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Boston - Part 2

Discussion in 'North America' started by Pooks, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    Don't think it will happen. That's all I will say.
  2. NoIdea

    NoIdea Patron with Honors

    Man, I had dreams for years. Always the same story. I was suddenly somehow back in the org. I couldn't believe that I went back after all the emotional energy it took to leave the first time. And I really felt bad that my new wife and family had to deal with me working all day and then going to the org at night. But I didn't feel that I had the energy to leave again.

    Eventually though, the dreams progressed to the point where I did plan on leaving again. And then eventually I did leave again in my dreams. And what do you know, the dreams pretty much stopped after that. It's like my mind had to relive it to make sure it wouldn't happen again. Occasionally I still have a dream that I'm in some situation with a bunch of org staff, but it's not like I'm actually back on staff and stuck there again. They are just people who I used to know who appear in my dreams as a group.
  3. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    I feel bad for you guys. I haven't had a dream about anything Scientology since I left. Also I never had dreams about it when I was in. Not really dream worthy material.
  4. Boojuum

    Boojuum Silver Meritorious Patron

    I had dreams of being in for about 20 years. Always the same BS about frenetic need to do something. Actually, reading this stuff made me realize that I don't have them anymore.

    And thank god for that side door by the men's bathroom.

    What a nutty idea. Holding people back from fleeing a reg cycle or making a letters quota or some other ridiculous and meaningless effort.

    Feels great to be out.
  5. myrklix

    myrklix Patron with Honors

  6. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    I heard a lot of stories about Alex Siberski and his pentchant for throwing knives. Staff members being shoved against the wall was a common occurrence. St. Hill size came with a price that most wouldn't want to pay.
  7. myrklix

    myrklix Patron with Honors

  8. NoIdea

    NoIdea Patron with Honors

    Drove by 448 this afternoon. It's all wrapped up and scaffolded. Looks like some pretty serious renovations going on. I thought it was already all converted to condos. Maybe this is just an external fix up?
  9. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Older structures do not usually have a lot of insulation in them and I have seen many of these operations adding and external wrap of insulation. It can make a lot of sense with respect to internal climate control costs. Perhaps that is what is being done?
  10. NoIdea

    NoIdea Patron with Honors

    I don't think you'd wrap a brick building up for insulation. I suspect they are cleaning and repointing the brick work.
  11. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    It could be due as it was done in 93-94
  12. Solpetros

    Solpetros New Member


    As I recall, John Eberhard was
    in the GO during the early 80's.
    A fine drummer and also composed.

    I remember he played the drums,
    with another drummer Peter Corona
    (Div 6 Reg) backing Chick Corea when
    he visited to do an event. I remember
    the two drummers accompanied Chick
    playing Miles' ALL BLUES. I forget the
    trumpeter but there were other players
    of quality on stage including Ric Poulin
    (a fine keyboardist/guitar/singer).
    Though not on that stage; Ric was
    then married to a very fine singer:
    Judy Poulin. They worked in a band
    together. She had a great voice.

    Incidentally, at that event, Chick stip-
    ulated that guests to the event, who
    were non-scientologist were NOT to be
    regged before, during or after the event.
    He was very sensitive about that and of
    course, he had reason to be.

    It is true that there was a LOT, ALOT
    of musical talent at the org during this
    time. It was everywhere. Alan Kleb,
    Dave Scimemi RIP and others. At night,
    players would get together down
    there and rip. Dave and Kleb were
    keyboardists and killer.

    This was during the Joanie Gambino reign.
    Lorraine was (Flag Rep) and Bob Baritz
    (Div 4/Class V) were there at the time
    along with the Fords. Lonnie was TTC
    and then went on to Class IV. Rich
    Gambino was down at the Bookstore.

    Heather Black came through the Div 6
    lines at this time, along with many,
    many others. She went on to marry
    Lonnie and became Heather Landry.

    Chip Payson was chaplain, who worked
    for the Pub Sec: Sherry... something.
    I cannot remember her maiden name
    but Chip later married Sherry and she
    became Sherry Payson. Amy Grant was
    her reg along with Peter Corona, who
    was the Public Reg. Paula Cadman was
    also part of Div 6, who helped to process
    the routing line reading OCAs.

