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"One day an SO staff named Katie Sabella walked in the academy and told the course supervisor and the students that we were to return all the confidential materials and get out of the academy right now. I was dumbfounded and I told her that that was an illegal order, she said it came from upper management and that the Class VIII course was being cancelled until further notice.

Of course I refused to comply and I said: we are all in the middle of a checksheet and we’re completing it. She was extremely rude and beligerent, she then said if you all don’t leave the premises right now I will call the police. Just like that."


This is what I keep coming back to the Board just to be greatful I wasn't indoctrinated. I was, for all intents and purposes, a staff WOG. I was there for the "job" and too dumb to realize the pay and the dumbshit. Thankfully, only about 5-6 months. (They still owe me my w-2's from over 15 years ago lol

I've NEVER heard in MY LIFE a "church" while reading "holy text" to "get out" and a threat of the police.

How do people buy into this shit, I mean, I know but WOW.

Yes, that is when I left to never come back.



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Nothing is "too crazy to happen" when it comes to scientology.

Heh! Excellent. There's a great quote from Hubbard when he momentarily spoke the truth. I can't quite put my cursor on it for the moment but it goes something like: " . . . the greatest strength of Scientology is its incredulity . . . ". Speaks volumes. Just when you think you've got a handle on the subject, up pops something else even more bizarre than the last.