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Boston - Part 2

Discussion in 'North America' started by Pooks, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Jeanie had a successful career as a voice and performance coach.

    I just pulled up her website to post it here, and am sorry to see that she passed back in 2016.
  2. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    That filled a lot of gaps.
  3. Solpetros

    Solpetros New Member

    I do recall that name. I am struggling
    with the face (DeVries). The name is
    very familiar, though. I will roll it around.
    Yes. Birkenshaw is the name and you
    are right on target pointing out the
    alarming statistic of the divorce rate
    in/on staff Scn. How is it possible - I
    ask, that an Org is to help families,
    when they are breaking at the seams
    themselves? It is not possible. Astute
    public would ask.

    I am sorry to hear about Nermin but I
    am not surprised in the least. The
    Scoglio's are one of the few. I am as-
    suming the are still married.

    Rick was very kind but I understand
    the pressures. As for Cary, most execs
    do what was/is done to them. Cary
    was a body router, first. This is around
    the time of Gambino, who was not un-
    like many other execs that came before
    her. Sherry's senior was Joannie.

    Sherry's juniors were the Dept Heads
    and they were Amy Grant and Peter
    Corona was Amy's junior. Paula and
    Nermin were directly below Sherry.
    It was hard on Cary during that time.

    Later on, I believe something happened
    and rather than Amy, Peter was chosen
    to be the PES. I think Sherry and Chip
    left and Amy left and I think this left
    Peter to work the Div. I never saw Peter
    shout unless it was in enthusiasm. He
    was just not that kind of exec. I actually
    am not sure what happened that made
    him the exec but he certainly was
    Cary's senior for a period of time.

    If Peter shouted in that manner, I never
    saw it. I suppose it could be possible
    behind closed doors.

    Then, the event took place, which
    resulted in his Comm EV and exit,
    which may have left Cary to
    to the wolves.

    I am just reading about Jeannie.
    That is very sad. She was a kind soul.
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  4. Solpetros

    Solpetros New Member

    This type of exec-ing is very
    common in Scn. There were a
    few that came through that
    really tried to use the tech in
    their administration.

    Remember that most of the
    Admins were not tech-trained.
    Only a few and these were on
    special occasions. These were
    the ones that used their extra
    time to get tech-hatted. Who
    had the time? They were all
    broke. If it was not in them
    naturally to use ARC/KRC, they
    would default to what is reported
    that Cary fell into but again, it
    was/is everywhere. It was the
    modus operandi and what else
    do you expect from those who
    are traumatized? Sad but true.

    Everyone was in Danger and all
    the time. Nothing higher. Public
    always had it better.

    I think another example I can
    bring up is Rick Furbush, if any-
    one had a chance to study in
    his courseroom. He would always
    be very even tempered and on
    the side interested and enth-
    usiasm. I know this was not a
    common thing there but that
    is because it is not common.

    At NY, Chicago, down at the FLB,
    it was all the same everywhere.
    Very few tech-trained Admins.
    All were stuck on the auditing
    side of the bridge. The only
    light staff ever got was when
    there was the opportunity to
    attest and I can tell you that
    there were many false attests
    on Admin, which only made the
    issue worse. It was mess and it
    had to be considering. Awful.
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  5. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Yes it IS, and yes she was, very much so.

    Lot's of good people got sucked into Scientology via Boston Org, and she was one of them.
  6. Solpetros

    Solpetros New Member

    We have to accept that for whatever
    the reason, all these people that we
    are talking about were drawn to some
    thing - some 'mission' that appealed to
    them. Idealistic or misled and perhaps
    both but again, whatever the reason,
    these people were there at that time
    and for some reason in their minds.

    We have to hope that they have
    processed these events in some kind
    of positive way. People do not im-
    prove when there is no reason to.
    If there is no need for change, there
    is no fear of worsening. To fear
    worsening, one must be aware of
    a condition. They were not or are
    aware at all.

    But perhaps there was a reason.
    In life, do you know people that are
    so busy, that they have no time
    even think about their lives? I do.

    Doing can take over a being
    if it too much. If they are too busy,
    doing, they might not be being, if
    you get what my meaning. I don't
    look at any of them negatively.
    Rather, I feel for them. It was
    a quicksand and some are still
    in it. Yes. Sad for all but they
    might realize someday that life
    has to be lived and not just talked
    or shouted about. KSW showed itself
    every single day and it continues
    with the ill-will we see present.
  7. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    I suspect that Cary and other exec's "managed" in that way because they witnessed others doing the exact same thing. But Cary had been OEC/FEBC trained back in the early 80's, way before he joined the S.O.

