Brussels: ICSA CONFERENCE June 29-July 1, 2007


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Annual International Conference of International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)

Brussels, Belgium
June 29-July 1, 2007
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ICSA, in collaboration with Info-Cult/Info-Secte, will conduct its 2007 annual international conference at a private university club in the heart of old Brussels, Friday, June 29th through Sunday, July 1st.

Sessions will run on the three days from 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. and 2:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., leaving ample time for informal discussions and socializing at Brussels' many fine restaurants.

The conference includes 99 speakers from 22 countries, with sessions in English and French.

Space is limited, so register early – and reserve hotels early as well.  The Web site contains information on hotels, the meeting site, the program, speakers, and travel directions.

Conference home page:
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An alphabetical list of talks and speakers follows the French translation of this message.
Here is an alphabetical list of talks and speakers (subject to change):
A Causal Model of Some Perceived Socio-Psychological and Academic Factors as Determinants of Cult

Membership among University Students in Southwestern Nigeria
Adesoji A. Oni, Ph.D.

A Fertile Ground for Cults: The Cognitive and Social Roots of Cultic Thinking
Programs Against Manipulation and Cults for Education: Results and Prospects
Vladimir E. Petukhov

Cults in Us and in Our Midst: How to Change our Thinking to Undermine Them
Yevgeniy N. Volkov, Ph.D.

Ambiguous Loss: A Parent's Perspective
Elizabeth Robbins

Analyse de contenu du texte fondateur du mouvement raëlien
Céline Castillo

A Remarkable Consensus
Edward Lottick, M.D.

Brainwashing and the Courts: A Review of the Case Literature in the United States
Alan Scheflin, J.D., LL.M.

Brainwashing and the Courts: Case Examples in which the Jury Inferred "Brainwashing"
Philip Elberg, Esq.

Catholic Sects and the Catholic Church
Alberto Moncada, Ph.D.

Child Sexual Abuse in Alternative Religions: Is Secular Theory Adequate?
Stephen A. Kent, Ph.D.

Children and Cults: Vulnerability to Influence of Cults in Ukraine With Special Attention to Orphans
Nataliya Bezborodova

Coping with Triggers
Joseph Kelly; Patrick Ryan

Creativity & Cults: The Impact of Cult Involvement on Creativity
Miguel Perlado, Dana Wehle, L.C.S.W.; Lorna Goldberg, M.S.W., Moderator

Cultish Religious Sects and Politics: The Brethren V. Greens Contest and Other Controversies Involving Minor Religious Sects Down Under
Stephen Bruce Mutch, Ph.D., LL.B. (UNSW)

Culture is Cult Writ Large: Cults, Culture, Coercion, and Critical Theory
Matthew Forester, ABD

Empirical Trends in Cultic Entrance and Exit: Implications for Clinical Practice with Cult Victims and Victims of Coercive Influence
Paul R. Martin, Ph.D.

Ethics and Proselytism: Between Psychology and Law
Psychology and the Ethics of Religious Persuasion
Vassilis Saraglou

Beyond the Normality–Pathology Debate Among NRM Members: Open-vs. Close-mindedness in Social and Moral aspects
Coralie Buxant

Law and Psychology: New Interdisciplinarity for Balancing Legal Accountability for Abuses in Religious Advertising and Proselytism
Louis-Léon Christians

Every Nation Churches and Ministries: Maranatha Reformed or Reborn?
Bridget M. Jacobs, M.A.

Ex-Member Orientation
Carol Giambalvo

Ex-Member Debriefing Session
Carol Giambalvo

Family System Dynamics Where at Least one Parent is Involved in a High-Demand Group: A Case Study
Rienie Venter, Ph.D.

Fonction parentale et attitudes éducatives dans des groupes considérés sectaires par la réaction sociale
Jean-Yves Radigois

Forgiveness as a Clinical Issue in Cult Recovery
Joyce Martella; Michael Martella

GMP et sociadicciones.  Similitude et différences. Casuistique. Symptômes essentiels. Moment actuel
Josep M. Jansà, M.D.; Vega González

Groupe en crise: Analyse de l'identité sociale d'un groupe de mormons fondamentalistes canadiens
Marie-Andrée Pelland ; Dianne Casoni, Ph.D.

Hijacking the Global Multicultural Conversation: Cultic/high-Demand Group Dynamics and Current Events
Russell Bradshaw, Ed.D.

How Memory Illusions and False Memories are Influenced by Social Expectations in the Real World
Tor Endestad, Ph.D.; Cathrine Moestue, Ph.D.

How to be Helpful: The Importance of Information
Joseph Kelly; Patrick Ryan; Amanda van Eck Duymaer van Twist

Human Rights Dimensions of Cultic Studies: Thinking Outside the Box
Jorge Erdely Graham, Ph.D.

Introduction to the Conference/Introduction à la congrès
Philip Elberg, Esq.
Michael Kropveld
Michael Langone, Ph.D.
Maître Carolle Tremblay

Issues for Therapists Working with Families Where a Loved One is Experiencing Undue Influence
Linda Dubrow-Marshall, Ph.D.

Le poids des doctrines dans les « massacres » de l'OTS. Commentaires des suites juridiques
Maître Jean-Pierre Jougla

Le Sectateur : Approche clinique du phénomène sectaire
Jean-Claude Maes

Les défis du processus d'intégration en société pour celui qui a été socialisé dans sa prime enfance en milieu sectaire
Lorraine Derocher

Les Dérives sectaires : aspects juridiques
Mme Catherine Katz

Les droits fondamentaux de l'enfant
Maître Carolle Tremblay

Les mouvements russes radicaux pseudo-chrétiens des siècles XVII-XX et le degré de leur influence sur les cultes destructifs de la Russie moderne
Vladimir Solodovnikov, Ph.D.

