Choosing one's "Beingness-es"


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This was posted on Jeff's Hawkins's blog on August 5, 2010.’m-ok-you’re-ok/#comment-4498

Secrets of unwanted “Beingness” (*OT Data*, lol)
Hubbard defines “Beingness” as “the condition of being is defined as the result of having assumed an identity. It could be said to be the role in a game and an example of beingness could be one’s own name. Another example would be one’s profession. Another example would be one’s physical characteristics. Each or all of these things could be called one’s beingness. Beingness is assumed by oneself, or given to oneself or is attained. For example, in the playing of a game each player has his own beingness”.
(taken from new “State of Man Congress” Glossary)

This morning, if you slept well, just a few seconds before waking up, still within your dreams, you had no idea of any of your today’s “beingness-es”. Right?
Then, some moments after waking up, you had some blessed time of *not* being “somebody” but just pure self, without any alloys. Yes?
THEN you had an idea that you are *here*, and you *ARE* _____ (“somebody”: husband/wife/child/parent, boss/worker, Scientologist/Anti-Scientologist, OT/Clear/”wog”, friends with/unfriendly to…). And started recollecting bits and pieces of your yesterday’s “beingness-es”.

One actually starts his every day from *putting on* his “beingness”. Why? - He needs to be “himself” to himself and for others.

If you watched film “Tuxedo” with Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt, you can connect with the concept of *putting on* “beingness” (per the movie’s plot, Jackie Chan inherited from his boss some magic tuxedo which, when *put on*, made him superhuman unlike he initially was).
Jekyll and Hyde story will do, too.

The difference is that we do it every day *habitually* and *fixedly*.

To the subject of the Original Post. We, here, developed a habit of being one the following: Anti-Churchie, Church critic, Anti-Scio, Scn critic…. BEFORE that most of us here *wore* the “beingness” of “honest-to-LRH Scientologist” and “Anti-Critic”. It was our *habit* as well (which we broke lately and changed it to one of the former ones).

Imagine that EVERY person EVERY day *puts on* some “beingness” to blend in well into this world as it was yesterday: be it Christian, Buddhist, Boss, Slave, SO Member, OT, Yogi, Scientist, “Best Friend”, Nice person……

Now, it’s all good when one does it willingly. How ‘bout he does it because he feels he has no other choice. How ‘bout he *HAS TO* be it and do it, willingly or unwillingly?

Can you see how much mental/spiritual energy everyone spends on maintaining his “beingness” (read Identity)? Can you feel how much energy do YOU spend on it?
Sometimes it’s just too much.

What I offer here is learn how to get over the habits of compulsive *putting on* one’s “beingness”. As an example of compulsive beingness (let’s say “Indie/Scn’st”), “I like MR/LRH, so I need to approve his words and see some truth in them”. That kinda gets one into the “Tuxedo” he “has to wear no matter what”. Not much choice there. “Tuxedo” is the set of interwoven characteristics one has to comply with and once it’s put on, it dictates one how to act.

And very often one’s “required beingness” is triggered (turned on, keyed in,…) by words, and so we are prompted to put on “proper dress for that situation”. And I wouldn’t recommend to cure it by auditing or addressing the past.
I believe it can be overcome by REMEMBERING oneself at the moments around waking up and breaking habits of being (in our case) “a Scientologist”, which, I see here, is a problematic “beingness” for many.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to willingly put on/take off, turn on/turn off, key in/key out your “beingness-es”? – Well, you CAN. ;)

You CAN get over your unwanted, problematic or obsolete beingness-es (without sending them to Dry Cleaner’s), let them go and move on in life (maybe finding better Tuxedos for your purposes in life).

Transurfing might help one with that. ;)
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Maintaining Scientologist’s beingness eats up a LOT of energy.
Giving excessive Importance and Significance, and constant monitoring of: one’s tone level, one’s ethics condition, one’s financial condition, one’s goodness and rightness according to scriptures, one’s productiveness, one’s being in good standing, one’s ARC and KRC levels….
Also, to maintain one’s self-respect and position among other Scn’sts:
own progress in training and auditing, being in-tech and in-ethics, ability to “make it go right” and “get things done”, being “on-Source” and doing services, moving up the Grade Chart, contributing into $cn, forwarding Command Intention….
Once one is thoroughly indoctrinated with those, he *HAS TO* think of life and oneself with them (otherwise, one is toast).

Don’t know if it is real to you… What I am able to see now, having taken off and looking from outside on dedicated Scientoogist’s beingness, is that Scientology is much about being energy sucking thing. For me and for many others whose posts I have read, here and on Jeff’s blog.

It sucks one's life energy as long as he keeps feeding it to that "Beingness".

I'm glad that many here have stopped doing so...:thumbsup:
Myself included. :yes:
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OP post edited!

I edited the OP. The quote now is my exact words on Jeff's blog, in his article's blog "I'm Ok, You're Ok".
My current view is not different but closer to the core of things I had said.
Sometimes you say something, and only some time later (after you have almost forgotten about what you had said) you can embrace it and fully understand it. Has it happened to you?

I'm not "a fan" of Transurfing anymore. I consider Transurfing to be a major step and no-return teaching thing for myself to never ever get back into Scientology's mindset anymore (in any way, shape or form). But I don't take Trasnsurfing as "THE soluton", "THE thing to do", and "THE way to live".

I found for myself simpler philosophy that any philosophies could ever teach me, to lead a happy life.

I want to share.
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