  8. Solpetros

    Solpetros New Member

    I know that certificates are
    given and these can have
    weight. Trust me. You can
    do a course and not get it.
    You know it when you see it.
    What you describe is not an
    OEX/FEBC exec. It is case.
    I suspect you are right
    about him winessing and
    being trained by those who
    mis-used Admin/Tech.

    There are so many, if not,
    MOST people in positions
    they could not hope to fulfill
    and why? It is because they
    are under duress - they are
    in 1D Danger and falling apart
    and this prevents any gain on'
    either side of the bridge.

    I said Danger... I cannot exclude
    the lower conditions and what
    can we expect from that? I
    get what you are saying. I am
    just pointing out the systemic
    issue there. Very little good
    can come from it.

    At least, we have known some
    decent people. We have witnessed
    some decent things.

    It's life outside, too.
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  9. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    I also don't look at any of them negatively. It would be difficult for me to do that as I fell into it as well.
    I was 21, was idealistic and very naïve, lacked much life experience, and had not previously been educated about cults or the methods they use.

    I learned some lessons the hard way! :D
  10. Solpetros

    Solpetros New Member

    I am not trying to defend it.
    It is like talking to the soldier
    at war. Can we blame him?

    It is layers and layers and
    layers of bureaucracy. It can
    be like that in business, too.
    Without eyes on, it is hard
    to know the truth but we
    DID have eyes on this layer
    of the large org board and
    what did we see? We see
    exactly what we are talking
    about and that is: soldiers
    not fed, not healthy, not
    sessionable, receiving
    very little service, while
    having to service. Formula
    for disaster. Every smart
    staff became public and
    when they did, they saw
    it from outside and that
    is when the light went off,
    or ON and things changed
    for them.

    I hope everyone that went
    through that period has
    come out of it better in
    some way. I hope that.
    Glad I could fill in a few
    of the holes.
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  11. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    No, I endured countless recruitment attempts over the years. They did get me to sign a contract after working on me for 4 hours straight (3 SO and 3 staff -- 10pm to 2am) which I told them the next day - I'm not doing it! That bought me a nice condition assignment. Grrr.

    I was a foundation public. I did audit in the HGC for a bit as a favor. They had no staff auditor on post other than Frannie who was the Snr C/S. I wonder if her daughter is still in the SO, I was so sad to see her get recruited by the FSO.
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  12. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    I must know you, I was on staff for 7 years there.
  13. NoIdea

    NoIdea Patron with Honors

    Whew, lots of familiar names in the last couple of pages. I got in in 1984, so a lot of those people had departed or moved away just before I arrived, but I knew their names from stories and various records of them in different org files. A lot more I knew very well. Maybe even had a relationship with some. Hung around more than a decade and a half before coming to my senses.
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  14. Boojuum

    Boojuum Silver Meritorious Patron

    Old home week.

    Too bad we weren't really saving the planet.

    Too bad the OEC/FEBC "execs" were just very well intentioned deluded people.

    Too bad that cramming didn't expand the org.

    Too bad that some of the brightest, funnest, hardest working, most dedicated people I ever met were flogging a dead horse.

    Occasionally, things were just great.

    Some of us were given god-like solutions to our life's problems and that was a good thing.

    But the pulp fiction world we were stuck in was limited. Once the shine wore off, abuse, poverty, delusion, and cognitive dissonance ruled the day--at least for me. If our group is so brilliant, how come we don't even make minimum wage. If the tech is so terrific, how come so few people are coming in?

    After I left, I had a guy working for me who had just finished Bible college. He wasn't that brilliant. He didn't have money. He was really average, a bit slow. He told me that after he got his Christian church going, he'd have to quit but it would probably be 6 months to a year. After about 9 months, his street side mission had enough parishioners for him to make a living. No advertising. I didn't audit the guy to find out how much he made but he wasn't the lying type. I looked back at all the effort we put into getting folks into the CoS in Boston. Thousands of letters out, thousands of pieces of bulk mail week after week, body routers on Day and Fdn, trained auditors, sups, execs, and training, training, training, TV ads, Dianetics campaigns, and virtually NO NEW PEOPLE!!! This dope that worked for me had a viable church in less than a year. That comparison was impressive. Folks really didn't want the Scientology we were presenting.

