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Canberra Org shrinking not expanding - yet another move

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by Carmel, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Stably Exterior would be able to confirm this but the vast majority of those named would only be staff on a part-time basis and they represent most if not all of the Canberra "field."

    I'd love to know if they are all "contracted staff" or just "volunteers."

    There's two married couples in the list that I know of - I doubt they'd be both full-time staff given how well staff pays :D
  2. Sir Facer

    Sir Facer Patron with Honors

    Canberra staff ex-squirrel group members

    Thanks for posting these Websites Supafreak.

    what I don't understand is, on the Canberra Org Website it says that Renate, Rowan & Harry are on staff yet they are all ex-members of KENJA the squirrel group. I remember they were not even allowed to get their OT levels, let alone be on staff as its off policy for ex-squirrel members to be on staff. Wow the Church is getting desparate:omg: .

    Maybey they are classified as volunteers only, however the Website makes one presume they would be contracted staff.

    If only those three ex squirrels new the natter that went on in the staff hallways about how "difficult" it was to train & audit them and get them to apply exact Scientology tech.

    I used to hear tech terminals (Including their Auditor) complain to me as "tough cases" all because they were in "KENJA" prior and KENJA apparently really screwed up their cases, and now they are on staff:omg: However there were never any complaints when they handed over the bucks, just the Idea passed through the group that these three will need to pay a lot more money to the ORG to go free cause of the Kenj scenario.

    I wonder how long it will be before they crack & see what really happens to you as a staff member in Canberra Org.

    I also noticed Richards name was on the staff list & if its the Richard I am thinking he is an Ex Sea Org member and is down on the staff list too - Is'nt that off policy as he left the SO and is now considered a degraded being yet is delivering service to Canberra public...Mmmmmh:bs:

    Oh well all I can say to that Org is :goodluck:
  3. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Interesting eh, Sir Facer.

    Richard is the tall lanky one who tried to get me to move to Canberra to "help out" after the mass exodus occurred.

    There's also Maggie and her husband (who live across the border in Queenbeyan) who would only turn up to help.

    Basically I think these "staff" are just doing what they were doing a year ago as volunteers - helping out.

    So I guess Rosalie answers the phone then decides which "staff" need to be called in to handle the "New Public" who've expressed interest :D

    Maybe this is the "new, lean, mean org" of the future - forget contracts, just have staff "on call" 24/7 and you don't have to pay them anything.

    Another stroke of pure genius from Lil Nap?:p
  4. supafreak

    supafreak Patron Meritorious

    Canberra "org" pics

    These photos are well overdue, and I apologise for taking so long to take some photos. I was in town today and spied on the place, as usual.


    Walking up to the door.


    Looks welcoming...not!


    Knock me over with a feather! They have a sign! That's new! Only took 'em all year to get a new one! :lol: Also, see how they're strategically located next to the loan shark office? How apt! :roflmao:

    Also...I hung around for a while before taking photos, in case any Scilons were hanging around outside. Didn't want to draw attention to myself. While I was waiting, an older guy with a round face, full head of short black hair, pot belly, unkempt clothes, grumpy facial expression, around 170cm tall, holding a cup of coffee, walked into the org. Does anyone recognise him by that description? I didn't get a photo of him.

    Edit: Oh shit! These are really big! Sorry. :melodramatic:
  5. clamicide

    clamicide Gold Meritorious Patron

    :omg: Just the thought of going to an IAS event at an org that has a quick-cash lending place only steps away.....
  6. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

    Oh, no worries at all, thanks for posting Supa! :thumbsup:

    Yep, that's a hoot - And I've never seen such a crappy looking sign for a CofS. They would normally go whole hog or not at all. I can't imagine DM approving that one.

    Fits the description of quite a few Aussie blokes (not to mention one on this board :coolwink: ), but prolly only fits one scio in Canberra, 'cause there are literally only a few there. Nick B (the ED/CO is taller than that, so it wouldn't have been him.

    Big is good! :D

    Hey, I'd heard all about this, but not seen any pics. I had reliable sources, and I did believe it, but seeing it makes it really hit home - Thanks! :)
  7. Axiom142

    Axiom142 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for the photos supafreak, and, as Carmel says – big is good. :)

    Very amusing that they are located next to a ‘Payday Advances’ – they probably thought this would help them extort more money from their ‘customers’ if there was a place they could get a quick loan nearby. And, talk about a crummy location. Contrast this with all the glitz and glamour of the ‘ideal orgs’ presentations by DM at major CoS events. I think the situation at Canberra org is far more representative of the real state of Scientology.

  8. Supra

    Supra Patron


    Isn't it just all amazing. I just read this thread and once again am stunned.
    I'll see if i can get some extra dope from me declared mate Deano.
  9. supafreak

    supafreak Patron Meritorious

    I wanted to make sure I got the loan office sign into the shot. My first thought was, "that's probably where the org has to borrow its weekly rent ($250)." But I bet they wouldn't hesitate to march members in there and milk them dry.

    The place is in a crappy area, right in the bus interchange. The Scilons will have to contend with the bums who ask you for "bus money."

    Yay, info! Will you share it? :prettyplease:
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2009
  10. Illegal Alien

    Illegal Alien Patron with Honors

    Well well.

    Still open and still delivering services by I am sure untrained staff, how else would they survive with only 2 members. Good old "Standard Tech" has gone up in:bong:
    The Cont Execs must be thinking ":nervous: :hide: we can not close an Org imagine that DM:nazi: would have our heads, so lets just blame it on the field on SP's, Anon and everybody else... heads on pikes that will save us, so lets write reports,reports and reports."

    Poor Buggers.
  11. Outethicsofficer

    Outethicsofficer Silver Meritorious Patron

    Poor Buggers

    My writing this about ACT is almost too cruel, almost.:D

    Before I do I have to add a disclaimer.:omg: The outethicsofficer corporation is not responsible for any similarity the following may or may not have to that quality known as "Standard :dieslaughing: Technology:dieslaughing: , the names mentioned in this post are entirely fictional, any similarity to persons real or imagined is entirely coincidental, I am not responsible for your too vivid imagination or your overly active mind. A mind too fertile in its views now that it is no longer held in check by the one workable technology this planet has ever had; L. Ronology.

    We all know these things could not possibly happen because Ron has written policy forbidding such. Refer HCO Policy :whistling: Letter Keheheheping Scientology Working Series 1.

    So let's set the stage.

    Once upon a Christmas time in lala land better known as The Church of Scientology ACT a very sorry bunch of L.RonHubbardists were found to be bumping into walls and each other in ever decreasing circles. Disillusioned and underappreciated, they took their bats and balls and left,:notworking:

    Much was said about them :angry: but eventually we figured out they weren't coming back:bwahaha: These guys were the technical team and the ED and they escaped, they left us they didn't take us with them, bastards! Of course the:shithitfan:

    We were all going to :surrender: but then a delegation came down from Sydney CLO :bowdown: to save the day? To restore faith? Give leadership?:help2?: :shrug: Who knows I am sure they really wanted to help! Yes really they did or at least that was the message, in the meantime there was one other thing we should do... "flourish and prosper".:duh: Why didn't I think of that.

    For those of you who don't know, ACT Org is a way stop for those SO members who have gotten themselves out of favour with the powers to be at CLO, there is death and then there is being posted to ACT, some choose's faster!
    So we waited, the few remaining staff waited and then we heard we would be getting a real top notch terminal and the lucky guy was being prepared for his mission.

    Enter :thewinner: The Rev Nick Broadhurst Ex President of the Church in Australia, Ex OSA which is to say Ex The Apparatus, :clap: :clap: here's a guy going places just where he's going nobody knows :confused2: but he is sure going. He arrives there is no mission second, no tech delivery team and no hope of getting one. If this wasn't bad enough he inherited a field of misfits myself included,:ohmy: How lucky can the guy get? Look!
    Where else can you find 3 ex Kenja adherents closely involved in running a Scientology Org, one is or at least was the Purif CS, another is now the Tech Sec and the other is the HES. It makes perfect sense, of course it does, go on admit it, well we now run Orgs any old way except the way Ron said. :yes: :squirrel: Isn't it true you eventually get what one resists?

    A couple of the field staff misfits (FSMs), Greg Dunsmore and myself got the sauna box sorted, it had been neglected and needed more insulation, I wish I could post a photo of it, it's special, "Stabily Exterior" can vouch for how special it is. It is tacked onto the back of a house in Henty, Street Braddon. This particular house used to house part of the org a few years back, some of the better times were had there, we used to have great BBQ's and great laughs, there was a team spirit. The house is actually quite run down now and not really a good environment for a purif facility.
    When we got it up to the point it could be used purifs actually got completed last year, even if they had to shower in the backyard under a cold tap rigged up as a shower, now that is special.:hattip:

    There were a few who were incompete on the purif, they were gotten in and put back on the purif, Nick struck a deal whereby he'd let them finish the purif but because they effectively blew the service and the package, purif TRs and objectives, they'd loose the package rate, he would charge the person the balance, this way the org would get some income for delivery. This seemed to work and as I said a few did the purif.

    What about other delivery, well I can audit I was on my level one and Glen Stewart is done on his level four but not through his internship, this doesn't matter:no: :no: not in the slightest, and there are paying public, so we'd audit, Service PL applies we will just deliver to them. If the pc had already paid for auditing but hadn't had delivery Nick would say "well we will audit you but the org needs income so we will deliver one of your underlivered intensives and as that gets near finishing you pay for another, we will deliver an extra say half an int free" or something like that, it somehow worked. Now this was only meant to be short term...:yes: But no:no:

    There were some challenging moments I can assure you. Now if you think this was not known about by senior terminals think again, part way through last year I went to Sydney for an event, so I grabbed a hold of any ear that made the mistake of listening to me, "Wayne (Peachey) do you know what I am doing in ACT?" "no" "I am auditing paying public" "you are:nervous: " "yep" "Well any auditing is better than none:omg: " "Listen James I've got to go!" Alistair Bennett, Matt Reeve and Christine Harris to name a few and do you know what happened?....Nothing a big fat nothing, no cram, no ethics, no order to stop this, nothing. So no standard tech there:no:

    So the auditing continued, Glen had written to ED Int about what we were doing, an unsigned letter came back pointing out the references we were violating and telling us to stop, Nick order queried this and the auditing continued:banghead: . However I had decided I was not going to continue auditing and went and told Nick. He got annoyed...go figure!!:grouch:

    So now to this day this is the way it is done in ACT, Glen is still not done on his internship and no real likelihood of doing it in ACT for you won't find a qual...wait wash my mouth out:duh: Nick is the examiner!:whistling: To be fair though I haven't been into the org for a while so I may not have the exact current scene, but this is valid data as of about 5 weeks ago.

    Oh by the by, Richard Wright is FESing the folders, I think they get CS'd in Sydney I know Julie Crowhurst was doing them a while back, don't know for sure who does it in PT.
    Maybe they send them to Kenja:screwy:

    Recently I heard Nick was saying "what org in Australia do you know of that has their rent paid 6 months in advance:eyeroll: Well ACT does, but hey ! At $250 a week rent it's not saying much, there I go again, critical, critical, critcal and very naughty. :naughty:
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
  12. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for the write-up James - Richard Wright was trying to get me to go there and be qual, as was Nick Broadhurst and Maggie Rowlands.:omg:

    Sure glad I didn't like the smell of that proposal and stayed where I was, despite the persistence of the above.:yes:

    I think this is the way of the org of the future as Scientology sinks slowly into the west.:whistling:
  13. Outethicsofficer

    Outethicsofficer Silver Meritorious Patron

    Shit Scooter, if only I'd known you were on the target list, I do recall some discussion about a prospect from Syd, it must've been you, so you should've come down imagine the fun and Nicks face if we'd walked out. I am a little concerned about the west as there will be a lot of sinking happening in that locale.

  14. Happy Days

    Happy Days Silver Meritorious Patron

    Canberra Org Standard Tech

    Good post Jimmy me Darling

    Me thinks Nick's org board and SO career went into a tail spin... :coolwink: he must have pulled up just in time before he crashed out.... :D

    It's a bit frightening however when the ED on Garrison starts promoting the org's doing really well by how many weeks the rent is paid up to and not by promoting standard products... sad really :bigcry:

    Love and best wishes
    Happy Days :dance3:
  15. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Great write-up!

    I have a comment about insufficiently-trained auditors delivering professional auditing to paying public. I understand about "Service PL" and "making it go right" and "any auditing is better than no auditing" and how the auditor is likely to feel he is ripping off the public too. Maybe the auditing went well, and maybe it didn't. But my point is purely about the non-Scn legality of it.

    A public person pays money for professional auditing from the org. This is understood to mean an auditor trained up to the required level and certified by an appropriate authority, whether an intern (not student) doing an internship or a fully qualified graduate, on staff or not. Of course there are good auditors and not-so-good auditors, but I'm not talking about the quality of auditing.

    The point is that someone paid for a certain kind of service and got fobbed off with something far less. Isn't this illegal in Australia? In the US it would violate the IRS agreement with regard to RTC responsibilities and trademark usage and so on.

  16. Miss Withhold

    Miss Withhold Patron

    Well hang on there for a minute Lizzie, it looks like your getting a little ahead of yourself.
    As you know I am one of Rev. Dick Butthurts biggest fans- for reasons I will one day be bothered to post- and in his defence I have found that by searching very hard on the internet I was able to come up with EVIDENCE that he is "is one of the worlds good guys":roflmao: :hysterical: :dieslaughing:

    Please dont judge what you might consider his failings until you have checked this out

    Big Dick had informed my source that he was "handling" the internet. Obviously he is a man of his word. Here he has 5 rave reviews in only 2 short months.
    Ummm actually that does seem a little odd as there aren't even that many public left in ACT anymore:eyeroll:
  17. TA Jacker

    TA Jacker Patron


    Ya silly bugger, we tried our darndest to take you and Lizzie with us! But ya had ta go and draw a bloody line in the sand didn't ya? We'd set our best man onta ya at Nettie's party, who had no back off in telling ya exactly what was what and who was who, get ya girls out of the Sea Org and all that. And despite it striking a chord with both of you, what did you go and do? Stick ya head back in the sand on YOUR side of the line. So don't pretend there weren't attempts and that we didn't love you. Think of it this way, you were like a chick in an egg. When you were good and ready, you cracked your own shell. Do you recall one night, we were out to dinner in Dickson at O'Rileys? You, me, Nettie and Lizzie, and we got talking about the problems with the Borg and management and so forth and I said to you, "In life, right now, do you feel trapped?". You replied, "No!". So I asked, "Well then why the hell are we trying so hard to go free? Free from what?". You kind of looked at me in confused agreement. I was already, in my mind, out. But still remained on post, trying to find the right time to blow or confront blowing even, as I was still under the impression that if I blew I'd just go down the dwindling spiral and my dynamics would shrink and I'd cave in and end up a drug-fucked hippie again... Oh shit, I am! Actually, my life is better now than it's ever been, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Financially, Sexually, Artistically, Philosophically, heaven forbid, Spiritually!

    It was the funniest shit in those last days on staff. I had Brian Johnson, OSA IDAO ANZO, asking me all sorts of stupid questions about Nettie and Max. The ED and I would go on long walks and bitch to each other about the org and management, I had set a datulator on my phone to the day my contract ended, and I was seriously counting down the days (didn't quite hit 150 days to go before I couldn't take it any more). We tried to keep our natter away from the other staff and public, but sometimes it kinda showed. We'd make wise cracks at staff meeting that only the two of us got and just piss our selves laughing, while the rest of the staff looked on in confusion, not knowing that we hated the place with a passion. Nathan, the Tech Sec (who blew at the same time myself and the ED did), and I would laugh our arses off every time the Student Points were up, because that meant we wouldn't get harassed by the ED, in one of her more on purpose moments, for being down stat and there'd be pats on the back and everything was cheery... Fucking Student Points, give me a break, our life hung on the balance of up or down trending STUDENT bloody POINTS - an arbitrary assignment of points to students clearing words, doing demos and drills and reading pages, WTF :winner: :hysterical: I found it hysterical. Then there was the IAS event just before I blew... As a lead up, I'd been studying some NLP book while supping (usually one student - the Tech Sec) and was taken by a bunch of Derren Brown videos I'd watched on youtube, so I thought I might try a few of these things out on the public at the event come Whiteboard Time. It worked! Even the most hardened pocket clenchers started putting up there hands in response to, "Who's next for the IAS?" Kids were donating thousands and the usual suspects, like yourself (though I know you were thinking that you were helping out at the time - as well as forwarding some third world education scheme to get LRH Tech into the Congo) coughed up big. It felt so wrong yet so right. I told the ED afterwards and she pissed herself.

