But will it be enough to bring down DM and The Church of Scientology?


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So you disagree and do feel that PR is going to do the job because of a fatal drop in membership caused by the bad PR?

I don't feel that this is going to be the case.

I do feel that their membership has declined as a result of bad PR but I don't think it's going to be fatal.

The COS will always be getting new members because of the truth contained in LRH's writings, not because of anything the church itself is doing, and by taping into new markets like Asia.

No, I feel it's going to take PR and lawsuits to do the job.

I read on the Internet that the church now has 6 billion in assets which makes me sick.

I don't see how an increase in the FreeZone membership is proof of a decline in church membership. They may not be connected.

The FreeZone may just be getting people from other zones not just from those that have left the church.

I do not believe that official Scientology will ever completely disappear.
However the numbers of adherents have declined tremendously since the 1980s.
Trying to achieve complete disappearance is a lost cause. It won't happen.

Internet communications have already succeeded in reducing SCN effectiveness in recruiting "raw meat" (i.e. Intro lecture, Comm Course, etc.)

The Church of Scientology will remain in existence (in pathetic tiny numbers compared to the "old days") for the foreseeable future.

And, if there are no future grounds for criminal prosecution resulting in time in prison, Davey will eventually just retire like Werner Erhard did.
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I agree...sorry Paul...

I also prefer the default font. Also, I think you're one of the helpingest people here on how to quote and post effectively - along with other helpful stuff. Nobody's perfect I think a grumpy moment is OK. I'd say to the recipient (i forget who now) don't take it personally :)


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Read more of what?

I recommend that you read a book called: "The Art of War".

Great book, must read.

More to the point tho in this war of attrition vs. the Cof$ ... The War of the Flea That is a book that is written from a Marxist viewpoint, going back to the late 70's or therabouts, and the author goes on and on about how US imperialism was defeated in VietNam, etc. I don't buy the ideology, but, this book, with the ideology stripped out, is still a decent "how to" on guerilla warfare. Nor are the principles outlined in this book limited to an actual hot ground combat situation. The broad principles can be appled to numerous situations including this war of attrition against the Cof$.

The book starts out by using the analogy of the flea. On any given Sunday, a German Shepard might be able to defeat a Doberman or vice versa. Or on any given Sunday, a pit bull might prevail over a Great Dane or vice versa. But what happens when any of these dogs go up against fleas? One flea, the dog scratches a bit, but goes on about his business. A few more, and he becomes more interested in scratching. A few more, scratching is all he is interested in. More fleas and the dog is totally afflicted and not interested in fighting other dogs at all. More fleas still ... the dog just wants it over to end the misery. And whether or not there was anyone in Anonymous who ever read that book, Anonymous in effect applied the principles of the War of the Flea to the Cof$ and with devistating results.

As far as the princples of WOTF apply to the legal arena ... hundreds of small claims actions could be far worse for the Cof$ than a single huge class action suit. They have the war chest to hire high priced attorneys to fend off a class action, but having to defend against hundreds of simultaneous small claims actions? Nor is the Cof$ above using that tactic as well ... they vectored numerous small actions against CAN, against Bent Corydon when his mission splintered, and used similar attacks against the IRS for that matter.


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It would appear the bad PR is greatly hurting the "church" and the lawsuits they can muffle with NDAa are not so public - or damaging.

The more lawsuits the merrier, but, keep the bad news coming in the media !

Scientology is being hurt & hurt badly...maybe not fatally hurt YET, but, keep up the good work and watch it roll over & die !