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Big Pharma Blamed For Troubles of Scientology's Narconon Rehabs


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One of these August 2012 emails claims that the force behind the shutdown of Narconon Trois-Rivieres by the Quebec government’s health agency was a covert spy operation backed by “a criminal element” with “criminal motives and underhand tactics.”

This is the third time I have been accused of being a paid undercover spy.

David Love will continue to investigate, to dig for the truth, and to help those who have been mistreated, abused, and financially ripped off by this insidious cult’s behaviour. All people are equal and deserve qualified medical treatment, regardless of their health issues or their walk of life. Human rights and freedoms are intrinsic for everyone.




How appropriate that the cult will be taken down by LOVE, something it doesn't seem to understand AT ALL. :)


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David Edgar Love

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DavidEdgar Love
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August8, 2012

Dear Mr. Gary Smith - (ED Narconon Arrowhead)

As I’m sure you are aware, I will be attending the public protest on August 25,2012, on public property adjoining Narconon Arrowhead subject property.

Please be advised that this will be an orderly and peaceful gathering of concerned citizens who wish to show their support to the grieving families of the patients who decently died in your facility.

Mr.Smith, would you agree to an informal meeting where we could discuss issues and the practices at your center, or perhaps you would prefer an on camera debate between yourself and me and even one more each of our choice?

I completely understand your concern of patient confidentiality and assure you we would discuss only the matters of operations and controversial practices within Narconon, thus protecting confidentiality.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to your reply.


David Edgar Love

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Narconon Patient Abuse & Discrimination



Most importantly, the Tribunal rejected “the argument that the residents or others consented to such treatment. There can be no consent or agreement with respect to exploitation.”

The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal decided in favour of the complainant and awarded compensation accordingly.

We now face a similar situation concerning addicts in detoxification facilities in Canada. On April 21, 2006, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that alcoholism and drug addiction are defined disabilities.