    As an aside, during this time, among other things, the biggest boot that kicked me out of the org was when the Basics were being implemented. Everyone, Sea Org Execs particularly, went nuts. Their Stable Data were all shook up. Ron fucked up and never noticed that all of his books were ass about... or Miscaviage just pulled off yet another squirrel swindle. Books were being burnt, missions were firing in and no one really knew what policy to apply any more as this was an historical event with no precedence, and maybe they were incorrectly transcribed as well... So let's all just do what COB says, period. He seems to be the only one around that know whats going on. So all SO members strapped their orders from "god" to there breasts and enforced them as doggedly as ever... All students are to be removed from their current checksheet and put onto the new Basics Courses line up - if they agree, and they better (nice little policy detour!) - or have the new books AND Extension Courses added to their checksheets. I wrote a long telex to Snr C/S Exec Off concerning the blatent violation of Course Sup/Student Policy, giving all of the LRH refs. What I got back was short... "You haven't duplicated Command Intention and need to go to CLO immediately to get it cleared up" - meaning ethics! So I went to Sydney and saw the Snr I & R and Snr HAS and they got the message through, or so they thought. After that I went back to ACT org and ripped everyone off there courses and added shit to their checksheets and got almost all of the public onto the Basics Courses, and viola, I was the golden child again, ethics left me alone and my last vestige of hope for a free mind within Scientology was snuffed out like a candle. Also at that time, as some of you may or may not know, the HCO book account was no longer controlled by the org but by Bridge directly, Dave had issued new policy cancelling Ron's. Also the centralization of CF occurred, again Miscarriage had issued his own policy conflicting with yet superseding Ron's.

    Besides the feeling of utter uselessness in my attempt to save mankind after 12 years on staff, only to see the org small then than when I'd began and the fact that I'd neglected my family the whole time and was in financial ruin, the above was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    So after Nettie's party and you drawing patterns in the sand that caused my beautiful wife to have to disconnect from you and your lovely wife, or our other dear friend, Maxy, it created the biggest upset in her that I'd seen in all the time we were in Scientology - well besides her butchered Comm Ev that almost broke her mentally (the handy work of one local OT7, no names). It was then that I had to make a decision, was it the org and Scientology :banghead: or my wife and kids? :biglove: Well in the end I realized there was no choice, just a matter of timing. So I organized 2 weeks off over Xmas and had Dean and Anne come down and stay with us, Anna was having her own troubles trying to route of staff. We all decided one night, "Let's just not go back into the org, we actually don't have to", most likely after a few to many wines. A few days later I told the ED and Tech Sec, they both came to the same conclusion (and were also currently on holidays). So none of us went back. Instead I waltzed into the org and handed in my resignation, New Year's Eve it was. See thread: Anna had just put her's in, a few days after mine came Nathan's, then the ED's. It was like we were dropping nukes on the Org, it felt amazing. We were free! Then somehow I was blackmailed into doing my LSSC by CO OSA and the Snr I & R ANZO, but in my own house on my terms, with Ada Johnson, OSA auditor. That was a hoot, being sec checked on a moral code that I was no longer bound to. we got through the whole sec check, end ruds and 18 questions in 5 hours. Stupidly I agreed to do it so I wouldn't be declared, as my sister-in-law (Justice League) was still a Scio and they used it against us. Now she's out, I would have preferred the declare. Well I guess I'll race ya now Jimbo!

    Witness Kevin Chapman! I swear I can't believe he didn't die, the poor bastard. Well actually, he did deserved it, all of it. He pulled it in.

    :hysterical: Well shit, you certainly got just that, "One of the world's good guys!"

    :roflmao: Pissed myself again!

    I went up there when I was in Canberra over the Easter Holidays to see Dick Bumhurts and try get Stably Exterior's OEC and TECH Vols back off the org which were being used as the only set in the academy. Dick was boasting as to the amount of delivery in terms of completed bridge steps they'd produced since his arrival. More than the entire history of the org combined! :bwahaha: Yeah Nick Broadhurst Style maybe. :innocent2:

    I kinda feel sorry for those few public left. Well at least Glen is ON his internship, and I did train him well. I was trying to get him done before I took off, then changed my mind and thought, "If I gotta travel to the AO and back each week for months and the finally to ASHO to complete my Class IV internship, you can figure out how the fuck to get through it yourself!

    He kept spouting that shite to me too on the two times I've met with him. He actually believes he's some kind of Scientology god. Last time I was up in the Org he got so rattled he later called to apologize and explain himself. :keelover:

    Anyways, great post Jimmy. Thought I'd fill in a few gaps from my side of the sandy line.
  18. Outethicsofficer

