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Serge was messing around with playing with little bombs that he was putting in newspaper stands around LA. He was doing this in the house across the street from ASHO. He was there with his brother, I want to say it was Yuri but not for sure. Both of them were injured. If I remember right, Serge lost both hands and an eye in that blast and his brother I think lost a hand.

Serge was never prosecuted because they considered that he - how do I put this - and this is from the detectives - I guess he got his punishment. And his brother was prosecuted for it. I don't know if it was dropped or taken to completion.

Sasha I believe is the one that past away. He past away of a blood disorder.


Serge was messing around with playing with little bombs that he was putting in newspaper stands around LA. He was doing this in the house across the street from ASHO. He was there with his brother, I want to say it was Yuri but not for sure. Both of them were injured. If I remember right, Serge lost both hands and an eye in that blast and his brother I think lost a hand.

Serge was never prosecuted because they considered that he - how do I put this - and this is from the detectives - I guess he got his punishment. And his brother was prosecuted for it. I don't know if it was dropped or taken to completion.

Sasha I believe is the one that past away. He past away of a blood disorder.

It was Yuri who passed away from the blood disorder. Ivan and Nancy (parents) did make sure he always went to the hospital for the blood treatments - Ivan had his own money and probably paid for these personally.

The kids were unsupervised when this occurred. (The SO kids were often left on their own).

Both the kids were very young, around 10 or 13 when that happened. They would have been prosecuted in juvenile court.

None of the kids had proper counselling, and Serge needed it.

Serge stated to me afterward (I was Exec Esto AOLA shortly after the incident) that he was "trying to blow up the evil". I swear on my honour those were his words.

Later, Nancy threw him out of the SO to live on his own, deciding that he was an SP (she and Ivan were divorced then), unsupported, and well under the age of 16. He's been on his own living on the streets ever since. Apparently Serge is so accustomed to it now, that he prefers it that way, but he's had a hard time of it and lost his artificial arm on the streets. Ivan helps him through a local agency.


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Here's another thread with info about child abuse in the Sea Org.

Here's the OP that I'm going to post again in this thread:

Sea Org Children: The Final Solution

cross-posted from:

Written by Arthur Doyle

Sunday, 09 May 2010

"All the problems of the world -- child labor, corruption - are symtoms of a spiritual disease; lack of compassion." Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

My parents joined the SO in 1980. Before that I spent a day with my mother and father each week. As things were in the seventies, my parents worked all day in a class IV org.

At the beginning of their SO career, things were alright. We had breakfast and dinner together every night. I remember there were these cooks in PBC (Pac Base Crew) in the morning, who would ask you how you wanted your eggs, and they'd make them in front of you, super fast.

We had an hour for family time, in addition to the 45-minute dinnertime, all of which was spent with family. In PAC we'd walk up Vermont to Thrifty's (now Rite-Aid), and get a double scoop of ice cream for 30 cents. Other times we'd go to Barnsdale Park and hang out or walk south on Vermont and get a doughnut or something.

The Cadet Org was an adventure, though. We used to work all day after school. We even had some playtime which was spent playing warball at the ATA (Apollo Training Academy, a school that the kids in PAC attended located across Fountain Ave from Bridge Publications).

In 1983 I did my EPF. I was eleven at the time and the materials were, to say the least, way too difficult for a child. I spent seven months on the EPF. It was designed to take three weeks! I was fortunate that, at the time, families had their own berthing and I lived with my mother and father. This made everything worthwhile. I saw my mom and dad at night for a little while before going to sleep, and that precious little contact with my parents would make a world of difference.

I remember when Benjamin Rinder was born in the Fountain Building. I also remember when many kids were brought into this world and how incredibly theta that was. And while conditions were far from ideal, families in the early eighties were encouraged to have kids.

There was the CEO (Cadet Estate Org) that took care of babies and small kids. It was far from ideal, but it really could have been perfected as opposed to destroying it altogether. The CEO was demolished by the PAC RPF in 1990 to make way for the Celebrity Center event structure. There were some great plus points with it. Babies got their barley formula and so on.

