BuckForris Tour 2: October 16th


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Corner of Ethel Street & New Street.
Birmingham City Centre.

Saturday 16th October.
11/11.30am - Protest Starts.
Evening - Get rat arsed.

Sunday 17th October.
Go Home.

If you'd like to join us just turn up and play.


Silver Meritorious Patron
Postgame Writeup:

carterUSP @ brumanon said:
Fun protest. Big turnout.

Shifted some leaflets, spoke to loads of loads of raw public, all supportive.
Most surreal encounter was when a non-english speaking gentleman handed me his mobile phone so I could talk to his son and explain who we were and what we were doing.

Not a single scilon to be seen.


Gomez @ WWP said:
Just got home now, knackered and a little hungover.

Raid was great albeit short and rainy. Two newfags, Green and who I have deemed Teresa (oho mother lolol). Pretty much everyone in the public I spoke to had seen the Panorama and found was asking all about Fair Game and what they've done to us. Some christfags were preaching in our spot at first until we played Little Girls and they reluctantly moved on. One of the preachers was later talking to me about his experiences with scientology, and about how once he'd entered the building and filled in a questionnaire it was very difficult for him to leave again without paying some money.

Then there was a lulzy old drunk that blubbered something like "IF UR AGAINST IT, WAT DO U BELIEEEVE! YOU'RE ALL FUCKING LIARS!!!" before moving on and hopefully dying of alochol poisoning.

Thanks to 66 for the buffet once again, was very generous (I didn't eat anything but was only notified of food after already buying a footlong subway, eugh). Pitchers, uncomfortable looking newfag (Teresa's friend), stories about strings. Lulzy stuff.

Moving onto that night club thing, and think gets hazy. I recall dancing to shit music and watching projectile vomit (not my own) and shutting the door over 9000 times by inconsiderate passers through. And then more dancing in a vampire mask. Oh yeah, and I sold my bed for two pints and almost slept on the floor but Bluebell generously gave up her top bunk seeing as though she had a three person room to herself (inb4 gomez got molested).

Another successful Buck Foris. Look at it any way you want, Brumanon is the only swan you're on.


Looks like 12 months till Buck Foris 3: Brum Leg. You guys should really come along.
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