CCHR Not Supported by IAS?

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CCHR Not Supported by IAS?

Hold the phone. Breaking news. The IAS proclaims over and over that the “wins” of CCHR are “thanks to your support of the IAS.” Anyone who has been around CCHR or the IAS internally knows that is an absolute lie. But the public facade continues. Yet, it’s hard to keep things like this totally secret. […]

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Nice article, thanks.

It occurred to me reading about how CCHR is trying to get 160 KSW zombies to donate 25 dollars (each) per month, that the COS is functionally and clinically insane.

They need all those new staff members to "bust psychs".

Tens of millions of dollars of wasted cash and decades to "attack and shatter" an imaginary enemy. I mean, my God, when i was in Scn, it was obvious that there no "evil psychs" and it was all a Orwellian hate rally to treacherously indoctrinate gullible Scientologists.

Scientology lamely tried for he past 68 years to "take over the field of mental health on this planet!". They haven't even taken over the mental health of the building housing the orgs and its delusional sector salvaging staff members.

What sordid and cringeworthy stupidity Scientologists so boldly and proudly showcase!

ps: Yeah, don't get me started on stupid, lol. Think of the millions of hours of wasted time writing "letters to CF" and mailing them to people who don't give a shit. Consider also the millions of man-hours spent organizing and "updating" CF files, as if putting them in alphabetical order will magically cause blown public to stop detesting them and their spam mail.
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Idiot Bastardson

The IAS supports nothing, no one, and no other entity whatsoever.
The IAS exists solely to be 'supported' by gullable clams.

And yes, I did mean gullable clams.
What exactly is a gullable clam?

Gulls are very smart, much smarter than clams.
The smart gulls take poor little stupid clams up from the surf where they are sitting on the beach, opening and closing their shells very rapidly, trying perhaps to disgorge grains of sand trapped in their shells or something or the other, and so are flapping their gums very much like L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of the Church Of Scientology flapped his gums, except that he flapped his gums because he lacked teeth; they had simply rotted away.


The smart gulls take the poor little clams high, high up into the air for what seems to the little clams to be a nice ride. But then, slyly, the gulls position themselves up, up in the air over a nice flat rock and drop the poor little clams down upon the rock on which they dash their little insides out and then the gulls swoop down and gobble them up.

CO$ and IAS is the gulls. The clams are our beloved clams. Their little clammy insides are their life savings, their kids' college education funds, their credit lines, anything else they got.

Moral of the story?
Don't be a clam.

What if you are a clam?
Stop being a clam.

Just stop it.
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