There were many outpoints with this system, too, but it was better than no system and no children.

At the time of LRH's death in 1986 (I had been in the SO since 1983), I was in CMO. In '87 family time was cancelled. This was a huge upset, I was still a kid after all.

After that, all the way to the present, I have had a grand total of ONE day off with my mom and dad. That is ONE DAY in 27 years.

There are many people who really never got to know their own parents, as they spent so little time with them! If you watch Jenna Miscavige's ABC interview, this resonates in her words.

I am no longer in the Sea Org and today my wife and I have a baby. I have spent more time with my baby than all the time my parents ever spent with me. And while they were good parents and meant well, they did not get to see much of me at all.

But that was only the beginning. Far worse was yet to come.

Beyond 1984

One of the single most suppressive "policies" of the Church of Scientology came out on September 28, 1986, as Flag Order No. 3905. It was not written by LRH, but by Guillaume Lesevre, ED Int who acted on the order of David Miscavige. This was the infamous Flag Order that stopped Sea Org couples from having children.

[Note from Thoughtful: Haydn James (T Paine) was the Commanding Officer PAC Base Crew at the time. ED Int wrote to him and gave him the problem of how to handle the growing number of kids in the Sea Org (400 in PAC and climbing) plus elsewhere. He said Sea Org resources shouldn't be used for the raising of kids (which if the Geico Caveman were told that, he would say indignantly, “Why not?”) and furthermore Guillaume said since Haydn was responsible for one of the largest concentrations of Sea Org kids he could solve the problem.

[It was clear from Guillaume’s comm that he was not the originator of the cycle. Plus all later evidence regarding kids and families in the Sea Org (canceling of family time, etc.) showed the origination point was David Miscavige without any shadow of a doubt.

[Anyway Haydn made up his analysis and proposed an issue. ED Int (aka, Miscavige) shot it down and forced ED Int to write his own -- the Sept 86 issue. No doubt DM set the direction and the boundaries.

[Haydn’s analysis showed a lot of kids in PAC were from parents on minor posts and who produced little -- some had up to 5 kids; what was missing was the normal function of routine Fitness Boards. Haydn argued that producing Sea Org members working 70 or 80 hours a week for $30 pay were valuable and that the Sea Org should foot the bill to help them raise their kids. Non producers could be eased back into civil life by use of existing and standard means -- Fitness Boards.

[Obviously Miscavige didn’t like Haydn’s idea at all.]

On April 3rd, 1991 the issue was reissued under Guillaume’s name shortly after he sent his two beautiful children to live with their grandmother in Italy, never to see them again. (You can see the full issue at the bottom of this article).

This Flag Order is, I believe, one of the single most vicious policies the "church" has ever adopted. Not only did it denigrate and degrade the institution of marriage, it resulted in the neglect and abuse of hundreds of children, the outright abortion of hundreds more. Here’s a quote from that horribly-written issue:

"The Sea Org is not set up to handle or take care of children. Sea Org members getting [sic] children has resulted in an unpractical burden on the Sea Org units and inhibited their efficiency. No SO installation has the job of making SO members for twenty years from now." Flag Order 3905-1 CHILDREN, SEA ORG MEMBERS AND SEA ORG ORGS, 3 April 1991

"GETTING children"????!! “Making SO members for twenty years from now”? This is the language used to virtually abolish the second dynamic?

It is unbelievable! The results from this: Hundreds of forced abortions. The horrors of "persuaded" abortions and the horrific stress and guilt on mothers-to-be. But it gets worse. Miscavige and Guillaume with a clever twist of phrase turned the action of having children into a “crime” to be “hidden” in secrecy:

"... withholding the fact that there are pregnant SO members in the org, will result in a Committee of Evidence on the org PCO, Dir Routing and Personnel, HAS, Supercargo and Captain/CO as well as the SO members concerned."

Yes, let's Comm-Ev pregnant women!

David Miscavige and Guillaume Lesevre, the shame of all those young lives never lived is upon you! No wonder you Guillaume find it impossible to throw off the yoke of Miscavige and come out of the Hole. And you said Marty had a "violent streak"? With one order you virtually murder how many children?

"The overt doth speak loudly in accusation, Shakespeare re-written." LRH, Study Tapes, Lecture #2

From then on many, many men and women in the Sea Org were denied their human right to have children. This vicious policy denies families and degrades marriage and violates one of the most basic LRH principles: that we each survive through eight Dynamics which includes the having and rearing of children.

What could possibly justify the eradication of children you ask?

Oooh, lack of "efficiency"! Plus, the Sea Org was not “set up to handle or take care of children.” Huh? Every human being is set up to create children. If you don’t believe it, just look between your legs.

Does this start to sound just a tad "Third Reich" to anyone?

Instead of just throwing togerther some fitness boards, fixing up an org board, firing a mission or two... just eradicate all Sea Org children. It’s David Miscavige’s Final Solution: exterminate every fetus since fetuses are small and cannot fight back. Why go to the trouble of gassing people like Adolf Hitler when you can just take care of them when they are only about an inch long?

I am not looking for sympathy here. These are simply facts. But woven through these facts is the plight of hundreds or even possibly thousands of children who really deserved much better. Kids need love, patience and care. Perhaps this sounds a little soft, but it isn't. To deny this in families is cruelty of the first order.

Imprisoning Children

Like most marriages in the Sea Org, when my father moved up the org board, he was coerced into divorcing my mother. I was fifteen at the time and it was a huge loss.

Shortly thereafter I got into trouble and was assigned to the RPF.

I was sixteen when I was in the RPF and I had lots of company! There were about 40 minors at the time in the PAC RPF, all of whom were unjustly assigned. But I was a good student. I was a good worker, as most minors were. I spent 2 years in the RPF! Many kids spent much more time in the "R" as it was called.

A key injustice of the RPF (besides being there at all), is that if you're a minor you have no choice but to do the program. You cannot leave the Sea Org, as your parents are in the Sea Org.

So, this is false IMPRISONMENT of CHILDREN. This is Final Solution #2: If you can’t kill them when they are a fetus, imprison them when they are a child.

I remember one occasion where a young man who worked in the same org as me announced at the dinner table, "I don't like RPFers because they're f__k-ups."

One month later, he was in the RPF, and one month after that, he blew.

Kids didn't have the luxury of escaping/blowing. Children toiled doing the same labor as adults from 6:00 AM 'till 5:00 PM. And, same as adults, any kind of infraction was immediately punished by running laps or doing push-ups, or worse yet, getting assigned to the RPF's RPF, where one slaved in "Rat's Alley" all day and well into the night.

I suddenly found myself there, and I remember being covered with the horrific smell of rotten food slime. And I do mean covered! I thought, "What the hell am I doing here?" But, then again, I had no choice.

In the RPF there is absolutely no time off and no liberties (read my other article on the RPF in this site). There were no exceptions for children. In fact, as we were smaller, some children were brutalized by some adults (there was a small group of people in the RPF with their share of psychotic tendencies).

At 5 PM we had dinner and "redemption" time and lights out at 11 PM. This was tough but we got some auditing and I did experience gains from auditing despite the fact that I needed more rest and food. Despite the fact that I did not want to be there. Despite the fact that I saw very little of my mom and dad. Despite the fact that the RPF I/C was a total Nazi, and despite the fact that I had been unjustly assigned to the RPF in the first place. And despite the fact that no child should be forced to do hard labor.

The application of actual Scientology gave me some very big wins on the RPF. Those were the last wins I had with Scientology during my career in the Sea Org, however.

Unbelievably, life would get even worse than my 2 years in the PAC RPF.

Like I said though, unbelievably, the Sea Org would get far worse.

At the Int Ranch, kids worked for most of the day. Parents had very little time with their kids. It was mainly hygiene-time on Sunday mornings. But kids (from ages 4 on up), spent their nights in dorms at the ranch.

Many kids missed their mothers greatly and were restimulated in this environment. It was militaristic in that there were musters like at Gold, and kids would have to do heavy MEST work without a choice.

Sea Org children never had a choice to be there at all. This violates the very core of Scientology and the philosophy of self-determinism.