    Ron Savelo delivered (fine sup) Div 6 courses
    at the time, with Carl Bredemeier. Fran
    was Carl's wife. I believe she became
    staff, as well, later on.

    During this time, many future Org staff
    came through this particular Div 6. Many
    went on to higher positions and orgs.

    Michelle (forget her maiden name) came
    through this line and later became
    Michelle Savelo. Not sure what she
    later did. Paul Ledoux, Kelley Lott - who
    became Paul's wife later. Paul went on
    to become the EO. Angus was there with
    his wife, upstairs. Cary Goulston, Paul
    Coleman RIP came through this line
    incidentally. Paul Bradford was there
    at the time. I believe he was then a
    router along with Cary.

    Tech had Ricky Furbush delivering (sup).
    He was a great sup. I remember that
    Lonnie was TTC at the time and would
    later complete his Class IV and audit. It
    was later that he would marry Heather,
    who came through this Div 6 and would
    later go onto becoming ED.

    Joe Nucci (Qual Sec), I believe. Bobby Evers
    (Word Clearer). Dave Scimemi (Auditor) and
    there many others, already mentioned in
    this thread earlier. I know I am forgetting
    a lot of people.

    Perry Yeldman was mentioned. He was
    also a musician (bass) and played in a
    band with Ric Poulin and Judy Poulin
    (then Ric's wife). The alleged transgression
    sounds pretty sad, indeed. Perry's first
    wife, Robin, died of a brain aneurysm
    not long after this time period. Terrible
    tragedy. She was a sound engineer for
    Ric's band. Who would've guessed? He
    was not on staff during this time.

    Gerry Mazzarella was on lines during this
    time. Nothing but respect for him and his
    wife. Last I heard, he was very ill. I am not
    sure of the nature of the illness. Learned
    Bircher and informed. This is a long time
    ago but I think he is still on lines there. I
    recall he lost a son tragically in a freak gun
    accident. It was horrid.

    I remember Carlos Adamson. I remember
    him coming in for a tape, here and there,
    in Div 6. Had no idea what he would do
    later. A real character.

    Someone asked about Peter Corona. I know
    about him. He was a 5-Year SO but was
    Comm-Ev declared. It was a 2D event and
    a lawsuit threatened by a family (mob).
    I think he was forced to leave (then Div 6
    Sec); he then worked in Cambridge. Later
    played drums for the Poulin band finally
    leaving the Boston area for the financial
    exchanges in Chicago. He would later go
    on to meet Mike Bennitt there - then, a
    Financial operator. Bennitt's story is out
    there, most likely.

    Peter developed rare tumors in his hip
    resulting with amputation of his leg/half-
    pelvis. Tragic. He lived. He had married
    the sister of Sallee Slagle (dancer/instructor).
    She married Duncan Lorian, who is a skilled
    musicologist. Both Sallee and Duncan are
    on lines, I believe.

    Elaine Merkel came through this Div 6. She
    would go on to do other things at the Org.
    Very enthusiastic girl.

    All these people that came through these
    Div 6 lines were bright people and if they
    had their original intentions encouraged
    the right way, like all Scios really, they
    would have indeed helped more people
    and in the right way.

    I am trying to remember as many people
    and events as I can but this is a long time
    ago and it is hard go back. There were
    many public.. There was an expert wood-
    worker public person who I am forgetting.
    He married a model. I think Milagros was
    her name. Maybe someone else here

    Anyway, there you have another reference.

    I have to say that there is reason why
    the Second Dynamic is second and in
    this org, there was so much 2D aberration
    that it made it impossible to continue to
    even try and survive on the rest of them.
    Many claimed to operate on the higher
    dynamics. They did not. They were stuck
    with the rest of us.

    The foundational First Dynamic quicksand
    that staff had to start/work with and
    through, even for some of the very well
    intentioned people mentioned; for them
    to achieve their goals, all of which, AT
    FIRST, were honorable, was virtually
    impossible. So sad. This was just Boston.
    All over the world, we saw similar events
    take place destroying individuals and
    families time and time again.

