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Chris Shelton video channel: What is wrong with Scientology


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Ok, here is the last in this series. There are more videos and articles coming - no worries there - but this is the last in my analysis of what I believe is destroying Scientology as far as its own toxic policies and practices go.


I put together a playlist on my YouTube channel so all the videos could be accessed with one link. That is https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGrPM1Pg2h72Pe6XFt4Q9kZHLzOzT6J7s. You could use that link to send all the videos to someone in an email or something like that (hint hint).

I hope it's been as fun to watch these as it has been to make them. This was a cathartic experience for me. And like I mentioned, I've got more written or in-progress, so this isn't the last you'll see of me. I really hope that some of you are helping me get these out there in front of existing Scientologists. Those people are the ones who need to see these more than anyone else. :yes:

All I can say is...make more videos! You are a natural and any subject you feel moved to talk about would be on my "Must See" list.


Chris has a book out now, Scientology - A to Xenu. For those who love his vids, I'm sure you'll enjoy his book, now on Amazon. Click here to order: