CCHR Useless in Crisis


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Welcome White Rabbit,

I am really too tired at the moment to read the whole thread but I read your OP and just had to say this. What came to mind is ...from the distant past...'Don't reward the downstat and Scientology doesn't owe it's help'..

Amazingly, decades ago I could see the weirdness of this as I listened or read LRH. And I could feel my spirit being sucked down....into hatred for so many....but I was a strong swimmer, so to speak, and would even talk and care about those who had been declared SP.
It is LRH's hatred/ despising/ denigration/ probably from a deep seated paranoia, that engulfs quite a few who travel the mind bending path of elron.
This is what I believe you have run up against. The views of a con man who built a bridge to slavery.
Besides there is no money or power from the downstat and charge the able for the con.
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I feel so bad for the people trapped on the inside. Some are perpetrators who are fine with abusing others (shudder), and I have zero interest in aiding those people, but many of them are genuinely good people being exploited by the organization, and they deserve a path out.

You have realized the true nature of Scientology.

At the true core of the organization, you have sociopaths (the "players"). But to get the work done, you need good, honest people whose desire is to help others. So to tap the energy of these people, you need a facade of "help" and you need to con the altruists into thinking that this is a setup which will actually improve the world and make it a better place. The altruists will then expend their energy and lives working for the benefit of the sociopaths.

Meanwhile, the sociopaths spend their time abusing and harassing the altruists into working harder, for ever-less exchange, while secretly laughing at the "useful idiots".

Hubbard spent a lot of time vilifying the Communist Party. Mostly, it was so Scientologists would stay away from it, and not notice the similarities in how the two organizations operated.