BFI: Louis Theroux in conversation with Simon Chinn


Gold Meritorious SP

I watched about half of it.

Both of them seem to be saying they are not interested in making "serious" full length documentaries.
Louie talks about people not wanting to go home on a downer after going to a cinema and watching a serious doco.

They both seem allergic to REAL full length serious docos.

Anyone would agree with them, that serious full length docos are not going to be as successful "at the box office" as drama etc. That's a no brainer.

They will never be able to talk about serious subjects seriously. It is not their thing - especially Louie.

He did not even think seriously about scientology before he made his doco, hence the stupid things he came out with about scientology in interviews.

However, when I see his doc/ dramatization on scientology I might be blown away by it. I hope so.