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June 27th 2018

Former Scientologist shares his story, interactions with Tom Cruise
After being raised in the Church of Scientology, Brendan Tighe says he signed a “Billion-Year Contract” with the Sea Organization, which is devoted to the most devout members of the church. Tighe says that reports of auditions to be in a relationship with Tom Cruise were accidentally sent to his printer, which is how he learned that an interaction with Cruise and actress Scarlett Johansson didn’t go well. He left scientology in 2011, and joins Megyn Kelly TODAY with his story.

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I was interested in his update on the RPF. The way I interpret this he was RPFed at Big Blue in 1996 at age 16. He was on the RPF there for about a year and then transferred to Flag where he continued the RPF for about 3 more years until around 2000, maybe longer.

His description of the RPF at Big Blue was hauntingly familiar to the RPF in the late 70s when there were about 175 RPFers at any one time. To my recollection the RPF started out living in the morgue in the basement and after it got too large the RPF berthing was on the 7th floor of the Main Building and the RPF's RPF stayed in the basement. I think they chose the 7th floor because the RPF were not allowed to use the elevator and using the stairs was considered additional punishment. It was also harder to escape from the 7th floor and they would be about as far away from everyone else and outside observation as physically possible.

Brendan says there were about 200 RPFers living in 8 rooms (200/8=25 per room). The standard practice would be to stack military style bunks 3 high. At Flag historically the RPF lived in the Fort Harrison parking structure.

Scientologists also want to believe that the RPF is a standard tech voluntary auditing oriented program where they have routine daily schedules mandated by policy, are sessionable, (get enough sleep and adequate nutrition), have standard study schedules, etc. This is not the case. As Brendan points out, he worked 10 - 72 hour shifts. All and any staff, including the RPF are pulled off of study and other personnel enhancement time to work 2 or 3 day shifts or longer without sleep for frequent and frivolous reasons. Hang around long enough and you will do the same project over again, also as an emergency "Hill 10" that somehow was not anticipated. I have decided that this is part of the intentional programming to keep Sea Org members from thinking about their situation rationally.

I think most Sea Org members tended to think of what happened in the late 70s as the exception to the rule, they rationalized it as just a difficult period the Church was going through (desperate times call for desperate measures) but Brendan's story paints a different picture - of how this is standard operating procedure. This is how Hubbard always envisioned it and they are perpetuating his vision.


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Slavery gets sh*t done.
It also gets put on National TV.

Greta, this should have been your gig.

Though Megyn (note correct spelling) does seem to be well informed - pointing out the litigious harassing (culty) nature of the organization, etc.

This is now and forever the Scientology brand and I don't see any path back to anything resembling a positive PR norm. Didn't notice any expressions of disagreement in the audience, all very supportive.

Come on Karin, do an appearance on the show to dead agent all this entheta!