Call-Out! Ontario Anons! Get the Cow Float for your Parade!


Okay, I think this is a good idea, so I thought I'd suggest it. It does require the will and a sense of humor to make it work. Consider this: A parade float, which is a orange and white cow, that you can control mooing sounds, ejecting liquid from its udder, a strobe light on its head that can been seen for miles, as well as some up-lighting and a bubble machine hidden in the back. If that seems like fun, then it's up to you to make the tie-in. Scientology wants to milk you for money? I'll stop there, and make way for the brilliant ideas.

This glory is up for sale, and I see it has Ontario plates. Maybe the owner could be contacted to work out a day-rental deal.


Cow demo:


Cow info:

Cow on ebay w/ebaycontact info.: