CCHR Offers Advice to Parents 3/02/07


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A new "approach" by CCHR? Is every kid who has ADD a BRIGHT CHILD? Of course all kids should be treated properly.
Are Scientologists "suggesting" every kid who has been diagnosed with ADD wouldn't have ADD if their parents did the "right thing"?


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THE BRIGHT CHILD - Some Suggestions     

Author: usenet

Date: Mar 2, 2007 22:21

Some Suggestions

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)

While CCHR does not provide legal or medical advice, forwhich you should rely upon qualified attorneys and non-
psychiatric physicians, we ask that you be aware that thereare many non-abusive solutions to psychiatry.

People in desperate circumstances must be provided proper and effective medical care. Non-psychiatric medical attention, good nutrition, a healthy, safe environment and activities that promote confidence, will do far more than
the brutality of psychiatry's treatments. A competent and ethical, non-psychiatric medical doctor can complete thorough physical testing to determine the presence of underlying physical problems or disease.

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Mmm ... CCHR do tend to come on pretty heavy :eek: - Ha Ha!

BUT - I do know for a fact that the push to diagnose children who exhibit unexplainable or unmanageable behaviour as having a "mental illness" was very strong (& maybe still is, if not worse) 15 years ago - my son was nearly funnelled into such a route via the school.

Such behaviour is usually easily sourced as being due to parent "unreality" as to the "reality" of their children. Modern parents are very good at "unreality". And this probably partly attributable to their (both) not being around their children very much due to work - but also due to the dominance of modern psychology now in everyday life i.e. that self is #1 & this means big, grown up "selves" who are now also "Mum" & "Dad":melodramatic: .