Les sectes en France
Catherine Picard

Manipulé ou sain d'esprit?
Hervé Genge, Ph.D.

Mechanisms of the Authoritarian Grind
Nori Muster, Coordinator; Steven Gelberg; Lorna Goldberg, M.S.W.

"Miracle of Love®" - A Blend of LGAT, Pseudo-therapy, and Spirituality
Gina Catena; Milena Callovini; Sjoukje Drenth Bruintjes

Narcissism and Cult Leaders
John Burke, Ph.D.

Ole Anthony, the Trinity Foundation and the Cult Controversy
David Clark

On Activities of Non-traditional Religious and Mystical Trends in Ukraine
Victoria G. Tretyakova, Ph.D.

Paranormal Experiences, Recruitment, and the Religious Marketplace
Frauke Zahradnik, Ph.D.

Peer Supervision for Mental Health Professionals
Lorna Goldberg, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

Persuasion in Manipulative Techniques Used by Cultic Groups
Dariusz Krok, Ph.D.

Phoenix Project: Ex-Member Art and Literary Works
Diana Pletts

Politique française de lutte en matière de Dérives sectaires
Jean-Michel Roulet

Post-Cultic Regret: More Subtle Than It May Seem
Benjamin Zablocki, Ph.D.

Post-Soviet Russian Society and the Cult Problem
Lubov Zholudeva

Preventing Susceptibility to Cults: A Personal Exploration and Interpretation of Causes of Cult Involvement
Elizabeth Perry

Psychological Abuse in Manipulative Groups: Research in Japan and Spain
Carmen Almendros, Ph.D., Coordinator; Kimiaki Nishida, Ph.D.; Álvaro Rodríguez-Carballeira, Ph.D.; José Antonio Carrobles, Ph.D.; Belén Ordoñez, M.A.

A Cross-Cultural Study on the Comparison of Group Health Beliefs among Eastern and Western Countries: The Framework of GHS and the Preliminary Study
Kimiaki Nishida, Ph.D., Kazuho Yamaura, Ph.D.; Namiji Watanabe, Ph.D.; Takashi Kakuyama, Ph.D.

Development of a Measure of Psychological Abuse in Manipulative Groups
Alvaro Rodríguez-Carballeira, Ph.D.; Carmen Almendros, Ph.D.; Javier Martin-Peña; Jordi Escartín; Clara Porrúa; José Manuel Cornejo, Ph.D.; Federico Javaloy, Ph.D.; José Antonio Carrobles, Ph.D.

Comparison of Psychological Abuse Strategies in Manipulative Groups and Couple Violence
José A. Carrobles, Ph.D.; Álvaro Rodríguez-Carballeira, Ph.D.; Carmen Almendros, Ph.D.; Clara Porrúa; Javier Martin-Peña; Jordi Escartín; Neus Roca, Ph.D.; Bienvenido Visauta, Ph.D.
Violence against Women
Belen Ordoñez, M.A.; José A. Carrobles, Ph.D.; Carmen Almendros, Ph.D.
Psychological Manipulation in Black Churches and Mosques
Ja A. Jahannes, Ph.D.

Responding to Jihadism: A Cultic Studies Perspective
Michael D. Langone, Ph.D.

Results from a Survey of Ukrainian Public Opinion Concerning Non-Traditional Religions
Olena Lishchynska, Ph.D.

Scholarly Teaching on Cults: A Panel Discussion
Linda J. Demaine, J.D., Ph.D., Coordinator; Carmen Almendros, Ph.D.;  Josep Jansa, M.D.; Edward Lottick, M.D.

Purpose of the Panel
Linda J. Demaine, J.D., Ph.D.

Cults Teaching Experience in AIS
Josep M Jansà, M.D.;  Miguel Perlado; Vega González

Teaching University Students on Cults
Carmen Almendros, Ph.D.; Alvaro Rodríguez-Carballeira, Ph.D.; Jose A Carrobles, Ph.D.

Situations Concerning Controversial Groups in Japan
Masaki Kito, Esq. Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Esq. Takashi Yamaguchi, Esq.

Society for Scientific Spirituality "SANATAN": Doctrines, Terrorist Teachings, and Psycho-Manipulative Practices
Zoran Lukovic; Slobodan Spasic; Vlaiko Panovic; Andrej Protic

Solitary Confinement – Survival and Recovery
Arthur Buchman, M.A.

Special Session for Born or Raised (Second Generation)
Michael Martella, Joyce Martella, Donna Collins

Structural Dissociation, Neuroscience, and Pseudopersonality in Cults
Gillie Jenkinson

Südwest Network: Helping People Affected by Cultic Groups
Inge Mamay; Otto Lomb; Frauke Zahradnik

Terrorist Motivations, Extreme Violence, and the Pursuit of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
Major Jaime Gomez, Jr.

The Brainwashing Concept – Is It Passé?
Janja Lalich, Ph.D., Coordinator; Stephen Kent, Ph.D.; Benjamin Zablocki, Ph.D.

The Role of RIGHT in Opposing Spiritual Abuse in High-Demand Religious Groups in South Africa
Dr Stephan Pretorius

Understanding Cultic and Totalistic Identities – Insights and Directions for the Future from Developments in Social Psychological Theory and Research
Rod Dubrow-Marshall, Ph.D.

Understanding the Self-Concept of Youthful Cult Members
Ilia Shmelev

Workshop for Mental-Health Professionals
Rosanne Henry, M.A., L.P.C.


Patron Meritorious
Deadline for Early Registration Discount....Feb. 1

Annual International Conference of International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)

Brussels, Belgium
June 29-July 1, 2007


Coping with Tiggers
Joseph Kelly; Patrick Ryan



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