Bob Adams, 99 out 100 are footbullets


In the last week, we here in OZ were graced with the presence of Bob Adams,
and he had an interview here on TV (real soft interview).

In this Interview he stated that there were 250,000 scn in Australia,
I dont believe him but I'm not arguing that point he can have it for all I care.

It's not even that the census for Australia comes up with 2,500 Scn in OZ.

My point is that even if Bob is right (which he is not), from the figures
99 out of 100 scn in Australia are too embarassed to say so,
even in an anonymous survey.

So in all the fudging of all the numbers, they played a bluff which has backfired badly on National TV
and shows that 2,500 is closer to the truth or if there are 250,000 Scientologists - they are too embarassed to say so.

Using OSA mathematics this means 99 out of 100 bullets is a footbullet.:duh:
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Panda Termint

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Good point!
As Cherished commented in chat, ESMB has more members than scn'ist per the 2006 Census!
(And, believe me, there are less scn'ists today than in 2006!)

Gloria Manchenburg

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The way the figures for this are calculated is probably through book sales, street actions and anyone who has ever attended a seminar. I am sure Scientologists in Australia don't hurt anything by buying multiple copies of the books as well; especially if they want to "donate them to libraries".