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Now that OSA seems to be making a lame attempt at pissing me off with their silly posts in my name, I thought I would school them a bit on their roots. I know things about OSA that THEY do not even know. To be honest, they are glib and have not done their homework. I have.

OSA is the organization that was formed to replace the old Guardians Office / GO. Well, pretty much everyone knows the story of the Scientology GO. They infiltrated government agencies, stoles documents, planted false documents in files etc. Well, not many people know what happened to those that went to jail and all those in the GO who did not. Well, that is a very interesting story and it goes like this.

You see, Dave Miscavige was left with a very interesting problem. He could not keep these GO people on staff in Scientology Orgs as they were a legal threat to keep around. He could also not just get rid of them as they had an insane amount of info on the Scientology executives and Scientology activities. To let these people go out and do their own thing could prove disastrous. The GO were the only ones caught, not the only ones doing things that were illegal. So what does Dave Miscavige do? He has to get rid of these people, but he can’t. Now Dave Miscavige has been practicing the art of making people “disappear”, but still keeping them in his clutches where he can control them and still have them do what he wants. The GO would not be an exception.

There was a group that was being run by the GO and this group was called SOCO, SOcial COordination. SOCO was running all of their front groups like Applied Scholastics, Narconon, and the TWTH. Well Applied Scholastics runs all of the Scientology schools like Delphi in Oregon and in Los Angeles.

Now here is the kicker. Who shows up working at these Delphi Schools? Henning Heldt! Yes, that is right, the same Henning Heldt that was sent to jail for committing crimes. Many other staff are also showing up all over the map at these Delphi Schools. Funny how Delphi Schools exist in all of the places where there were heavy concentrations of GO staff.

Funny how Delphi started up shortly after the GO was disbanded. You have Fran Willardson, mother of Greg Willardson. Dave Hendry, Kathy Heard, Steve Heard, Marg Harris from the GO Canada. Carla Moxon, wife of Ken Moxon. Rona Bowles, wife of Tim Bowles. Mary Cockburn, Edith Reuveni, Dave Arnold, Greg Ott, Chel Stith, David Aldrich, Diana Greve, and the list goes on.

Anyone with a staff list of the GO, you will be able to place 50% of them in these schools. The ones that did not end of in the actual schools end up at SOCO, later renamed ABLE international. A few of these were Dick Story, Rena Weinberg, Lars Asplund, Dick Francis, Kit Whittle, Tom Armstrong and others.

OSA would like to have everyone believe that the GO was disbanded and that these staff are no longer employed by the church in any way. It even states this on the COS official website, “Those who participated in or knew of the GO’s illegal conduct in any way were removed from Church staff and forever banned from future Church employment.” Not the case. But, what’s another lie on their official website? The road to that place is utterly paved with lies and broken promises.

These GO staff went on to start up front groups and became the ones that ran the Scientology schools. A look at the children going to these schools in the 80’s would be the complete list of all the old GO staff off-spring. It would also be no coincidence that all of the top 100 donors to Scientology that also had school age children, were now sending their kids to these new Scientology schools. Granted, not all parents could afford Delphi’s steep tuition. At $600 plus per month in the 1980’s, Delphi was almost expensive as some colleges. Except we are talking about K-12 schooling! Where does this money go? Well, Delphi pay’s for the use of the Study Tech and this goes to Applied Scholastics that then forwards it on to ABLE which is a SEA ORG Operation!

So in the end you have the GO that gets disbanded and then they start up a multi-million dollar front group that then starts making money for their cause all the while now having their hands in the personal lives and able to keep tabs on the top Scientology parishioners and their kids.

Years later in the 1980’s you would start seeing 75% of the kids going to these schools start showing up at AOLA, LA DAY, ASHO, CC INT, GOLD, FB, FLO, FSO, CMO PAC, in the Sea Organization. A great many of them never graduating school, but dropping out of Delphi and then going into the Sea Org once they were no longer required by law to attend school.

So, you now have past criminals still in operation, but now training up the next generations to take their place.

Oh, by the way OSA, did you know that 34% of your staff have come from these schools? Look around. Ever wondered how you all ended up at the same place after all these years? Well, you are all just part of Dave Miscavige’s little game that is shortly coming to a close.

Well, in a few months, you are going to wish you stuck it out and got that high school diploma!

Until next time…

P.S. When posting as me, you are going to have keep your posts oriented towards the “church” and reveal very specific info that makes Dave Miscavige soil his pants. If he reads the post and then does not destroy some accoutrement, the post is not up to par. I rarely post without telling some sort of story and listing as many facts as I can, that can be cross checked and verified by anyone on the internet. I also rarely post anywhere but on OCMB and I have only one email address. If the post does not have these key ingredients, it just does not come off as a worthy post. Throwing in a mere “fucktard” here and there does not cut it. And I NEVER dis other OCMB posters. Never have, never will.

Better luck next time…