Bonnie (Escape) needs our help to FREE BARBARA


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I just want to add my 2 cents here. It's wonderful that people want to step up to the plate & help Barbara in any way they can, but they have no legal grounds to do so, unless they are immediate family & have power over attorney over her. We are all, very sadly, reminded of the legal pitfalls that followed Karen de la Carriere when she sought to see her son's body at the funeral home.

Someone has started a fundraising campaign for Barbara which IMHO is short-sighted.

I responded to the person starting this..

Geoffrey.. are you directly related to Barbara? If not, you could find yourself in hot water, legally, starting a fund for Barbara. Regardless what one think of the cult & her Scientologist husband, the COS is a legal entity in the US & Robert is a member of that entity. He, presumably, has power of attorney over her affairs while she is in "therapy" as her legal husband & Barbara is an adult.

Not only could Robert grab whatever funds are raised in this account, he could pursue prosecution against you for fraud, as you are not a member of Barbara's immediate family. Just a friendly FYI.


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I emailed that to him in case he does not see it here.
Your point is valid about the fundraising and I did not realize it could be such a problem so it makes sense.

Thanks for posting your concerns.


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The protest is tomorrow and all are welcome to join the festivities. :biggrin: