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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Catholic Online) – Catholic Online received a letter this past week from Mike Klagenberg, Public Affairs, Church of Scientology, Sacramento. Mr. Klagenberg was writing with regard to the piece I authored on forced abortions within Scientology.

I do want to acknowledge the writer’s civility and courtesy, even though we disagree on the matter at hand.

He indicated that the story on forced abortions was based on fabricated lies brought forth by “a very few disgruntled members” who are using us (Catholic Online).

I have filed eight stories on Scientology since June, 2009. As we researched for these articles, the witnesses we found included former members, investigators, affidavits from litigation, etc. The amount of information available regarding false declarations, questionable practices, and suspicious relationships is enormous; its impact is global.
Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Québec defended the right of the group to oppose Scientology last February. He received a letter from “Anonymous Quebec” documenting a number of issues after publicly declaring that Scientology wasn’t a church during an interview.

In a second public statement, the Cardinal stated that those who are crusading against the group should have the right to exercise their freedom of speech. He refused to either disapprove or support the actions of these opponents.

Some of the former members of Scientology are not anonymous at all. Authors such as Paulette Cooper, Monica Pignotti, Nancy Many and Marc Hedley are just a few of the voices being heard. Their books and essays, along with many others, have publicly called into question a number of Scientology beliefs, claims and practices over many years. Other ex-scientologists have written numerous stories about the inner workings of Scientology in addition to being interviewed for news articles, radio, TV shows.
Mr. Klagenberg’s letter seems to hint that he was raised in the Catholic Christian faith. In addition to the problems recorded by a growing number of witnesses around the world, Scientology practices and claims raise serious concerns in terms of its place within religion from a doctrinal perspective.

My deepest and most sincere prayer is that he will re-think Scientology, revisit his Catholic roots, and then come home to a faith that is true and durable. I hope he will turn to the One whose words truly resound throughout the ages, Jesus Christ and hear His promise: "You will know the Truth and the truth will set you free.'(St. John 8:32)


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La La Lou Lou

I personally dont rate the Catholics too high in the Human Rights area, covering up for and not stopping years of sexual abuse by priests in Ireland alone, plus their stance on condoms has actually caused some to have died of aids.

But I do like the praying for your enemy thing, so much more civilized than shouting 'we know your crimes' at people.

Plus they are an internationally strong body, and having them help dish the dirt on forced abortions is good. I do think that abortions are OK in some circumstances but this kind of policy is big trouble for the 'freedom' cult.



I think I double posted - sorry! EXCELLENT news - I always follow this site - They are like the SP Times of organized religion now!

Tell the world! :happydance:


Just shows the love and compassion that a "real" religion is able to muster.

All that the OSA and DSA reps seem to be saying is :hurt:

Vile Lies :hurt:

Small group of trouble makers :hurt:

Abuse of parlimentary privlidge :hurt:

high court in 1983 :hurt:

XENU is offensive :hurt:

Crimes, crimes crimes :hurt:

What do they want, for people to feel sorry for them, sorry all out of PITY and worse still they dont even know whats coming next.