring children and food back and forth between the Ranch and Golden Era Productions. This girl’s name was Jean Tomozavic. She was under the front of the bus working on the engine when a few kids started playing in the bus. They disengaged the brakes and put the bus into neutral and it rolled onto the adult were it stayed. After she started screaming the kids ran off for help and she was eventually pulled out from under the bus while several kids pushed the bus back off of her.

    20. Children were encouraged to catch and kill live rattlesnakes as there was a $5 reward for any of them killed and turned in.

    These are just a fraction of the “on the job” accidents. Well some accidents happen after the job. Like after you have been up for 4 days and you want to go home and take a shower or maybe even get a few hours of sleep. In the “old days,” you could drive home into Hemet and go to your berthing if you had a car or access to one. With so many staff not sleeping, I am sure that while very few could drive, the ones that did, were more prone to have an accident than most other people would think. Here are the car accidents that I can remember and jot down.

    1. Danny Dunnigan. Major bike accident. “Rover” Security guard and all around nasty guy. After bike accident, no longer assigned to rover and assigned to Main Security booth.

    2. Danny Dunnigan. While on security watch in the main booth after accident, left booth to confront a declared SP that drove up to the booth. Danny ends up punching out SP. SP sues the hell out of the church and wins settlement. Danny is assigned to Night Watch where…

    3. Danny Dunnigan. While on Night watch Security rounds, mistook the 5 foot high loading dock at the Cine Castle for the road and drove the Black Security Nissan SUV off loading dock destroying the front suspension and wheels.

    4. Danny Dunnigan – (Story fully covered in book that will make your little “SP punch out” story look like a day off! To be filled in at a later date unless court proceedings direct otherwise.) Heads up to OSA people, ask Danny about this now as it is going to cost you later on.

    5. Jorge Avila – Major bike accident. Drove into ditch while on Security patrol. Destroyed bike, Broke collar bone and arm. Busted out of Security as a result and sent to work in the Sets area.

    6. Jorge Avila - Major van accident. After being busted from Security and assigned to the Sets construction area, was put in charge of transporting crew to and from Sound Stage in San Bernardino called Norton Air Force Base. While driving on no sleep caused him to mis an exit, he woke up and tried to get off at the last minute. Ended up rolling a Ford – Econoline 15 passenger van 4 times and breaking every window and crushing any metal that existed on van. Even the cigarette lighter was damaged! Went into a coma and when finally came out was told that he was “taken off the road.” Later offloaded from Sea Org.

    7. Megan Eisenman – Drove through red light because was late for post one morning and got T-boned by a dually truck hauling a horse trailer. Was in Coma. Totaled org car and was ordered never to drive again until through OT5 and long correction program.

    8. Russ Bellin – Totaled CST Hummer.

    9. Paul Sarkany (Shark) – Lost control of Camera Truck (3000lbs overloaded) after tire blowout and did a 720 degree spin out on 60 freeway. No one was hurt. Heater in truck never did work the same after that though.

    10. Ted Karboski – While driving Cine Grip Truck, crappy weld on electrical generator hitch broke and generator drove off freeway by itself and landed in someone’s back yard.

    11. Ro Ann Horwich (L. Ron Hubbard’s Granddaughter) – Rolled vehicle and totaled it.

    12. Darius Wilhere – Crashed motorcycle on side of road in Hemet when fell asleep while driving home on highway. Was badly injured and picked up by total stranger who saw the bike on side of road with him passed out next to it.

    13. After attempting or claiming to attempt to commit suicide, Darius would then end up offloaded from Gold and eventually end up in CLO LATAM where he would get in another car accident, be dead for several minutes and then get revived and sustain permanent neck and spine damage. After he was suspected to have been in communication with an ex-Base staff member, he was then sent to CLO Africa.

    14. Sandi Wilhere – Car accident – near death. Recovered but now in PAC with MS.

    15. Danny Barram – Car accident. Vehicle was totaled. He was not at fault, but somehow managed to contact an attorney and won a huge settlement that was kept from the Gold Execs. When execs caught on and noticed the his new vehicle and recent purchases, he was publicly berated and offloaded from the Sea Org and made to divorce his super smoking hot wife!

    16. Joe Harrison – Drove down highway and kickstand supposedly fell down while he was driving, He crashed into a tree and was killed instantly.