    It's been over 30 years and I've finally gotten to a place where I don't thank, on a daily basis, the powers that be that I'm out. ESMB has been very, very helpful.
  15. myrklix

    myrklix Patron with Honors

    Hey @bambino, we haven't heard from you in almost 7 months.
    Are you still on staff? If so, would you be so kind as to give us an update on the Boston Org?
    Is there still Day & Fdn? How many staff on each?
    How many new people have been brought in for either Div 6 or Academy courses in the past half year? Not asking BIS but actual, totally new faces.
    How's the GI stat? WDAH's? Auditors made?

    What about the plans for moving into the "new" building in Allston?
    Curious if the office space there is occupied by tenants in the meantime just to generate some income.
    Also, I'm surprised that nobody has put a huge "Scientology" sign up on the side of the building that overlooks the Mass Pike. That would be great PR, huh?

    Thanks in advance for the update.
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  16. myrklix

    myrklix Patron with Honors

  17. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    He was lurking last night, thought he might post but didn't
  18. Boojuum

    Boojuum Silver Meritorious Patron

    I think I'm a witness to the final gurglings of the Church of Scientology of Boston.

    We were in, we left, we saw the light, we complained and now we feel better. And now there's not as much to say. I'm not as angry as I was. I'm a LOT more compassionate and even sympathetic to the folks who were in who acted foolishly.

    I think the COS was a solution we embraced because what we were doing wasn't working that well. That's not to say we were losers but I would say that we were searching for something better and Scn seemed like a really good idea. (it's taken me 40 years to admit that I was looking for something better, I wasn't doing that bad but that doesn't mean things couldn't have gotten better.) Unfortunately, Scn didn't deliver but was VERY good at controlling the narrative. We were broke-ass broke helping very few people and exerting incredible amounts of effort. We glorified the auditors, the upper level execs, and the OT's. Looking back, we were playing a VERY small game with a massively puffed up sense of importance.

    I think the "tech" of Scn had a lot to offer but only in the right hands. The admin tech had some workability. The TR's had some workability. The Berner's "study tech" (ripped off by LRH) changed my life in a good way. Two way comm IS a good thing. Getting off OW can be a good thing. IN THE RIGHT HANDS. LRH could come up with lovely ideas and good plans and a detailed framework but his narcissism and paranoia and sadistic needs derailed what could have been a very helpful organization. This is a bit like saying that Hitler was a great guy except for the Holocaust.

    Life is complex. Hopefully, I can take my Scn experience as a great adventure that allowed me to grow where others failed to tread.

    The COS is slowing becoming irrelevant. It's a joke. Literally. Folks won't be getting condition assignments for failing to get their stats up by Thursday at 2, and I think that's a good thing.
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  19. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    Has something changed at the org?

    You mean when there is no more scn? Until then the poor staff will be doing conditions.
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  20. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Much of the tech was developed by people other than LRH, like the "study tech" you mentioned, and bits and pieces of that have helped some people to a degree. But others have been hurt by it. Some people who had serious mental health issues were promised those issues would be eliminated and they would reach states of being that made Jesus and Buddha look like degraded beings by comparison. And those people were defrauded out of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, eventually coming to the realization that the "tech" would not resolve their issues, but now having financial problems to go with their original issues.

    While I like bits and pieces of the "admin tech" and found them useful, I've seen Scientologists who studied ALL the Admin tech (the FEBC Course) and I didn't observe ANY increase in their competence as an executive.

    All in all, Scientology doesn't come anywhere close to delivering what was promised. The difference between what is promised and what is delivered is vast, so despite some people being helped the CoS has effectively been engaging in marketing fraud from day 1, and LRH was a con artist. Had LRH opened up a car dealership instead of a "church" he'd of been selling Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero's (which cost millions) but then delivering Ford Pintos . Surely the Pintos will help some people, but just like with Scientology, that's not what they paid for nor were expecting.

    The biggest benefits I got from my years of Scientology and the years since (while working to understand WTF happened to me) was to increase my understanding and awareness of how our beliefs are formed, the effect those beliefs have on us, how we become blind to those beliefs, and the difference between certainty and real knowledge.
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