Chill E.B. is declaring war to the Village Voice


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Originally Posted by Infinite
♫ ♪ . . . They spend a lotta time malfeasin' . . . ♪ ♫


Scientology's got no rhyme or no reason,
But dey got crime and treason,
Don't matter the season,
It's nonstop malfeasin.

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:hysterical::hysterical: :hysterical:

Thrak, Infinite...

Shit, if I had seen y'all cool-ass raps first I never would have posted mine.

Luvvvvvvvvvv that "nonstop malfeasin" !!!!!!! Brilliant!!


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Q. What's worse than a rapper?

A. A scientologist rapper.

QUESTION: What's worse than a scientologist rapper?

ANSWER: A scientologist rapper who believes the Bridge is pro-survival because they think it is the transitional part of a song.


~Chilie Bean Rap~

I is Chill E.B., a scilon rappah

Pullin' de stats right outta da crapper

Can't rhyme or sing but that don't mattah

Dis mah cult an' Imma gonna slaps ya

Chillin' out diggin' it down at the Org.

Don't give a damn if it smell like de morgue

The stank don't scare me Imma like de Borg

LRon my king man so I ain't bored

Sittin' 'round groovin' with all the public babes

Didn't has none, now I gots it made

My English not so good but Imma not afraid

Grabs me some cans and I uppin' my grades

All u haters and degraders just a bunch of fools

I be drinking de koolaide and LRon rules

Y'all lick ma dick ya bunch of SP wogs

Hidin' on the Interwebs like a herd of dogs

Burpin' an' chirpin' like a gang of frogs

I'll kick y'all in de nuts till y'all beg to suck mah log

I'm da great Chilli Bean and take no shit

A scientologist and I be proud of it

So what it make no sense no none of it

Gonna bust yo caps and write another hit

Gonna carry on like my momma don't care

Gonna hug yo momma and then come in her hair

Fondle on my nuts 'cause I got me a pair

An' stare ya into cryin' with mah 1,000 inch stare

Yo bitches listen up yo pansy piles of trash

You pansy little bitches in fo a flash

I in your house pissin' on yo stash

I is infesting you mind like a big ol' yeast rash

I Chilli Bean an' I'm bought and payed fo

By de CoS no job would me pay mo

Bendin' out for Davie like a run-out old ho

Best nigga on de block don't be messin' wit mah afro


Fuck, I could go on forever but I frikken hate rap, like most sensible people with 20/20 hearing......




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I received a PM from Chill.. and I see he has posted it on his Facebook..

"I tend to say vile things when I freestyle and rap off topic. I have been checked by someone I love dearly. I stand corrected. I apologize."

Then, he signed off.


I received a PM from Chill.. and I see he has posted it on his Facebook..

"I tend to say vile things when I freestyle and rap off topic. I have been checked by someone I love dearly. I stand corrected. I apologize."

Then, he signed off.

He's been "checked"! LOL In other words, he's been muzzled.



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Heh! Bitch-slapped into silence by the cult, so much for those . . .



Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

So where's TonyO? Turns out he's got other fish to fry . . .


. . . and one left over for later.




Yo Chilli Bean you is such a disatah,
Struttin' around FB like yo some kinda a mastah,
Lyin' and braggin' like some sortta tool,
Old el Ron put got a spell on ya fool!

A fucking 6 year old raps better than you
You're like a littler girly-boy whats lost her shoes,
You think you got an answers and you gots a plan,
But just like a junky ho you working fo de man.

dig it.


Lron Hubbard was a liar and a thief,
He fucked up lots of people and he lead 'em into grief,
Ain't nothing but illusion an none of it is pretty
An y'all sucked in and kinda actin' shitty

Yo suckin' the balls of a the big DM
You the token niggah and you pretty dim
Career is spinnin' round in the toilet bowl-yo
Ya gots the spinal tap from a tainted tub of jell-o

Yo Chilli B y'all listen up good
Don't be tellin lies in mah neighborhood
You gots to wipe your azz like ya knows ya should
Or them leatherette spats won't be doin' no good

Good ol' Chilli Bean he be such a goat
His big next stop be on de asbestos boat
Gonna have a party, and get up and dance
Poor sukkahs in the bilges never had a chance



Chilli B Chilli B Chiili B sox
Ya fucked with anonymous and that just rocks
While yo sittin round on the old key-pad
Yo a fuckin luck bitch I ain't yo dad

Beatin' your stupid all over the place
You came in last and it wasn't a race
Sho you big and black an' scary wit a gun
But you an idiot now I'm havin' some fun



Free to run with :)