As does Flag Order 3905.

If your blood isn’t running cold by now consider this: There was an instance when Justin Miscavige and Matt Price accidentally injured a staff member at the Ranch and Miscavige assigned them the condition of "Child."

This was considered far worse than Confusion. (Goes to show you how he felt about children). In his book, Science of Survival, LRH explained what a low-toned person does to the second dynamic:

At the tone level of Covert Hostility you can expect: "Use of children for sadistic purposes"

At the tone level of Anger you can expect "Brutal treatment of children"

"At 1.5 we enter the band of brutal treatment of children, heavy corporal punishment, the forcing of the child into a mold with pain, breaking his dramatizations, upset about his noise or clutter.

"At 1.1 on the Tone Scale there may be two reactions to children. There may be an actual and immediate desire for children as a manifestation of sex, but we also may have the use of children for sadistic purposes. And we may find both of these in the same individual. We have a long-term general neglect of children, with an occasional sporadic interest in them. We have very little thought for the child's future or the culture in which the child will grow up." -- LRH, Science of Survival

And there’s more:

"It is notable, as one glances down this column, that an interest in children includes not only in the bearing of the child, but in the child's well-being, happiness, mental state, education and general future. We may have a person on the 1.1 level who seems very anxious to produce a child. Very possibly this person is following an engram command to have children. Once the child is born, we may have, in this 1.1 bracket, an interest in it as a plaything, or a curiosity. But following this, we get general neglect and thoughtlessness about the child and no feeling whatsoever about the child's future or any effort to build one for it. We get careless familial actions, such as promiscuity, which will tear to pieces the family security upon which this child's future depends. Along this band, the child is considered a thing, a possession.

"A half a tone above this, in the anger band, the child is a target for the dramatizations which the individual does not dare execute against grown-ups in the environment -- a last-ditch effort to be in command of something. Here we have domination of the child with a constant warping of its character.

"The whole future of the race depends upon its attitude towards children..." -- L. Ron Hubbard, Science of Survival

Call it what it is: Human Trafficking

In about 1996, the Cadet Org and the Int Ranch were disbanded and all children were suddenly and ruthlessly sent thousands of miles away to be posted in orgs. The point being that, hundreds of children were robbed of a childhood, their families, and in most cases, their education.

I have been making this argument for years. I refuse to accept Miscavige’s medieval prohibitions which redefine a “child” as a criminal act punishable by Comm Ev and banishment.

I’d love to hear Tommy Davis -- that wicked and braying jack ass -- trying to hee-haw out some kind of an “acceptable truth” designed whitewash his boss’s felonious behavior. He can’t tell the real truth because that is punished in the “church.”

Written by Arthur Doyle

Note: Copy of Flag Order concerning children (referenced above) can be viewed here (just below the article):


Melissa Paris' story of growing up in the Sea Org:

I was born into Scientology. Both of my parents were Scientologists, so I wasn't given a choice about what my beliefs were going to be. I had Scientology beliefs drummed into me as soon as I was able to understand them.

Getting thrown into the Cadet Org at 4 years old scarred me for life. [A sort of pre-Sea Org for children, the Cadet Org was disbanded in about 1996 when an edict went out that Sea Org members could not have children. After that, women have come forward who say they were forced to have abortions when they became pregnant, a policy that was only recently changed, we hear, when media reports began to criticize the church for it.] I can't explain the sense of loss that I felt when I finally understood that my mother had left me, that I didn't have a true home anymore, and that my family had now been split up and I had no choice in the matter. We didn't speak English, and we were put into a school where I didn't understand the others. My dad wasn't there to make the transition any easier -- he was on the Estates Project Force, the Sea Org's boot camp. I remember crying and crying those first few weeks. (Anyone that knows Scientology knows that to cry is low on the Tone Scale. To this day, I rarely ever cry. My ex-husband went eight years before he saw me cry. )

As Cadets and Scientologists, we learned quickly that showing any emotion other then a happy face wasn't in our best interests. So I learned to hide my emotions and I was damn good at it. I hated my life and I stored up a lot of anger towards my father and mother for putting me into this environment.

In the mornings, we would "muster." When I got slapped, spanked, or humiliated at muster for something I'd done wrong, I showed no emotion other then a smirk. On the inside I would chant, "You won't break me, you won't break me, you won't break me!"

My mom left my stepfather Albert when I was 10 for my current stepdad Alex. It was like a dam broke inside me. All those years of hiding everything that I'd been feeling finally came to a head and I became mean, argumentative, difficult, and determined to make life hell for the people around me.

The next three years I became the problem cadet. I ran away, I fought other kids, I stole money to escape, I cursed, I yelled, I refused to be sec checked. The Sea Org wanted to declare me a suppressive person when I was eleven years old but they didn't know where they would send me. [Declaring someone a "suppressive person" or SP is Scientology's version of excommunication. All members in good standing must "disconnect" from an SP or face being declared themselves.]

So that's how I became the first child the Cadet Org put on its own RPF. [The Rehabilitation Project Force is the Sea Org's prison detail, and can take adults years to "graduate" from.] I was segregated from everyone. My parents weren't allowed to talk to me, none of the cadets talked to me. I was on MEST work [menial physical labor] from 7am to 8pm. I had no contact with anyone. I was in a room by myself. I did this for months.

After heavy MEST work, barely any sleep, and serious lack of food, I had a breakdown. I started seeing things, I was so out of it. This caused a flap, so they sent me to my stepmother, Angela, who had been fitness-boarded out of the Sea Org. Once again I was on my own. I love Angela but she's a very serious, stoic, a true English woman. My brother Raphael had always been her favorite and my sister and I knew it. I did my own thing, went to school, came home, had no contact with anyone.

The most vivid memory I have from that time is getting scared so badly by a Sea Org member threatening me with getting dropped off in the middle of East Grinstead by myself that I urinated on myself. I was that scared. I walked from Saint Hill back to Angela's in wet clothes. A two-hour walk.

I always tell my sister that I wish people who are not Scientologists could understand the severe mental, emotional, and psychological abuse that we were subjected to. Yes, the physical abuse was horrific but it didn't have the same impact on me. When I say that I walk alone, I mean that. I trust no one. I walk into a room and my first instinct is to look for every exit and plan my escape if I need it. I will never sit with my back to a room. I can't handle people in my personal space and I hate to be touched. These are just some of the things that I believe are left over from my cadet days.

The only reason that I joined the Sea Org at the age of 14 is that I had nowhere else to go, no family member to live with. The Cadet Org and the Sea Org were all I'd ever known. I had just found out that that my stepfather Albert had died, I wanted some kind of family, and the Sea Org was that for me.

Any ex-Sea Org member will tell you about the complete lack of regard that you get treated with. You're not a person with thoughts, feelings, or emotions. You're there to work and "make things go right" and if you don't do that then you're fucked.

I started working to make money when I was 12, I lived on a park bench when I was 13 for a few days. I survived the Cadet Org. I'm tough, but the Sea Org was hard for me. The lack of sleep, the lack of good food, the lack of respect as a person. The Sea Org breaks you down. You aren't an individual anymore, you're just part of the "3rd dynamic," Hubbard's designation of a group.

I remember having done something wrong one time. I was 15 and Frank, a high-ranking Sea Org member, was pissed off. He shoved me against a wall and started screaming at me about an inch away from my face. He kept spitting, and I reached up and wiped it off my face. He lost it and kept slamming me against a wall in front of other Sea Org members, and they did nothing.

But you have to understand that we were so programmed to look the other way. He's my senior and I'm not allowed to back flash (talk back). You are so scared that you're going to be declared and lose Scientology and everything that comes with it, that you do nothing, and say nothing.

I'm the most argumentative person. I'm curious, I ask questions, I'm the most in-your-face person that I know. I'm brutally honest, I don't do fake, and I'll fight anyone that I feel is backing me into a corner. And yet, I sat there for 19 years and believed in Scientology enough that I disconnected from my mother when I was told to.

Parents that have lost their kids today don't seem to understand that it's the ones who are brought up in Scientology who are the most conditioned. L. Ron Hubbard is the god and Scientology is the only life we know.

