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Book The Second Dynamic by L. Ron Hubbard provided by Independent Scientology Scientolipedia

Please note the book may be subject to copyright.



Book The Second Dynamic by L. Ron Hubbard provided by Independent Scientology Scientolipedia

Please note the book may be subject to copyright.


This is a compilation book. The Second Dynamic was published in 1981. It was entirely the product of some senior personnel at Delphi School in Oregon.

Hubbard had been off lines (not just pretended "off lines," but really "off lines") for some months, and Scientology has become less crazed and safer. Magazines such as Jeff Cantin's Comm Line appeared, and Scientologists were writing articles and, in general, feeling freer. Of course, at the time, none of them realized that they felt freer because Hibbard was (briefly) staying away from Scientology - but that's another story.

A little later, still during the early 1980s, I had been corresponding for some time with one of their faculty, Jay Nunley Ph.D. This correspondence had been initiated by him. It was a cordial exchange with Dr. Nunley and, then, his letters changed in a way that, at first, was baffling.

Turns out that the "RTC" had appeared (late 1982/early 1983) and (on Hubbard's orders) removed Delphi founder Martin Samuels, and asserted their authority over the Delphi administrators and staff.

Hearing something about this, and other recent changes, I asked Nunley - who I knew through a friend who was the librarian at Delphi - and shortly thereafter received a letter from Nunley explaining how wonderful things were at Delphi now, and that he had VVGIs (Very Very Good Indicators) on the new program, as did everyone there, and it was a relief to finally have LRH Tech back in, etc. (He not mention the now "erased" Delphi founder Martin Samuels.)

Nunley's mixture of VGIs and fear left an impression on me.

Unlike most of the Delphian School staff, and their Head Master Alan Larson, who had obsequiously complied with the RTC (Hubbard's secret orders to the RTC), Martin Samuels, who was the person who had begun the first Delphian School in the early 1970s, objected and was declared an SP.

For a fairly recent look at Alan Larson, see 10:03 -10:10 of this - the "blow your brains out" Scientology Orientation video:

Delphian School uses all aspects of Scientology tech, including its Ethics tech, "white glove inspection," and the Children's Security Check. In fact, the Children's Security Check is in the book, The Second Dynamic.

Here's the Sec Check for Children, written by L Ron Hubbard.

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


HCO WW Security Form 8

The following is a processing check for use on children.
Be sure the child can understand the question. Rephrase it so he or she
can understand it. The first question is the most potent.

Children's Security Check

Ages 6 -- 12


From a 1986 interview of Martin Samuels, former Mission Holder, and founder of the Delphian School, from the 'Reflections' chapter of the book, 'L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?' :

Hubbard operated according to a couple of key patterns.

The first pattern involved basically decent well intentioned people... no one was able to rise in the organization to a point of any real proximity to him, without being attacked and vilified...

And of course the next person thinks he or she is immune...

The next pattern: It's reap and rape. Hubbard would let the reins loose. He'd let people believe they really could get on with it... He'd let people believe they really could prosper to the full extent of their own ability, and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

And, with that kind of freedom, prosperity does occur, Inevitably, though, he'd come along and rape and pillage and rip off and take what had been produced. The most dramatic example of this was '82, '83, when he 'raped' his most decent people in management along with the mission holders, and looted the entire mission network.

And look at this pattern... He surrounded himself with absolute hooligans as 'managers'; guys who beat the shit out of people. This man, who 'is this OT, the author of Science of Survival, completely able to predict human behavior', surrounded himself with ruthless people - like Miscavige - who got there because they emulated Hubbard's savagery. They emulated his total willingness to completely break, use, and discard another person.

And then after their hands were so bloody - and the only reason their hands were bloody was that they were doing what Hubbard wanted - when it finally started to get to the point where it couldn't be tolerated by people anymore, Hubbard wiped them out. Then he said. 'My God! I didn't know!' Scapegoat. He even did that to his own wife, who went to jail in his place...

But the thing that's amazing, and to me terrifying, is the characteristic of the mind, my mind, your mind, and apparently many other people's minds, where I could buy this horseshit, where I could participate in it.​