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Change to newly registered members functionality

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I reported your post fer ya, I'm sure a mod will get to it eventually, but it is the holidays.... :cheers:

Thank you OG. I really miss the chatbox, i dont post much but I do enjoy chit chatting in there. The username I need help is the same as this one, minus the number 1 at the end. Thanks again.
It's something only the Admin can fix, AFAIK. Natascha or Emma will probably fix it as soon as they finish Xmas partying!


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I belong to other forums and they have a similar op basis, hell there is a lot to running one of these forums isn't there!

Well done Emma for sticking with it and sorting all these things out.

It is really like a village you need a mayor 'n councillors 'n even a damned sheriff if you need a sheriff can I be it? I like to swagger around and I reckon a gun would look good strapped to my thigh, and I want a badge.:coolwink:



Skollie, I cannot participate in anything on this board except posting. I cant send messages, cant participate in the chatbox, nothing. I think my old username I started here in 07, I feel very phony having two names on here. I guess thats what I get for trying to remain a little more anonymous on here.


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In mine & Natashca's defence, what you have asked is not as simple as you may think.

First - if you have been locked out of your old account, you must not know the password. Even if the old email address was wrong the password will still work if know. So we will need to reset your email address & password by the looks of it.

Second, If I was to merge the new and old accounts (the standard thing to do), all posts and usernames etc. will revert to the old name of which you are locked out of so the problem remains the same.

Passwords are encrypted in this system and I have no way of accessing them.

Do you see my dilemma? I can't help you until you provide more information.

Please PM me with the correct email address & password for your old account and I'll merge the two. You will have to remember what they are (at least the password) to log in with the old account. From there you can reset it.


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Can you reset the password to some piece of crap that you can email to whatever new/real email address is needed?

I think that's how it's usually done. Of course, it's a pain to have to verify that you're really dealing with the real person.