I want all non-Scientologists to understand that there's no other life for the lost souls that we were in the Cadet Org. We knew that we weren't important in the grand scheme of things. We got broken down to the point where we had no thoughts of our own. We were the future of Scientology. I remember seeing a protest outside the walls of Saint Hill and thinking to myself, "What's wrong with these people, we're trying to save the world here."

One of my fellow young members of the Cadet Org routed out when she was 15 or 16. Her mother and her sisters were in the Sea Org and her father had been declared years before. So she had no one to turn to. Nowhere to go. She ended up working as a prostitute in a brothel in Zurich, Switzerland. You do whatever you can to survive.

I hate the fact that I have a wall up and can't let anybody get close to me, even my sister, who has had to fight to be in my life. I am jealous of people who have had intact families their entire lives. I feel for my daughter, who will never have the chance to get to know her grandfather or uncles.

It pisses me off that I miss my dad so much. To this day I tear up when thinking about him. That man was my best friend. He broke my heart when he disconnected from me. That hurt still hasn't healed and it's been 13 years. I'll never understand how he could have walked away from me. But that's life in Scientology.

All of those celebrities in the news are not the face of Scientology, we are. The broken ones, the kids who wandered the halls and were never important enough to be looked at, with their hollow bruised dirty faces, sad eyes and tear tracks. Unless you walked in my shoes then you'll never understand, but I hope I have given a small glimmer of what Scientology really is. I'll continue to walk alone, never broke, just badly bent.

Purple Rain

Here's another thread with info about child abuse in the Sea Org.

Here's the OP that I'm going to post again in this thread:


Especially this:

"If your blood isn’t running cold by now consider this: There was an instance when Justin Miscavige and Matt Price accidentally injured a staff member at the Ranch and Miscavige assigned them the condition of "Child."

"This was considered far worse than Confusion."​

and this:

"I refuse to accept Miscavige’s medieval prohibitions which redefine a 'child' as a criminal act punishable by Comm Ev and banishment."​

Bea Kiddo

These stories make me cry.

I lived it too but I feel for these people more than what I went through for sure.


I will put one story a day on here. Maybe if each of us does that, we can keep it on top of ESMB and Google Searches of child abuse in Scientology's Sea Org, too (and maybe change the title, slightly, so Scientology comes up as a key word with child abuse?)


These stories make me cry.

I lived it too but I feel for these people more than what I went through for sure.

I love you, Bea. :blowkiss: I'm so sorry that you and the kids went through what you did.:bigcry: It broke my heart at the time and still breaks my heart. It just kills me that there are still kids being recruited and living this nightmare. We can do this for them - so the whole world knows, and the abuses can one day stop forever.

Then they can heal. Then we all can.


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Talk about it people. Make it public. :thumbsup:

:console: :hug: :grouphug: and :bravo: for coming through it.

I love you, Bea. :blowkiss: I'm so sorry that you and the kids went through what you did.:bigcry: It broke my heart at the time and still breaks my heart. It just kills me that there are still kids being recruited and living this nightmare. We can do this for them - so the whole world knows, and the abuses can one day stop forever.

Then they can heal. Then we all can.


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Here's another thread with info about child abuse in the Sea Org.

Here's the OP that I'm going to post again in this thread:

I remember when I first read FO 3905-1, thinking how evil it was.

The part about the org being required to replace the pregnant woman and send her off to some small failing org, guarantees that the execs of her current org will use every means at their disposal, every threat they can think of, screaming "reality adjustment" sessions, to convince her to get an abortion.


Shane Kelsey's story. He was interviewed on national television on the Today Tonight news show in Australia in Feb 2012 - about a year after Shane escaped from Sydney's RPF. He was 20 or 21 when this was aired. Until he left, he was not allowed to watch television, had never used the Internet or read or followed any other media except scn - his entire life! Our Shane was on the RPF for years for an offense that might have gotten him grounded for a week, maybe a month. He did NOT deserve what was done to him. He was just a teen when he was put in Australia's RPF.

