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Celebrity Centre London and the London Ideal Orgs are merging

Discussion in 'Europe' started by CommunicatorIC, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Mike: Scientology IS Shrinking — More Proof

    Leaked e-mail:
    Excerpt from Mike's post:
  2. tetloj

    tetloj Silver Meritorious Patron

    As a public sector administrator it staggers me how the files can always be in such bad shape everywhere. Or is 'help with the files' just an excuse to get people in and then hammer them for services and donations. Honestly - filing processes are not difficult!
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  3. Kookaburra

    Kookaburra Gold Meritorious Patron

    They are difficult when your stacks of returned mail and ask offs literally full rooms from floor to ceiling and the (possibly) one person who works in CF has a letter quota of 1000 new letters per week so doesn't have any time to do the filing so stacks of these letters come back every week and the pile just keeps growing. :pullhair: . . :dizzy:


    Seriously, Tetloj, you should know better than to try to find logic in LRH's brilliant admin tech! :whistling:
  4. This came to my mind while reading his blog post...

    I remember speaking to a devoted scio around the end of 2011 or the start of 2012. He had just moved back from living in the UK for about 2 years. This guy was like a drug addict when it came to Scientology. He even told me, at the time, that he wants to sell a business him and his wife ran for the last two years, and then take ALL the money from the business to go clear at Flag! Ahhhh it is SO painful to hear! To also think this guy has kids. Where is the responsibility as a freaken parent?! What about leaving something for your damn kids?! I feel sorry for them, and the fact they have parents like that as role models. But I digress... I just had to vent a bit!

    Anyway short story, I asked him about how things were going over in the UK. He just responded deadpan, "There is no Scientology there." Now keep in mind, he was a strong devotee and on services at the time. That was his whole answer. I even pushed a bit, asking, "but isn't there an ideal org there?" (LOL, at myself faking sincerity :p) He just repeated the last sentence deadpan again, with a stern "don't want to even talk about it" undertone. That was all I got!

    So there you have it. it was even OFFENSIVE to discuss that scene! Hip Hip Hooray in the UK!! LOL
  5. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    The UK could become the first country cleared of scientology.:thumbsup:
  6. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    What's wrong with the files in CF is the help, you'de be surprised how many people don't know the Alphabet, or who after feeling press-ganged into helping with the files just randomly or roughly file things. Guys would take an arm full of files, mostly address unknown and write letters asking if they ever did the course or read the book they paid a deposit towards twenty years ago, they often then put the file they'd just written to at the back of the pile and so on and then slot the pile back where they got it from, all out of sequence. So the file clerk would spend a big percentage of his day searching for files that were most likely on the reges desk anyway. Now add to that the fact that there are boxes on top of the cabinets, falling apart, you could double the cabinets and it would still be over filled, enormous force had to be used just to get a file in or out. Now add to that ideal scene the mouse droppings and smell of mouse piss and you'll get the picture. Ideal orgs might have nice public areas, I doubt if the files are any better than they were in Tottenham Court Rd.

    I have seen filing areas in a 'wog' insurance company that was little better, their filing system was by policy number and my head nearly exploded trying to file in there, which is first? 1057243765 or 105783545. So policy files were in numerical order and claims files were easy they were by name. People who were sent in the area stood around telling jokes or talking about their holidays, there were piles of files on the floor and gross misfiling, the boss of the area was not at all concerned.

    Then the company bought some old scanners and got rid of a lot of staff. The clever computers were programmed to read bar codes, between each persons invoices or letters was a sheet of paper with lines printed on. The computer then knew to ignore the bar code sheet and that it separated the clients. All very good except that sometimes the system read the heading on top of an invoice as bar code, so it never went in to the system. A client would then realise they had only been paid on one invoice and phone and the original paperwork would be searched for if not already destroyed. Management were not interested and so it's probably still going on with no one doing anything about it. That was a nationally acclaimed insurance company.
  7. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    What you might not realise is that the files routinely get pulled out of the cabinets and moved. For example, at Saint Hill I was a Letter Registrar for a few years. I used to dictate about 1200 letters a week, every single one of them with a CF (Central Files) folder in hand. Maybe 2000 other files were pulled and letters written to them by other people in the org, per week. A carbon copy of the outgoing letter would go straight into the file, and the files would usually go back to the room housing the filing cabinets, where "the CF clerk" would file them. Or not, as there was rarely a CF clerk on post.

    There were piles of other pieces of paper that would need to be filed each week, like letters in with carbons/copies of replies where the folder couldn't be found, student and course attestation slips, copies of success stories. It was a mountain of filing each week.


    And that's just CF. Ethics Reports accumulate and need to get filed in Ethics folders. Student essays and checksheets and attestation forms need to go into student folders. PC folders get session worksheets OK as the folder is almost always in hand for the session, but word-clearing worksheets and ethics interviews usually don't have the file to hand and pile up in baskets.

    There is rarely a push to keep this filing up to date, so it's never a priority.

    Plus Scn orgs live for emergencies. If it's not an impending disaster, it's not worth doing.

  8. haiqu

    haiqu Patron Meritorious

    These "all hands" letter writing activities are based on a false stat, "number of letters out." The true stat of the letter reg should be "number of positive replies" or maybe "bodies in the shop (recovered)." By using all staff to write letter the folders are left in disarray and spread all over the org, and there is no basis in policy for it. A letter reg is a very specialized post and should be handled by someone with at least the capability to audit ARCX handlings to a good result.

    In Melbourne old Fred Schraitle (spelling?) tried to computerize CF but I had to be called into the org on several occasions to correct the database, since it kept getting multiple viruses. After about the third instance of cleaning every computer in the building I decided to investigate how and why it kept occurring. I found public were taking copies of it out of the org, and stamped on that activity heavily.

    At the same time the InComm system had totally collapsed and there were no tools extant that could be used to correct the problem. That one got referred back to the SO, no way I was going to be accused of ruining their system.
  9. OhMG

    OhMG Patron Meritorious

    Letters Out is the stat of the Dir Comm. The Letter Reg had GI (pre-payments) or something along that line. Of course, despite what ElCon wrote, people wouldn't pay just because they got a letter. So, orgs stopped really staffing that area.
  10. haiqu

    haiqu Patron Meritorious

    Regardless of whose stat it is, it's false. More of something half-assed isn't better than less.