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Big Soopa Doopa Release for the MV event


Same shit just re re re released.

From: Jon Devries <[email protected]>
Subject: Brand new LRH release today!!
To: xxxxxxxxx
Date: Friday, July 3, 2009, 9:05 PM

Dear Scientologist,

Announced at the first of this year’s Maiden Voyage events is the brand new LRH release that answers how we will invite the billions into Scientology for the first time. This is the Golden Age of Knowledge – lost tech restored – for the BRAND NEW PUBLIC. Yes, LRH provided the tool for ushering in all new people and we now have it fully restored! These are the LRH public lectures and Group Processing sessions, drawn from the highest levels, yet providing the data and means of application to bring about the golden dawn of a new civilization.



Phoenix Evening Lectures

Available right now!

This includes 13 lectures and 13 group processing sessions – a total of 26 CDs – with full transcripts and glossary. It also includes a supplement with 13 articles, charts and codes. Learn new principles found nowhere else and gain an insight into how to disseminate to new public with reality and success. Delivered by LRH in Phoenix Arizona from 1954 to early 1955 this is a series entirely unique among the full library of LRH lectures – the only series where each lecture is accompanied by a session on the very subject of that lecture, designed for those newly interested in Scientology. This series is something all Scientologists will listen to, as well as being a perfect dissemination tool for new public.

The cost is $270 for those with IAS Lifetime memberships, $300 if you are not a member. This new LRH release is going very fast so order NOW. Please confirm the exact shipping address you want it sent to. Shipping is totally free and no other charges so just $270 flat with membership. Californians only have to add sales tax at 9.75% for a total with California tax of $296.33 for those with a Lifetime membership.

Email or contact us right now at:


Jon De Vries

LRH Materials Consultant

American Saint Hill Day Org

1413 L. Ron Hubbard Way

Los Angeles, CA 90027