Camilla Andersson goes public after 29 years in Scientology’s inner elite


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Tony Ortega: Camilla Andersson goes public after 29 years in Scientology’s inner elite

Camilla Andersson spent 29 years in Scientology’s hardcore “Sea Organization” — many of those years at the secretive “Int Base” east of Los Angeles — and walked away to freedom only two years ago. Now, she’s talking publicly for the first time about what she saw inside Scientology’s most elite facilities, spending years in the church’s prison detail, and working closely with Scientology leader David Miscavige.

And she tells us, he’s not going to be very happy about it.

“He’s going to be boiling. I’ve always been the quiet one. But you can only beat me up for so long. That’s why I’m fuming,” she told us by telephone from her home in Seattle.

Recently, Andersson was in Southern California, and she filmed a series of videos with Karen de la Carriere. Here’s part one…


And how did Camilla manage to get out of the Sea Org in 2012?

“I had been wanting to leave for a while. I had no money. Both of my parents are deceased. Where was I going to go? I didn’t even grow up in America,” she says.

“I wanted to get away from Scientology. But every time I would say that I wanted to leave and was routing out, I’d be convinced otherwise.”

She knew she couldn’t talk her way out. She would literally have to escape.

At the time, she was attending chef classes in Culver City. So, for a month she made plans, being very careful not to get into any trouble, which might jeopardize her ability to attend the weekly class. On the day she chose, she gathered up her green card and passport and what little money she had, and then made her way from the Big Blue complex to the Culver City classroom with the help of a friend.

“A guy in my division drove me there,” she says. She attended the class, which involved making eight different salads. Then, instead of staying after class to talk with the other students, she left, walking across the street. Then she kept walking. She didn’t even have a direction in mind.

“My theory was, if I don’t know where I’m going, they can’t follow. I know how security thinks.”

Eventually, she made her way to her sister’s house near the Los Angeles airport. Then, the next day, she got on a Greyhound bus for Idaho Falls.

Why Idaho Falls?

“I randomly picked it. There was no logic. Except that it was a cheap place to live. And there’s no Scientology in Idaho. I knew I could go under the radar quickly and disappear.”

Now she lives in Seattle, and she’s reconnecting with her old friends who have also left Scientology.

“They didn’t chase after me. Everything has gone fine.”

Free to shine

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There's some really good stuff about Annie Tidman/Broeker and Shelly Miscavige in the article from someone who was right there. Terrific stuff!

Welcoming Camilla out and having the courage to speak! :clap:

TheHoleDoesNotExist • 15 hours ago

Thank you, Camille, for speaking up. Many of us here know how intensely difficult that can be. Never experienced Int Base myself. I escaped right before those Big Blue buses were whisking off the RPFr's like me to that hole. But I shared the experience of the PAC galley. Hope the rancid grease and rats were gone by the time you were posted there. Typical psychopath behavior: He uses up his best and brightest and then throws them into demeaning positions where none of their talents can benefit anyone else. It never ceases to amaze me how compartmented we all were, how the most vital information was parsed out and dripped down tiny odd channels. It's in the Top 10 Reasons many of us comb through the forums, hunting for drips and bits of pieces to put the puzzle of our own story together, and then sit back shocked when we see the whole picture.

I cannot even imagine what it is like to grow up in this hot mess, to actually have been one of DM's personal slaves up close and entrenched in his madness. Your fortitude and inner strength must be phenomenal.

And please, Bunkeroos, today be kind, no bashing, no screaming how she did it all wrong, berating or belittling. Not today. Unless you have experienced POW type of torture and abuse, you simply can't understand what happens to your mental capacity. This is one strong and courageous woman. Hope you can experience all the joy and love you have missed for too long.

I've been claiming scientology was over several years ago.
Now I'm saying The Miscavige Era is over. No where left to go but down, Davey boy.
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stubborn rebel sheep!
I can't understand she had gone through all those years of abuse and remained that sane
It's way beyond my understanding as I could never go through all this :duh:

And, while she may remains quiet, under the radar, at peace, she decides to speak out.

What a being she is!
Amazingly courageous and dedicated being.

Camilla, best wishes for you to live the happy live you always deserved.
You are such a soul - may life be generous to you!

Thank you for all the informations about the int base, rpf, Annie Broeker, DM.
Thank you again to Karen's team for this serie of video.

* Some people at Tony's blog are really angry -real angry :unsure:

How many years of SO escape and horror stories till authorities
will take action???? :confused2: I mean in USA they know what's going on :duh:

One comment of Marc Headly let me with ????????? (the part I underligned) :nervous:
It worth to be left here

'' Marc Headley • 13 hours ago

Hey Camilla!

Congrats on getting out of there and speaking up. There are a ton of folks out here. I know you have spoken to a bunch already. If you are looking for someone in particular, let me know and I can help you reconnect. I can pretty much tell you who's out as well as who are cool and those who are double agents.

Obviously, if you need anything else, let Claire or I know.

Good luck!

P.S. If you end up coming out to Colorado I can make you an awesome celery soup!

Anyway, it's conforting to know she has EX-So friends there reuniting with her.