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Great day for it today, and lots of responsive tourists interested to learn that the peaceful and fun anon protests that they see all over the world happen in Christchurch too! Many people saying, "I don't need a card, thanks, I know how bad they are ...." which was music to our ears.

There was a policeman strolling around who was keeping an eye on things and he even took the photo of us. The highlight for me was meeting with an Irishman who was pleased to learn that it was an Irishman who wrote a book about the atrocities of scientology. Fun meeting all the tourists who have similar ideas about scn to ours. Lots of people enjoyed the free hugs offered by Kelz and SMF.

Pats on the back all round for us.

By the way our book 'THe Complex' came in the post today. A real page turner.

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What grand fun - and how cool is it that the policeman took your photo!? I gotta tell you, though, that the plain, blank mask on the person second from the left is REALLY scary to me -- something about that "facelessness" is spooky - almost makes the "V" mask kind of "homey."

VERY nice going, and thank you for protesting!

Panda Termint

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As always, well done to you all and Thank You!
The time and effort you give to exposing the CofS is really appreciated. :)
Cheers, Panda.