    Outethicsofficer Silver Meritorious Patron

    Great reply

    Ya silly bugger, we tried our darndest to take you and Lizzie with us! But ya had ta go and draw a bloody line in the sand didn't ya? We'd set our best man onta ya at Nettie's party, who had no back off in telling ya exactly what was what and who was who, get ya girls out of the Sea Org and all that. And despite it striking a chord with both of you, what did you go and do? Stick ya head back in the sand on YOUR side of the line. So don't pretend there weren't attempts and that we didn't love you. Think of it this way, you were like a chick in an egg. When you were good and ready, you cracked your own shell. Do you recall one night, we were out to dinner in Dickson at O'Rileys? You, me, Nettie and Lizzie, and we got talking about the problems with the Borg and management and so forth and I said to you, "In life, right now, do you feel trapped?". You replied, "No!". So I asked, "Well then why the hell are we trying so hard to go free? Free from what?". You kind of looked at me in confused agreement. I was already, in my mind, out. But still remained on post, trying to find the right time to blow or confront blowing even, as I was still under the impression that if I blew I'd just go down the dwindling spiral and my dynamics would shrink and I'd cave in and end up a drug-fucked hippie again... Oh shit, I am! Actually, my life is better now than it's ever been, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Financially, Sexually, Artistically, Philosophically, heaven forbid, Spiritually! From TA Jacker

    My Reply
    I Can't figure out how you do those little quote box thingy's ( smart arse) :D

    Yep you is certainly right I was a "silly bugger". You did do your level best to get me to wake up but as you well know I exist on little or no sleep and when I do get into a slumper not even the best Sup in the world could get me to awaken. I do appreciate what you did, I know I haven't told you but your efforts were not in vain. Witness the fact I now post on the board.

    I want to also say your determination in getting us trained was and is appreciated all your efforts and your sacrifices, the terrible time you and your family went through. You and Nettie had many a good year stolen from you. What you guys did for this org and the people around it has not been fully acknowledged and it may never be. So anything I say here or in person to both of you will I feel always fall short on acknowledgement. There is no giving you back those years. I am very happy you got out. I am happy you and your actions got to me, you had an influence, of course OSA terminals will finally have to give you that declare now, it is obvious you and Nettie were the influencing factors, you SPs :yes:

    When I read the posts on this board I really get they are not telling the full story, I surmise they don't fully describe the depth of despair each and everyone of us have felt at one point or another due to our association with the church. My heart goes out to us all really, and to many in particular, my own journey by comparison to the many I have read pales into insignificance, that's not to make less of my own story but is to state how terrible it has been for many.

    Your post fills in a lot of gaps for me, you see we as public really had no idea.:omg: :omg: Thank you:yes:

    So mate, I need to go and get some sleep now as I just did 22 hours straight, before I do though, I'd like to let everyone know including those at OSA.

    "TA Jacker really gave a shit about his students and in particular my wife, he was the only one in the org who cared enough to see her through many difficult times particularly after she got a severe "R factor" from the church, which almost killed her, TA Jacker you really helped. Thank you and thank you to Nettie for being such a good friend to my wife.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: "

    Love to you both jamesanderson ( you know what I mean by "jamesanderson")

    PS. Just an observation I actually think Nick must be going up the spiral, getting out of OSA/APPARATUS has got to be up:blush:
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2009
  19. Feral

    Feral Rogue male

    Great stuff you blokes.

    This is how the Aussies opperate in the face of suppression, makes me proud to be an Aussie.

    And don't give me that "I'm a Kiwi", bullshit James! :)
  20. Happy Days

    Happy Days Silver Meritorious Patron

    I agree with Feral. These are great posts and I too am proud to be an Aussie... and so is James our honourary Oz:clap:

    I'm sure we have all experienced some very dark days and moments of OMG WTF... :omg: what am I doing here...

    This whole journey has been a spiritual nightmare and the only reason I remained tied in for so long was I had given two beautiful daughters to the SO at very young ages. :duh: I regret the day that I did this:grouch: .... and also my lovely husband was contributing so the local field... :owned:

    The potential loss of comm lines to our daughters was a far greater pull than listening to Max and others on the f**ked management and tech of the Church. I was not prepared for that sacrifice even though I had experienced the out tech and had a lot of disagreements with Miscavige and the management of the Church. So talk about been caught between a rock and a hard place. :confused2:

    I still have a daughter in the SO and this is really challenging, but I could no longer sit back and support that so called ethical group and continue to violate my integrity... :no:

    It's also true that without the love, understanding and support of some very dear people, my husband, TA Jacker and my fringe dwelling friends and you know who you are including Miss Withhold, Jani and family ..... I would have been wheels up. :keelover:

    The orgs are nothing but candy coated slave camps... taking the very good of people and turfing out what's left of them :angry: This is just not OK .....

    I had decided a while ago that the Church was not my group... I have found my true group and I thank you all.

    Happy Days