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Hey, the last post was titled “RTC & BUSH”; why not call this one “OSA & TAIL?” It is more appropriate than you could imagine.

I have been a bit busy lately and probably would not have posted this had it not been for OSA’s intervention.

You see, every time I lay low or get busy with other matters, it appears OSA takes this opportunity to fill the void. Either by posting as me on other sites, or getting involved in my personal life. This has happened on several occasions and I usually catch them in the act and fully document it as well. Their latest antics did not go unnoticed.

While driving in my own vehicle at 8:45AM, I noticed a 2008 Black Ford Expedition EL XLT. The vehicle had caught my eye as I had considered purchasing the exact same model a few months ago. It was just too big and I did not like several things about it. Fine.

15 minutes later in a completely different part of town, I noticed the exact same vehicle. He was behind me for several turns. I decided that I would no longer let him follow and ditched him through some alleys and bizarre streets that no one could navigate unless they were very familiar with the area.

Again, I noticed the vehicle near my place of business not 10 minutes later. I parked and watched the vehicle pass me and pull over to the side of the road several hundred yards up the road. I waited and the vehicle did not move, but was still running as noted by the brake lights still lit.

Well, usually I am quite busy, but it was time to have some fun. I sat in my car, made some phone calls and cancelled all my appointments for the afternoon. Finally after a bit of just sitting there doing nothing, the Black Ford Expedition pulled back into traffic and I decided to follow him around for a few hours.

I am sure he was aware that I was now following him as he drove and drove in circles all over the place without ever stopping in any one location and never exiting the vehicle. Now for the acid test. I realized that this could just be some guy that happened to end up in the same locations as me all morning and might have nothing to do with OSA or me or anything. Was this a pure coincidence? Not likely, but absolutely possible. If this was in fact, a complete stranger that was now being followed by me full time, I could be freaking him out now. Well, there is one thing you can usually do to someone while driving that will pretty much prove if they are an OSA goon by their reaction. If they react = NOT OSA GOON. No reaction – OSA GOON. So I proceeded to pull up next to him at a light and give him a double handed middle finger salute. He glanced over and it did not even phase him in the slightest. OSA GOON. He almost looked through me like I was not there. How can you ignore someone who is throwing their arms at you while giving you the bird with both hands? If someone did this to me, I would at least give them a puzzled look or roll down the window and say WTF? This guy did not do anything. When the light changed, he continued to drive all over the place without going anywhere. This went on for awhile until finally he got onto the freeway where I was not about to follow.

With this in mind, I have a few tips for Private Investigators/OSA operatives:

1. Never follow directly in front of or behind your target. Always, always give a few car distances between you and the target.

2. Have a suitable navigation or knowledge of the area your target is being followed in, should he get too far ahead and lose you.

3. If at all possible, do not drive the same brand or make vehicle as your target, especially the one that is the model up from the vehicle he drives. Sometimes, drivers have a brand loyalty or pay more attention to vehicle that are the same or similar to theirs.

4. When the target follows you around town, video’s you and takes multiple photos of you and your vehicle, consider the current OP failed and return to OSA and tell them that you can no longer follow the target. If there are any questions from your OSA handler, show them any one of or all of the photos of the target flipping you the bird with both hands while stopped at a traffic light.

5. Use discretion during surveillance. If you feel that the target has spotted you or you get that feeling that you are no longer just lurking in the shadows, you are right. Pull back and reacquire at a latter point. Do not try and show the OSA guys how you are hot shit right out the gate. Take your time. Get to know your target and let this relationship linger. You will make more money and you will become better acquainted with the target and his daily habits. (He will also get many more photos of you and his harassment case will be a lot stronger if he can get multiple photos at many different locations.)

6. When given the finger, bird, American eagle, or any one of many expressive hand gestures, attempt to react as any other person would. Failure to do so, will confirm for the target that you are in fact an OSA GOON.

Now obviously OSA has some attention on some of the items that I have posted on the internet. I admit that even I have not posted some items for the safety of those who are close to me. The items that I have posted are very tame considering the activities that have occurred at the Int Base.

Additionally, in almost every case, were there direct documentation or some evidence of certain actions having occurred, the staff of the Int Base and specifically COB’s Office are very careful to destroy any and all evidence paper, digital or otherwise as to protect Dave Miscavige from lawsuits and litigation.

Well, I am certain that with several people now out that either were witness or part of these activities or occurrences; I can safely post some more of the more gruesome things that are “unbelievable” to most.

Things like what really happened to Stacey Moxon/Meyers. Or how about how Dave Miscavige himself was C/Sing Lisa McPherson down at Flag behind the scenes?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Here is the picture of the goon that spent a few hours attempting to follow me around town.

And would you believe, there is a company that specializes in getting rid of RTC pests! I saw one of their trucks on the road. I guess there is a huge market for this now!

And OSA, don’t bother following me on March 15th. I will be at the local protest!

Until next time…


Pic of "RTC Pest Control" Truck. Major Lulz.

I wonder if we could send them out to Hemet and get an estimate?
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Thanks for posting this great one from BFG, FTS!

And WOW....ROFLMAO at the 'RTC Pest Control' Truck...They need a better imagination....:dieslaughing:

Shall I place this post in the BFG Quick Reference Thread, as well, or shall we just leave this one?


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Look at the logo

Hey, it makes sense if you look at the logo - it's Round The Clock Pest Control

Then again, it could be Raze The Cult!

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