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I can only give wins that I've heard of? Why can't I give mine? Screw that, here's my mega win from the the basics.

I was studying the basics in chronological order. I got to Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and came across a datum that one of the best ways to destimulate engrams is to change the environment. Not word for word but something on that order. I was sick when I was reading this. I was also in the Sea Org and living the insane SO life after the Basics release.

I knew instantly that what I needed to do in order to increase my happiness and quality of life. Change enviromnment and fast!!!

So, a few weeks after that with further negative influences from the environment (being in the SO) I took off and never looked back.

LRH was right! I felt complete and utter relief! I have been this happy in such a long time!!!:happydance:

I love your success story! :thumbsup:

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I'm jumping outta da winder, too! This stuff is sooooooo schlocky, fake and just puke-worthy!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Thanks for posting this GT. Amazing how desperate they are getting.

I wouldn't be surprised that this person (D.C.) does not even exist and that the whole success story was just made up. Sounds too good to be true. Who in the whole of earth would go back after 20 years out of the cult.

Anybody here know anyone who ventured back into the cult after being out for a long time?

I was just thinking about how fake and made up the whole "success story" sounded when I got to your post. ....

Not me....after 20+ years out.

I think someone in scn read my "profile" and took my initials and fabricated a fantasy about what I would then say when I did this stuff in order to use it as their propaganda.

Oh, wait, they must have mixed in other people, too since I didnt start at the Dallas org & wasnt in Sea org.

They made this up to give to the people who are trying to call me all the time, to convince them that all people who left 20 or so years ago want to be back.:dieslaughing:

That's it, DM is hiring creative writers (there's a lot of them in LA), no, he's blackmailing creative writers to write this stuff.

Make that SCHLOCKY in all caps.