Calling Doctor Zinj


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GT - This was really one of your BTs showing their life to you.
You should get thee to auditing right away to get rid of that dangerous spirit.


At the moment you realize you are dreaming, decide to take charge - make it a lucid dream. I used this to end undesirable dreams as a child.

It has only gotten better in time. I fly a lot, which I started doing at around age 7. I travel without flying. Do what ever you want! It helps to think about what you'll do in your dream when you're awake, and then you will remember your chosen course of action during the dream. Or, make it up as you go; it all works.

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The problem is I don't know how to revisit the past, to get back into control!!!!! Maybe you need to walk into the regges office at your local org and yell NO and them walk out.

Hey - we could make it a movement. Exes everywhere walk could into a regges office and yell NO and then walk out.

:giggle: I like this! :clap: :p


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dreaming of past addictions

When I quit smoking, I dreamed of smoking for years. I'd wake up just horrified, that I had started again, that I'd would never be able to quit again. Quitting was one of the hardest things I ever did. I couldn't see me doing it again - quitting, suffering/struggling like that - again.

Then I'd realize, it is just a dream. Whew.

These dreams fascinated me. I'd party and smoke, all night long, and just live a life I had given up (along with caffeine, meat, dairy, sodas, junk food, white flour/sugar and other addictive/mind altering substances, lol). In those dreams, I even drove a (beloved) car that I no longer owned.

It took a long time for the residuals to leave me body/mind . . .

I think scn is an addiction, a mind altering substance. You have been in rehab. But there are memories of good times (even if it was ultimately very bad for you).

Look at the current nightmares as the last vestiges of leaving. The last bits of the addiction are making their exit from your life - making one last desperate attempt to pull you back in.

Like any addict, you are afraid of that.

For YEARS I thought the smell of cigarette smoke smelled GOOD. Others couldn't believe it, lol. The day it smelled horrible to me, was an event in my life. Now the smell disgusts me, and I really do not recall the good times/memories anymore. My entire life is different, and I have lived it long enough, to not even be able to contemplate - or fear - going back.

Some people decades after quitting smoking, go back because of stressful life changing events in their lives.

I am not there - in THAT place - because I changed my entire life, the WAY I LIVE IT. Under stress I have never thought of smoking, not ever. I might eat, lol, especially a healthy piece of organic, dark chocolate (and yes, the kind with white sugar is the best), but smoking has never even occurred to me.

But I dreamed of it for years, and years and years, and sniffed the smoke for years and years. :whistling: When it finally made me gag, I knew I was clean - for good. The dreams stopped.

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Something that comes to mind when I read about people having these dreams...

Remember at the end of Deliverance, when the hand was comign up out of the water and then suddenly you see Jon Voight wake up and in awful shape.

Well forget about Jon Voight.

Think about what Ned Beatty must have been dreaming. His had to be 100 X worse. I mean he got f***** literally.

You people who are dreaming the bad dreams are dreaming the bad dreams that Ned Beatty would be dreaming if they showed his dreams at the end of Deliverance.