    17. Nathan Story – drove through a road barricade while on his motorcycle and badly injured both hands.

    Anyone who can remember more accidents or add to the list of on the job incidents, be my guest.

    I am sure John Peeler can add some of these as that was what he dealt with for years. People who had accidents were PTS and then they went to see him.

    Until next time…

    Note this is a cross post from OCMB. I'm not BFG. FTS:)
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  2. Neo

    Neo Silver Meritorious Patron


    The more I learn about this group, the more I wonder at how I ever got involved with it :duh: :duh:
  3. gomorrhan

    gomorrhan Gold Meritorious Patron

    Did you have the internet when you got involved? If you did, shame on you.
  4. Neo

    Neo Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yeh, shame on me for wanting to better myself, and make a difference, and believing that maybe it could be done through this group.
  5. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    (Oh just ignore him Neo. :thumbsup: )

    Thanks to Blowforgood for writing yet another expose. It really defies belief in the normal world, yet is so taken for granted within. :grouch:
  6. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    BTs2Free answered commented on the thread on OCMB in answer to BFG's post above:
    Oh BFG, you're putting me in the position now to remember a bunch of shit long forgotten. This is where I need my special OT powerz to remember people's injuries from 10 years ago plus. I don't know how you do it! In fact, I can attest to every single accident you list above! Gary Conley's accident stands out in particular for some reason as well as the missing finger incidents.

    One thing that you should know is that with a staff of over 1,000 members at the base, 600 of them were considered to be PTS because of accidents or illness. The only people assigned to PTS handlings for the entire base were myself and the SSO Leslie Epstein.

    For a period of 5 years, I did at least 6 PTS interviews a day as well as another 6-10 physical universe handlings a day with people that ranged from "Good Roads, Fair Weather" handlings with staff for family or disconnections or locating whole-track SP items on their case.

    I will say this though, there were MANY accidents or illnesses that occured on a daily basis at the base. EVERY one of them required an interview from me or Leslie to locate the SP connected to the incident and then, handling worked out for each individual case.

    BFG, you have a memory that impresses me to no end. I don't know how you do it, but you bring about memories and specific handlings with these people that should be entered in some kind of journal beyond the PC and ethics folder. Or maybe we should just report directly to OSHA?

    You also forgot to mention Danny Barram who got into a car accident, and won a major injury case. Do you want to tell the rest of the story about what happened to him with the settlement money he won and how the Church fucked him in that situation?

  7. Kathy (ImOut)

    Kathy (ImOut) Gold Meritorious Patron

    You know - sleep deprivation is NOT PTS. It's just that - sleep deprivation. I wonder how many of these people were actually PTS to DM? Also, the few incidents where DM almost got hurt/killed - I wonder if that wasn't just a "Freudian slip". :p

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    True, so true

    my brother Matt Henderson shattered his knee cap so badly, the doctor had to reconstruct it using a fine wire mesh screen. It had swelled up to the size of a small melon. The scar is spectacular to this day.
  9. Royal Prince Xenu

    Royal Prince Xenu Trust the Psi Corps.

    Any relation?

    Pay special attention to the fact that Davey did not actually sustain injury in incidents 11, 12 & 13. I'm sure he claims it's because of his personally high ethical standards (or it could just be dumb luck). I've only ever had the most minor bone breakage (the very tip at the base of the spine), and would not wish it on anyone.

    I love #13. Always, always, always--do EXACTLY what the Stage Manager tells you! I did some pantos, and the slap-stick stuff is harder than people realize. When you're given a mark, you stand on it--not so much as 1/2 an inch in any other direction.

    I don't care about the drug rules. If someone is going to be poking and prodding that part of my body, I want full sensory deprivation. Anything less than GA, and I'll keep fighting them off.

    My father taught me early: no jewelry in the workshop. That included Wedding Rings, Watches, neck chains, and when I had long hair, I tied it back and threaded the pony tail down my back inside the collar of my shirt.

    I was doing a play set in about 1915, and had hair half way down my back at the time, and I didn't want to cut it, so we gooed it straight back and down inside the shirt. We didn't think it would work, but even my brother-in-law thought I'd had it cut. It was great at the after party when I washed the goo out and people were just saying: "My God! Where did you hide all that hair?" Of course, in all the fuss surrounding the hair, guess who walked out on stage with all the ear piercings still intact?

    Unacceptable. If there is a physiological reaction greater than "ouch!" then medical attention is mandatory.

    Check out: and no, I'm not getting paid to promote it. The biggest problem when using this sort of equipment (whether tired or not) is line-hypnosis. I learned much about this when I studied health and safety. I was using an industrial sewing machine--one of those monsters that tears the fabric out of your hands while your still lining up the stitches. It was very easy to observe the effects of line-hypnosis on myself, and this is why distance drivers should always take regular breaks.

    WTF? Who in her right mind would be working under a vehicle with kids around? Why weren't all the wheels chocked? Why were the doors unlocked? Regardless of policy, I see this is a lack of uncommonsense on victim's part.

    That curls my hair; although I would rather face a rattle snake than a carefully avoided selection of spiders.

    Either this guy was seriously over-worked, or he was so !@#$ing PTS that he's lucky to be still alive.


    In normal traffic, I have never deliberately run a red light, although I must admit:

    1. Accidentally running several red lights because of distraction, but to no one's detriment; and
    2. Regularly running particular red lights at 3am just to get the job done.
    This reminds me of a very sad day in high school. The seniors all went for a night party out of town, and one guy who wasn't drinking confiscated all the car keys so that no one could attempt to drive home drunk. Guess who fell asleep at the wheel and was killed.


    The worst work-related injury I have sustained is a toss-up between a sprained ankle when I lost my footing on the stairs at the railway station, and took all my weight on the side of the ankle, or when I did all the right things moving a photocopier and tore tissue in the thoracic region of my spine (rib cage bit).

    Whether getting around on crutches for six weeks is preferable to sitting in the corner trying to stretch your back against the wall while crying in pain, I'll leave to you guys to decide.
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  10. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    :omg: :omg: :omg:

    :clap: to BFG and to FTS for posting all this!!!:yes:

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  11. roadracer

    roadracer Patron

    the desire to better yourself made you easily influenced by the greatest line of bullshit in history. Your strength to change yourself and the world lies within you and can surface without the help of some shaman or con artist.

    I will always be amazed that intelligent, responsible people look at the completely silly rituals and "tech" and buy into it.
  12. Grasshopper

    Grasshopper Patron

    You can be amazed if you wish but you should not judge others as obviously you have no clue about what goes on. Your judgment is a mirror of yourself.

  13. Tanstaafl

    Tanstaafl Crusader

    Maybe you can't polish a turd but you can pick the raisins out and clean them. Personally, I don't give a damn about whether Hubbard stole the tech or wrote it from the bottom up - there is much of value that can be used by the discerning.

    Where the crimes have and do occur is in the compulsion to control and the fanatical "we know what's best for you attitude". What we need is more tolerance and allowing of people to be what they choose to be. I have taken services in the FZ from 2 people and have not been chased to do more services, had ethics "handling" or any other CoS-type bullshit.

    In life, things are rarely all good or all bad.
    If one truly believes that others are misguided and need to change their paths, there is one piece of Scn that might prove valuable: knowing the individual's need and desire to be right. Being critical of others and ridiculing their beliefs is more likely to entrench them in their current viewpoints.
  14. roadracer

    roadracer Patron

    Take it easy there Grasshopper. I am not judging anyone. I did not say anybody who has been taken in by this sham is bad or stupid in any way. Being perplexed by what makes people make certain decisions is a far cry from judging them.

    And FWIW, the clue I have is all that I have read and that is more than enough. If you have to experience it to have an opinion I will just move along now.

    The weaknesses that made you turn to one of the most well orchestrated cons in history is the same weakness that made me turn to drugs at a young age. Many people are confused why I did that just as I am confused about why others turn to Scientology, God, Medication or the Republican Party.:D

    Seriously though, I meant no offense although I can see how I offended those that believe in the methods.

    Oh, and if you want to do the tech, or find the Virgin Mary in a potato chip, or worship a mailbox, I dont care. Its the criminal aspects of the church that draw my attention. If what you do helps you, whether via placebo or not, it is still a good thing.
  15. Twin A

    Twin A Patron with Honors

    It always amazed me how people who had just been demoted, and in a poor emotional state, got assigned to heavy MEST WORK as some kind of therapy. Some of them so introverted over it, or guilty or whatever, they would ignore safety issues.

    Here are some stories to add to BFG's list, and BFG can put these in his book, your great memory will be enhanced by us others with good memories!

