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Buenos Aires Raid Dec 10,2010 Reporting In!


Posted by CuppyCake on WWP: http://forums.whyweprotest.net/1379462-post1/

So there was no thread about the raid today in Buenos Aires I just noticed, so I decided to fill in everyone.

There were 8 of us handing out fliers Petete made. Luckily in Argentina, the org isn't very big. I didn't notice us getting watched too closely by any org members, but we were out-numbered by police (about 10 of them on rotation). We were there for two hours and handed out hundreds of fliers.

We were very successful in getting people aware, a few people chatted and a LOT of cars/buses honked (thanks to my overzealousness) :p

I think we only got one person who yelled at us to "suck his dick" and one person flipped us off from a bus. So overall it went pretty well. -thumbs up-

Once Petete puts his video together of the raid, I will be sure to post it.