Bit of flyering in East. Grinstead.

Sharone Stainforth

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With Zorro in mind and many others, instead of slugging it out on the Candy thread, I decided to go to East. Grinstead. Did a bit of flyering and went to the local library. Gave L. Ron Hubbards 100th birthday bash a miss and visited the protestant/witches memorial instead.

The East. Grinstead Courier and Observer proudly announces
L. Ron Hubbard's Centennial. Live entertainment follwed by a video presentation celebrating L. Ron Hubbard's life and application of his humaniterian programmes, followed by a party and delicious buffet.Reserve your seats now. It dosen't say how much the seats cost, and I already know about his humaniterian programmes.
East. Grinstead library is the best stocked library I have seen with books by L. Ron Hubbard.It has a copy of:

Science of Survival.

The Green volume of an Introduction to Scientology Ethics.


Dianetics 55 -the Complete Manual of Human Communication.

What is Scientology?

Dianetics - The Original Thesis.

The St. Hill Magazine - Foundation Issue 398.

According to the magazine, Margaret Neil, class V111 auditor, original Flag executive who did the Briefing Course on the Apollo with LRH. She was also a Power C/S and did Power and PowerPlus for a further 20 years, judging by the fancy pamphlet which is classed a sa magazine, I'm meant to be impressed.

There were some photos of LRH and also one of Margaret Hodkin, think that's of Hodkin and Co, Solicitors and senders of cease and desist letters.

At the back, there were course completions and what did I find, Derek Field and DMSMH Book and Lecture Course. His accountancy plaque has been removed.Has he retired or has he been put on the RPF?

Then there is a whole rundown on Power and Power Plus. Do you know if I didn't know better, I would swear that magazine was published especially for me.

I did write out a whole passage, but I'll leave that for another time.I'll just leave this:

The Power Processes are delivered by highly trained class V111 auditors who are specifically chosen for their TRs. You are in very safe hands when you do Power and Power Plus at St. Hill foundation.

Speaking of TRs, I met this woman and we got talking about Scientology, she lives in East. Grinstead and was telling me how few of the younger generation know about all the horrors of Scientology. She said when she meets scientologists she gives them the same back. Quote: "You know that thing they do with their eyes".Made my day.

Anyway, I'm going to end with another quote from the green volume of Introduction to Scientology Ethics. What is Ethics?

The basic travail of man is that he is divided into those who build and those who demolish and, in this conflict of intentions, his fight (whichever side he is on) is always lost.

Or was lost until the Scientologist came along.

I was left thinking The children of the Corn, ain't got nothing on The Children of the Lens.

Sharone Stainforth

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. . . or the Children of the Corny Space Opera

Now there you have the truth, about LRH. Not only did he plaguerize (spelling) all the good bits of scientology to make himself look pleasant to the outside world, he also stole science fiction from his comrades and used it to create scientology as a living , breathing entity.

I always knew he used his science fiction fantasies to create his world, and there was always something I just could not grasp. I used to use a signiture line on Ex scientology kids about the man who sold the world, and he did, he sold them a fantasy and expected them to live it, but it wasn't even his science fiction, it was somebody elses.

Is it any wonder that people go off the deep end when they realise? Is it any wonder that some people just can't take it that they were conned so brutally?

Is it any wonder that people who have committed their lives, their money, their children go off the deep end when they realise they have been living out of a science fiction book? Or books?

Is it better to know or not know, when you have devoted your whole life?

It must be a hard lesson learned.

And I don't have any answers, and I don't know where we go from here, but I do know IT has to be stopped.