    Out First, Out Second... Out Third...
    Of course, you know/see the result.

    There's a line from a movie that goes
    something like this:

    "If they knew what they were in for, they
    would never have done anything."

    I think it might apply but then, who knows
    what they are in for in life?

    PS: Almost all staff smoked like chimneys.
    I mean you could burn down Boston with
    the smoke these guys would go through
    each day. It was incessant.
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  13. Pooks


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  14. Solpetros

    Solpetros New Member

    Thank you, Patty. Yes. Gary was his
    name. Fine chap. Very skilled.

    There was another girl in Div 6. Her
    name was Nermin B__? She would
    also process new public. I believe
    she married one of the TTC or

    Mike Alla was the HAS. He ran Tech
    and was Joannie's left hand. There
    was a Phil Frisella, I believe, also
    in Tech.

    Div 2's reg was her right hand. I am
    trying to remember his name, as
    well as his wife's, who also came
    through this particular Div 6. He
    had a mustache. Wore the same
    suit. I cannot remember him but
    the GI came through him and thus
    the reliance. His wife had red hair,
    I believe. It might come to me later.

    This thread is long and there were
    mentions of names that if I jogged,
    I might connect with memories of
    faces and events.

    Corona also FSMed Fernando Gamboa,
    who went to Golden Era. Gamboa was
    another skilled drummer from NY. His
    story is extensive along with his wife's
    and is out there.

    I do remember Peter Cieslinski (public)
    and a nice man. I think he was married
    to a Beth? Positive memories, I think.

    Everybody seemed to work reception
    and the night.

    I know I am forgetting people.

    We can only hope that people survived
    the negative part of their experience
    and carried on with some positive.
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  15. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    You brought back lots of memories with this post!

    I came in through Boston Org as well, right around the same time as Heather. Peter Corona regged me in Div 6 and Michelle recruited me for staff.

    This is me:

    A couple of people you mentioned, Angus, and Nermin, I know are out, and I've chatted with them in recent years, after 30+ years of being disconnected.

    I probably was the one asking about Peter Corona, and yes, I watched him play drums. He was very good!! I didn't understand why he left Boston Org and was Declared. He didn't fit the image I had of an "SP", like most people who have been SP Declared. ;) Do you know if he's still involved with Scientology at all? Or out?

    Also, added to what you wrote above, Lonnie Landry became LRH Comm, Joe Nuccio became Senior C/S for Boston Foundation, and Carlos Adamson worked in Estates.
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  16. Solpetros

    Solpetros New Member

    Thank you.

    The Comm Ev and declaration
    had to do with the threat of
    lawsuit. He was involved with
    someone whose family took
    aversion to the Scn. I am not
    sure if there was something
    to do with a particular family's
    standing or involvement with
    organized crime but evidently
    the threat was real. Maybe
    Patty knows. It went to GO
    is my understanding.

    He is not involved with Scn.
    To my knowledge, neither is
    his wife. Not sure if they had
    children. He became involved
    in the exchanges and financial
    markets like Kevin Ellman of
    Todd Rungdren's Utopia (a
    great drummer, who became
    a CNN real estate market
    analyst) - believe it or not. I
    have not seen Peter in the
    media at all. I think he is
    doing private money. Not
    sure. I am not even sure he is
    operating since the surgeries.

    Interesting fact about one of
    the firms he worked with
    Indosuez (France): WT1 and
    the first plane plowed through
    their offices in NYC. No surv-
    ivors. Of course, the event was
    a horror but the fated details
    make you wonder because he
    attended a High School who
    for some reason had 15% or so
    of the student body got into
    law enforcement and fire pre-
    vention etc. When the buildings
    came down, it is reported that
    this portion of his graduating
    class were lost in the event
    having gone into buildings to
    help those who were trapped.
    Talk about strange coincidence
    but that is not all.