Shane was living in a garage as part of his RPF until it was flooded, then was put in a literal closet, living under the stairs.

This is Shane's story. This is the story of those still imprisoned in Australia. This is not ancient history. Thank you, Shane, for your bravery. Thank you for telling the world about the child abuse and human rights abuses that still occur in the Sea Org of the Church of Scientology today.

Thank God you're home. :biglove: We love you, Shane.


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I was born in 1972 near Austin Texas. At that time, both of my parents were staff at Austin Org. Right after my 3rd birthday, my mother decided to join the Sea Org. November 1975. So I was in the Sea Org environment from Nov 1975 at age 3, up until I got SP declared out in May 2004.

Obviously laws have changed from then until now. And I am sure there was plenty of law breaking in the time that I was a child in the CEO in LA.

Let's see how this thread takes off or veers into an endless pit of diversion....

There are plenty of stories of neglect of children, children being raised by slightly older children, short-staffed child care centers, all sorts of stuff. And from that, I guess they determined no children because they really did not have the facilities to deal with the neglect and lack of care. Maybe it was one of the right decisions they did make. Though this lead to the whole subject of abortions... a subject of many other threads that I will not get into right here.


Legal or not, here is my point: Why the hell did the parents ignore the signs? Why did they not pick up their kids and walk away? Because they believe that the bigger picture and the job that they do is far more important than the children they leave for care. And they trust in the nannies to "make it go right".

Where were the parents of the children put into the chain locker? And how about when I was in the CEO they locked up 30 or 40 kids in the basement because one of the nannies was suspected of molesting the kids. They would not let us out until someone started talking. Who would want to speak out like that? In front of all your friends talking about such personal things? WTF?

How about 30 to 40 kids to one nanny?

How about not seeing your parents for months or years at a time because they were sent out on mission? How about the parents being assigned to different sides of the U.S. and NO CHANCE of parenting?


Let's see where this thread goes....

I may be a dick, but I hope that Commander Birdsong and TAJ have read this post.

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I was also born in the early 70s, but my parents were already in the SO at the time. I remember when I was 7, my mother went on a garrison mission for 16 months in a different country, when she returned I almost didn't remember her. For many years I only saw my parents at family time, for about an hour each day, but more often than now, one or the other was not there due to some 'post emergency'. After a while, I think I was around 10 or 11, family time stopped. I think the worst thing about family time being cancelled, is they stopped sending dinner to the family berthing. As a result, unless I stole stuff, I would have porridge for breakfast with powdered milk, and 2 honey sandwiches to take to school for lunch (we went to a public school as there was no cadet school at this time), but I would have to save one of the sandwiches for my dinner, or go without. it was like that for about 2 years, until I was pulled out of school and put on the EPF against my will. I was told it was either the EPF or a boarding school far far away.

There was a 'nursery' but if you were over 6, they really didn't care what you did. So I had no supervision, no structure and no help with homework. I think the worst thing was, because we were in public school, and most of our parents didn't have money for clothes, we were always in second hand crap that didn't fit and would be beat up for being poor. I had no idea how to handle it and the teachers thought of as 'those weird scn kids', and were usually no help. It would have been nice to have someone to talk to about that stuff. So that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Thank you, Chuck. :bigcry: This hurts to read, but it is stories like this that always remind me who the greatest victims of the "church" are, the ones who have no choice as it has been said, and the fact that for anyone on the fence about this organization, when children are abused, neglected, hungry, there is no debate, no "two sides" to the issue.

I wish there was a public forum where someone like Tom Cruise was forced to listen to testimonials like yours, one after another, so afterwards, he could explain what he meant when he said "I consider it a privilege to be a Scientologist." Thanks for sharing.


I promised to post one story a day of children who were abused in the Sea Organisation of the Church of Scientology.

Tonja Burden's story, from her affidavit. She was 13 years old when her parents decided to join the Sea Org and she was put into the Cadet Org:

The living conditions were squalid. Glass from broken windows lay strewn over the floors. Live electrical wires were exposed in areas where young children played. We received little food. On several occasions spoiled milk with maggots was served to children. The maggots were removed by hand before the milk was served. In addition to caring for the children, I cleaned toilets daily. I wrote to L. Ron Hubbard explaining the conditions, but nothing improved.