    Kevin True, busted from RTC got assigned to do carpentry work, he cut off two of his fingers. Don't know if they got sewed back on or not. Mid 80's.

    John Devries, around 2000 got busted and assigned to MEST WORK and he fell off of a roof and broke his leg. Demoted to PAC.

    Judy Ruiz in early 90's had a lump in her breast area. She was too busy at work to even go see the MLO and thought it was 'nothing'. It grew and spread and by the time Judy went to the MLO, it was too late and it was inoperable, cancer had spread into liver and beyond. She died of cancer that could have been handled if not left to go for so long. Note: Women at the Gold base did not get yearly check ups.

    Greg Brown, in 1998 died of cancer. He had been complaining for many months about intestinal pains and was not given adequate care. He was on the RPF when he passed out from a tumor the size of a baseball. We on the RPF were told that it had somehow mystically "grown overnight" and was because his co-auditor had screwed up his Dianetics auditing addressing pains in his stomach that the tumor had grown so large. But I knew that Greg had been complaining of health problems for a year. By the time Greg was rushed to the hospital and given surgery and chemo, it was too late.

    Lindsey Hughes, just new on the Int RPF, in 1997, purposefully walked right into a thicket of poison Oak. She was retrieving some tool or item that was part of a project that had fallen into the thicket. As she was walking out of the poison oak thicket, she proudly claimed, "I'm a CLEAR and I'm immune to poison Oak!." For the next week, she was extremely ill with a bad rash all over her body.

    While I was doing carpentry work on the Int RPF, I had someone accidently shoot a staple into my thumb with a pneumatic staple gun. I had to use my swiss army knife to get the staple fragment out and was not allowed to see the MLO about it. My hand was swollen off and on for a weeks.

    Also on the Int RPF I was hit in the back by a 2X4 by Tom Woodruff who was using the table saw to rip the 2X4 down to size. It was over 8 feet long and the table saw was right next to another work station that only allowed about 8 feet of clearance. Tom didn't look behind him when he pulled back the2X4 to start ripping it. He jammed it into the middle of my back and I got the wind knocked out of me and then felt nauseated and dizzy for a little while. I was not allowed to see the MLO. But I did get allowed to leave the decks early and use ice packs and rest.

    There was another kid who totalled a van in late 1997. He'd been driving on no sleep. He fell asleep. He felt so guilty afterwards, he was put onto the Introspection Rundown and then offloaded. I can't recall his name. He was not in Gold that long. Dark hair, young --slightly overweight.

    Megan Eisenman, in 1993, during the filming of TR6 film tore a muscle in her leg (or maybe even broke it, I can't remember) doing an acrobatic dance move, she had been cast as one of the dolls that came alive at night. I think she was dancing with Kenny Davies who was cast as a dancing doll too. He was a cowboy and she was a ballerina. Neither of them were trained as dancers. She was taken to the hospital and got treated. She was allowed to get physical therapy, but I think I recall that she had difficulty getting off work to do it and/or getting a ride to the physical therapist.

    A CC actor came out to Gold to film a Dianetics film in 1987. He broke his leg trying to do a football accident stunt scene. Oh, his name was Gary Emhoff. I think Gold did pay for his medical bills. And Gold made an effort to hire pro stunt people for stunts after that, tho did not always pull through when it came to using staff.

    Roxanne Whittington, around 1991, nearly choked on a piece of chicken. We were in Los Angeles on location and she was doing the food services. She had just been yelled and screamed at by some of the crew for not bringing something they liked to eat. She had very little time to eat her own lunch and she swollowed her food too quickly, a piece of chicken jammed in her throat. She started waving her arms around hysterically and none of the crew near her even noticed. None of us had had any sleep the night before. A pro actor named Todd noticed from a distance, of over 20' away and he sprinted across the set area,jumped over the food table, pushed some other zombie staff out of the way and gave her the Heimlich maneuver --- all during the time it took for me to think through my sleep deprived haze,"Hey I wonder why Roxanne is turning blue,waving her arms around and banging on the table?" So, this pro (not Scn) actor saved Roxannes life. Guess what happened next? Todd demanded a couple of things, he wanted 1) that the crew get enough sleep and 2) that he get paid on time for his work. Neither of which happened. I mean this guy saved a staff members life and Gold didn't pay him. So Todd refused to do the final scene in the movie with Katie Mitchell (The film was Problem of LIfe) until he got paid. Instead of paying him and apologizng for being late, Mike Rinder went to go "handle him" because paying him would somehow "reward" his behavior???? Mike Rinder somehow handled him and he showed up for the last scene of the movie.