    In PA, his first wife, Susan, (this
    was a very short marriage that
    was annulled according to file)
    who was FSO, was touring and
    went missing. When they found
    her, she had no memory of who
    she was. She left Scn and the
    report is that she passed away
    from cancer - possibly of a
    brain tumor. She attend the
    very same high school.

    Very ill-fated. The file is huge.

    You would be surprised at how
    many musicians wind up in the
    markets. Many and there are
    ex-scio, too.

    Nermin was a private person,
    as I recall. She could be nice. I
    do believe she married an auditor,
    who I cannot remember but recall
    was very cheerful. In fact, this
    Div 6 was a very attractive one.
    I think it was part of the appeal
    to Public.

    I think that may be all of them:
    Sherry, Chip, Amy, Nermin, Paula,
    Peter, Carl, Cary, Paul and Ron.
    I think that is all of them. (Div6)
    I was very familiar with all of them
    and then became more aware due
    to circumstance.

    Like the rest of the org, this team
    suffered the 1D pressures that bled
    into the rest of their lives and
    this was a great pressure on them,
    the other divisions and the org. We
    speak of 2D and usually this connotes
    the first dimension of the dynamic
    (the romantic liaison) but that is only
    half of it. The other half has to do
    with the extended family, which also
    suffered greatly and this was every-
    where in the org(s).

    This is the story of organized
    thought processes. The fact is that
    you have to live a process. You can-
    not just read or talk about it. When
    it is organized, a power is admin-
    istered and this polarization puts
    weight on the rest of the body.

    This org was/is in Danger and will
    always be. Any Affluence that was
    recognized what a lie. It was all in
    Danger and this is the reason why
    statistics rose sharply and declined
    sharply. It was always like this and
    will likely always be like this.

    In the Formula, the first thing to
    be addressed are the damaging
    actions/inactions done to the
    1st D. There is a reason for that.
    This was never applied in truth
    and again, it bleeds into 2D etc.
    This vicious cycle is what occurred
    and is occuring there and will
    always be the case.

    A great 'MISCARRIAGE' took place in
    Scn (rhyme) and this destroyed what
    was left of it. Boston Org is just like
    the others. The stories are the same

    These are necessary memories and now,
    the present is what we have lived since
    but there is a future. There were some
    good people there that just were waylaid.
    It happens to young people.
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  17. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for the posts Sol, I didn't move to Boston until '88 but I know almost every one of those you mentioned.

    Didn't know Lonnie was a CL IV, he was LRH Comm when I arrived.

    I took Duncan's Music seminar - it was great.

    Surprised you didn't mention Joe and Jeanie Scoglio. They were good friends to me.
  18. Solpetros

    Solpetros New Member

    Now, that you mentioned them, I
    do recall the fine couple.

    Extraordinary, in fact. Forgive.
    Memory. They were on Day Org
    mostly and so did not come to
    mind immediately.

    I have no idea what became of
    them. Very kind people.

    Lorien was/is well thought of.

    On Lonnie, I believe that is
    correct. I might be in error. It
    is possible he was taken from
    TTC to fill a post, which was/is
    often the case.
  19. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    During my 7 years there (1979-86) it seemed as though the org was always struggling. While there were some individual weeks that we good, I don't recall any periods where the org seemed affluent. (at least the Foundation org. I'm not as familiar with Boston Day). There may have been periods where the gross income was doing well, but the money was always ripped off by international management and LRH. I was working for about $12.00/week while Hubbard was accumulating hundreds of millions of dollars that he left behind prior to his departure to Target Two.

    Nermin was married to Rick Birkenshaw; he was a great photographer, and a real nice guy. But like almost ALL marriages amongst staff at Boston Org they later divorced. The divorce rate amongst those at Boston Org was really off the charts.

    Another person in Div 6 (Foundation) who came in around the same time as Heather and myself was Jon De'Vries. He eventually went on to become the CO CMO EUS, then later was in CMOI. Last I heard in recent years he had some post at ASHO, selling books!! But that was several years ago.

    And Cary was the CO SMI EUS for some time. From reports I've seen from mission holders, his concept of management was screaming at them on the phone on a regular basis for long periods.
  20. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    Were you on staff?