Call for Answers from Scientologists 2/28/07


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Roundtable: Call for Answers from Scientologists | GNIF Brain Blogger

Roundtable: Call for Answers from Scientologists

28th Feb 2007

by Shaheen Lakhan

Our last roundtable incited much commentary on the anti-psychiatry movement, especially from Scientology perspectives. I find that the movement is gaining popularity (at least, online) from circles even beyond followers of the Church. The topic should be intensively discussed to understand all sides of the issue and the GNIF Brain Blogger will harbor an open forum.

First, as neither a member nor scholar of this religion/organization, I turn to you for information by addressing a few questions:

What is the Church's stance on modern medicine, psychiatry, and biomedical research?

To what do you attribute physical and mental ailments?

What drugs, medications, and other medical treatments are prohibited and why?

How should followers manage mental health issues?

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