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Broken or deferred dreams

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To be a good reg, you had to hold fast to the concept that if you really cared about the person's eternity you would find a way to make them WANT what they were C/Sed to buy.

To be a great reg you cut off any reality about any other aspect of life, nothing mattered but getting them up the bridge as fast as possible. You ignored their concerns about "could I pay it off..." because as soon as they were OT they COULD - of course - no doubt. It was about holding this vision of the public as being completely able to handle anything that came up - as soon as they had their bridge under their belt. It was called focus, being creative in finance, making it go right, caring enough about the PC to make sure they bought what they needed.

The problem is that the promise of OT is false.

The problem is that there is a lot that is VERY important in life, wives, children, homes, financial stability - all of which are on the "other fish to fry" list for an SO member and anyone who has bought into the "clear the planet" BS line.

To come out the other end and find out every reg cycle where I felt like a hero was one where I was an evil doer in fact - because there is no such things as clear or OT. To realise how many lives were sidelined because I recruited someone for the SO or ran an successful program to get HCOs recruiting for staff or crew.

I'm not doing guilt, because I can see the balance and how I was in turn duped, and because wallowing in guilt never improved things. But, please don't think the majority of reges are just sitting their like vultures, looking for their next victim only. I expect there are some who reg and know what they are doing but many are just deluded and operating on the belief that they are doing a service for their PCs and the orgs and therefor for mankind.


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Great thread, Fluffy.

I didn't have a life for most of my life. I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I was a child, but I never got to do it until I said THAT'S IT on Scientology. (I was born into Scientology and joined the SO at age 12.)

Fortunately, I am now pursuing my OWN life.

I was never a reg, but I do regret recruiting about 150 people into the Sea Org. :omg:


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It is funny how when you get into $cn they talk about helping people to achive their own goals do better in school better relationships etc.After a while you progress from using "tech " to help your own goals to where your own goals become those of Scn .Often this change is subtle and almost below awareness but very real Then the real abuse/exploitation begins When you start out you read all those noble idealistic things LRH wrote and think wow what a great guy He was.The problem is that is like bait for the trap it tastes sweet and then the trap closes often without a person even knowing it . Some catch on soon and leave others never do.