Chi-Town Shennanigans with Anonymous and Video


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LOL. Pull your head out of your ass & breathe, please. I used the foxhole scenario to describe one's dedication to the cause, and you run amok talking about the logistics of foxholes? Seriously?

BTW, there are numerous stories from the Middle East of soldiers taking a bullet & jumping on hand grenades to shield fellow soldiers from harm.

So the Smurf is accusing me of having cranial rectal inversion syndrome. You probably want me to spread the other cheek. Er, oops, I meant turn the other cheek. Never mind, I will let it slide this time, no point in getting in a flame war. What I was trying to say, tho, was phug the romantic notions, there are other options besides taking bullets and jumping on grenades, such as getting out of the way or tossing them back. And the analogy extends to "causes" as well. Dedication doesn't count unless you win.



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Since there are more picketers than clams, it might be possible to keep up a constant campaign of sidewalk chalking, until the bucket clam gets so disgusted that he tosses his bucket on a chalker and not the chalked sidewalk ... which, of course, will be videocammed. That leaves the bucket clam open to an assault charge.


I wasn't sure what he was doing with the water at first. But I'm pretty sure he wanted to throw it on them at one point or other! :)

I thought you were great, btw, Sindy! She was confrontational and aggressive. You handled it just fine. <3 She's probably a really sweet girl, but she's been "briefed", you know?


BTW, I see there are 4 guests looking at this thread. That's great. If any of you are affiliated with OSA or the "church"...WAKE UP.

You can deny. You can pretend. You can continue to be an accomplice to crimes carried out in your names and with your support whether you do your own research or not.

There is NO excuse for not knowing...there just isn't.

You can always look at both sides and then use your own mind to decide what you should do but you will NEVER, EVER be able to take responsibility for something that you are unwilling to look at...that's impossible. Don't pretend you know the other side either or that you've done your research.

If you have done the full research and you are still there supporting criminality then why are you doing that? If that's the case then you are knowingly aiding and abetting criminal activity and that's even worse than not knowing (but only ever so slightly).

And, if any of you are from OSA or the church, come on in. Register, get yourself an identity and an Avatar and pull up a chair and lets hash this out. No? I didn't think so. Prove me wrong.


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Here's the full video of the last Chicago Protest:

It's a bit long but there's good stuff in there and screw you OSA. Domenic and Rebecca, if you see this...shame on you. Really. Stop it.

That was a great video and protest!

It's actually mind-numbing to try to think about the absurdity of a "Communication Tech" cult that refuses to communicate. People walking in and out. Purposefully striding staff members and bewildered public being "escorted" thru people who want to communicate about Scientology. This is a farce of extraordinary magnitude.

I absolutely loved it when one of the protesters politely asked:

Is it possible you're able to send out a Scientologist that's able to communicate with us?

The part about the blue-shirted-bucket-wielding Dominic having theta flowers delivered to the guy's grandmother is more evil than stupid. This is where Scientologists cannot be excused for their stupidity and terrorism.

Talking about BucketTech. . .



They are really getting policy IN with those buckets. It appears that they have different color-flashed buckets because each Division of the Org Board now needs their own bucket.

Great job on putting the FlowerTech bullshit right in their faces!

I also liked that referrence on "...if you can't do anything else throw potatoes at them..." That is pure LRH tech, always outflowing and always attacking. It reminds me of the PAB 6 handling for people that are wayyyyy overrestimulated.

1. Clean up your MEST, get done the various odd jobs you’ve “been meaning to do.”
2. Bring yourself up to date socially and give a letter or a ring or a personal call on people you’ve neglected.
3. Take a one-hour walk every day, simply starting away from home very early (dawn is best) for half an hour and then walk back, a different direction every day. (If you can’t walk, get out in the yard and throw things for half an hour. If you can’t throw, spit at something for half an hour—and I mean throw and spit literally.

And Scientologists are wayyyyy overrestimulated and are apparently applying PAB 6.

The BucketTech is a Scientologist's way of throwing (water at you) and spitting on you--and I mean throw and spit literally.


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Situation: The chalk buckets in the org do not currently represent the different divisions in the org which is off policy.

Data: Please do not take this as natter but at each and every Anonymous protest where there is chalk on the sidewalk (all of them at this point), I am forced to use a generic, grey bucket that DOES NOT command attention. In contrast to the Anons chalk, it pales by comparison in color effectiveness.

I have gotten three quotes on colored buckets (please see attached) and found the cost at Farm and Fleet to be the best even though it is a hundred miles away.

Solution: Get public Susan McNamara (who lives at the border near Farm and Fleet) to pick up one bucket for each division in its color flash telling her she will be reimbursed. She will believe this even though it will never happen. I think this is a good solution and benefits all.

This is okay,

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