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(1) It proves the Cadet Org exists. (2) It puts faces to the victims of the conditions of the Cadet Org that are documented all over the Internet. I'm sure there are some that react as you describe, just as I'm sure there are others for whom its an indication that something is not right with their "school." I've heard from ex-Cadet Org who think the videos help. I wish there wasn't a need to be out there, but I think there is.You're free to disagree of course.


While out in the alley this morning I saw a little kid walking around with one of those box packages they have for some of LRH's books. Can you imagine having to read that crap as a child?


Features maiden use of new Strong Strength sign. Thank you very much SS! Includes footage of really young kids coming off Flag bus and teenage members of the EPF. Guess they don't have school on Fridays in Florida. And another big thank you to the Anon that emails me while I'm in the alley. Makes me feel like I'm not alone and that means a lot to me. Plus the joke about sending flowers AND chocolate to my Grandma was funny. You know who you are. Filmed between 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. on April 20, 2012.


Janet Reitman's Inside Scientology says CoS disbanded the Cadet Org. Ex-members say it never went away. One thing is for sure: there are kids running around Flag in distinctive clothing with Sea Org members. First two clips filmed in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 22, 2012, last two clips filmed Friday morning, May 25, 2012 around 9 a.m.

Here is the breakdown of a typical week from an ex-Cadet Org member (with minor editing):

We'd wake up around 6:30 AM on Mondays through Fridays. We had exactly half an hour to clean up the room and a higher rank cadet, security guard or Atalia herself would check the rooms up before we could go to breakfast.

We had breakfast for a half an hour until 7:30 when we had to clean up. We'd get assigned places to clean. Some would get kitchen, dinning room, bathrooms, yard, pool cleaning, laundry cleaning, getting the courserooms ready, etc., then we had school from 8 AM till 11 AM. When we had break, we'd go up to the kitchen and snack something for free or otherwise had the canteen where we could buy a snack (all sugarless though, we could only have sugar from Friday night to Saturday night).

11:15 back to school until 13:00 for lunch, which was a half an hour as well, then we had clean up till 14:00, where we'd go into the cadet room (sort of like a empty carpeted enclosed place where we'd do drilling such as naval marching techniques and briefing, kind of like the training you see in army movies). At 14:30 the bus would come and pick us up to go to the base (that's what we called the area of the FH, CB, Coachman, etc...) and do office work such as stuffing envelopes, organizing pay checks, working at the place where they print the policies (it's called mimmio and it's placed right up the street from the CB like a block and a half or so), etc.

In earlier days we were only allowed to go to the base on rare occasions. That's why you read stories where cadets didn't see their parents for weeks and even months. We'd get assigned worksheets for jobs at the QI [previous location of Cadet Org; no longer owned by CoS] like painting, cleaning warehouses, cleaning dorms, trimming plants, stuff like that, all gardening and maintainance work. The going to base part started around 2003.

We'd have dinner at 5PM with our parents at the base (this is as i said, applied since 2003, otherwise we'd have dinner at 7PM at the QI). We had school at night again from 7:30 to 9:00 PM. This was different school work because at night we only did Scientology studies, courses from delphi, true school, LRH courses, etc. Also SO courses like etiquete, grooming, cleaning, etc.

We'd then have half an our to get ready for bed and lights off at ten o'clock.

On Saturdays we had a similar arrangement as the normal SO staff, we'd have a day off every 2 weeks if we had our stats up, hopefully it was the same day as our parents libs day so we could spend the day with them (it almost never happened though). The kids that didn't have the day off would stay at the QI, have assignments through out the day and on the afternoons they'd have to white-glove their rooms (meaning we had to clean from top to bottom and leave it so clean a white glove would be passed around and not get a single stain). Saturday night was movie night for the cadets that weren't grounded for their stat-down, it was also hamburger and hot dog day, sugar day and video game day, it was sort of like a day a week of being almost a normal kid...

Sundays were no different from Saturdays except for the white glove part.

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re; the third video.
do you think they are doing the old portland trick?
walking around the block to make it look like there are more staff flooding in than for real?