    In 1991, my then husband, Bruce Bolstad came home from doing some Estates MEST work project and his hands and upper forearms were covered with sores and bleeding. He was in a great deal of pain. He had been told to simply soak his hands in vinegar. He screamed when he put his hands in the vinegar, and Bruce was one of those tough guys who didn't complain about stuff. The next night, same thing. I finally said, "What the F___ is going on?" and he replied that he was mixing concrete and mortar for some brick laying project and he wasn't given any gloves. His hands were chemically burned from the lime. I don't know why he was not taken to the hospital. He was in pain for weeks, maybe even a month.

    In 1993, joe Caneen was in the hospital with a crushed foot. Don't know what happened. I think he fell out of a tree. He was the Trees In Charge. Maybe it was before they had harnesses and he was climbing a tree without it?

    Around mid 1996, Jeff Kretz showed up at the OGH area to do MEST WORK, on his way to being sent to the RPF. He accidentally drove a pick (he was picking and shoveling) into someone else's hand. I don't remember who it was. Was it Pablo?

    Actually, there are more stories, I just have run out of time to type them out. BFG is right about the OSHA rules not being followed. I have since worked in a proper carpentry shop, where there are safety lines around the equipment, there are signs about being well rested when using equipment, there is a first aid kit stuck to the wall and the address to the nearest hospital in case of emergency. There are dust masks and eye goggles and not slip surfaces near the work areas. I've seen professional roof workers and they have harnesses to keep them from falling off the roof. If a worker gets a staple in their finger, they aren't expected to dig it out themselves with a swiss army knife after it's been left to fester and get infected.

    There were times when I did get the care I needed after an incident, in 1984,I'd stepped on a nail once and I got my foot soaked and got a tetanus shot that same day. That was cool. It would have been nice if someone had told me that there were nails protruding through the floor of the work area I'd been assigned to walk on before I stepped on the nail to begin with...or I had proper work boots for being assigned to work in a construction zone.
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  16. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Twin A:

    :omg: :omg: :no: :no: :omg: :no:

    All those people who suffered and died....:no: :bigcry:
  17. Neo

    Neo Silver Meritorious Patron

    I never took any offence at your comments, roadracer. I actually agreed with your first point, being a reply to one of my comments.
  18. Grasshopper

    Grasshopper Patron

    Ok, peace then. I understand now. I guess I'm a bit touchy about "how could you..." or "how anyone with some intelligence can..."

    True, most of us had our vulnerable state of mind and could fall for something that made sense and had meant some sort of purpose. That's what happened to me too. I just finished university and was wondering what I was going to do in life.

    I agree with you: whatever you believe in that helps, will help and that can be anything. :yes:
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  19. roadracer

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    And I re-read my post and I sound like a dick. Again, sorry.

    The same vulnerable state of mind is what made me say yes when somebody offered my cocaine at 15 years old. Now at 38 I ask myself what was I thinking.
  20. Grasshopper

    Grasshopper Patron

    I appreciate your answer. :) I guess you are a male person :coolwink:

    Imagine, I never thought I would ever leave my home country, I didn't want to. I lived in a loving family, had my studies, did some art and there I was, going farther and farther away from home, ending up in a completely foreign country, thousands of miles away. Of course I had my own personality problems, but thinking back that was a "funny" thing.

    Now I think it had a reason, I don't blame that on Scn, never did. It was my decision. However, I was told and promised various things that were untrue, or rather, were not totally true. Because you have your right to visit family, but they (and the whole system) makes is near impossibility. And there you sit, thinking that you are the best child in the universe, you promised that you will go and visit, everthing is prepared and you can't leave. And you also think that you are a smuck, because you are thinking of your parents instead of a most pressing production that cannot be done without you. Skizophrenic. Many things like that. There is another thread.

    The guy who recruited me promised that I would go back to my country, that I will be trained, that I can go home if I want, that ..... nothing proved to be true. I was naive, yes, I trusted the people who told me all this. Little did I know that I was a stat! Can't remember but probably I joined on Thursday, before 2pm...

    How did you get off drugs, did it last long?