Children were not allowed to live with their parents. Scientology permitted one visit every other week, and only for 45 minutes during mealtime.

Full story at:

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I promised to post one story a day of children who were abused in the Sea Organisation of the Church of Scientology.

Tonja Burden's story, from her affidavit. She was 13 years old when her parents decided to join the Sea Org and she was put into the Cadet Org:

Full story at:

This is the kind of shit I wish I could blast from the rooftops at the premiere of the next Tom Cruise movie - right near the red carpet. Whenever I read a story like this and I hear people defending Hubbard, or trying to argue the "nuances" of child abuse, I feel despair.

But of course, it's always easier to blame a child and say, they were stupid enough to drink milk with maggots in it, I guess they deserved it, then ask why did we fail them and let it happen? And I'm not talking about Scientology parents only, I'm talking about our government - local, state and federal which continues to allow this to happen.

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Something has recently come to my mind.

The Children's RPF. And the regular RPF.


Just because you are under 18 does not mean you are sent to the Children's RPF. If you were in the Cadet Org (basically that is where children were "readied" for the Sea org. Once they graduated, they were allowed to join the Sea Org and do the EPF. There was not much to the requirements except maybe age. I think at the time that I was there, the age to join the SO was 15) and did something bad, you would be assigned to the Children's RPF.

However, if you were stupid enough to join the Sea Org (in my case, at the age of 15) and managed to mess up, you were sent to the adult RPF, which is where I was sent at the age of 16 or barely 17.

Does that count as being a child/child abuse? Are we a child, or a minor? What is the classification of this?


Ok, then there are the stories (not even getting into the stories of being raised in the Sea Org, how about what stuff I had to do as a minor in the Sea Org?) from that RPF time... some of them I think are already I n my story but let's put them out here too:

We were building the transformer building across the street (across Ivar) from the HGB. This was to house the transformer for the entire building. I would say that the area was about 30 by 30 feet and had to be dug in order to put the electrical lines, pour concrete, then build the building itself. For some reason, I have no idea why, we did not have a backhoe. I am sure it was because we were RPF and not allowed to operate heavy equipment. And so myself, with the rest of my gang, all dug by hand, with a shovel. Day in and day out. I was 16 I think. I did this all day for days, weeks. I think it was 8 to 10 hours with a meal break. Black boilersuit and shoes. No other equipment or safety gear. I think I was the only child in the batch, but there was no discrimination between age groups. All were expected to contribute the same amount of energy.

The last day, as I was eating breakfast, I felt upset and started getting snarky with the in charge. She was a nice person and asked me what was up. I thought for a second and said, "I feel like I can't breath very well". She looked at my back and said it was swollen and purple on one side. They decided to take me to a chiro - a Scientologist, of course. I had to pay for it, of course. The chiro told me that I ripped all of the muscles in my back and dislocated 2 ribs. She could not believe that I was even getting around at all. She told I would need months of therapy. Of course I did not do it. I just rested that day with ice and hot packs alternately until the swelling went down.


And then the ever-so-famous rats alley. Yum. I don't know why it is called rats alley because I have never seen a rat down there... hmm.... but what it is a huge space that covers the entire area of the galley at the PAC base. The height level is only about 4 feet so walking around is hard. We used to have carpet dollys that we would roll around on when we had to work down there. When I was there, it had about 3 inches of the nastiest water on the floor and you would come out of there smelling so gross! Anyways, we would go under and clean the grease traps for the galley (empty them, clean them out and replace the lids), then we would try to help get rid of the MASSIVE amount of large roaches that were down there. The back wall furthest from the entrance had thousands and thousands of roaches... the wall was just moving with them. So nasty. Part of the reason was because back on that wall there was a connection to the main sewer line of LA. I would spend 8 to 10 hours a day for weeks cleaning it out. We finally did get all of the water off the floor and then it wasn't quite so nasty.


I guess I missed prom.

And High School, for that matter.