Christian Baptist Minister Alfreddie Johnson giving Scientology Sunday Service


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Little David

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Thank ayou. I found it myself before I saw your reply.
It's interesting that the facebook page with the quotes you posted was made unavailable. I wonder if someone goofed by using their full names? Bob Duggan might have thought it would hurt his Pharmacyclics business and complained. I hope some of his employees and investors find this thread.


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Mike Rinder now has a post on this.

The “Ideal” Scientologist

After his Sunday Service he put up a post on HIS Facebook page with “responses” that was subsequently taken down. But the text was captured by an alert correspondent:

Alfreddie Johnson
Reverend Alfreddie Johnson
“The Ideal Scientologist”
31 August 2014

The service started with Ms. Stacy Francis singing Amazing Grace which totally moved the crowd. The Senior Chaplain then read the Creed of the Church of Scientology and “An Invitation to Freedom, Man Can Save his Soul” and brought Stacy Francis back on the stage to sing a song called “I Believe” which got the whole crowd standing and clapping.

Then Reverend Alfreddie Johnson came on and completely blew the crowd away with a sermon all about being an ideal Scientologist and what that meant. The crowd was completely impacted by the message given in this sermon and they were on fire to be more active as a result.

Once Rev. Alfreddie was done, the whole crowd received group processing from the Senior Chaplain and the service was then ended with the Scientology Prayer for Total Freedom.

The public were completely rave and we had 129 public in attendance.

Here is what the public had to say:

Bob Duggan – I loved Stacy, I loved the Chaplain and the LRH references she read and the Group Processing she did and I also loved Rev. Alfreddie. Alfreddie is absolutely glowing and has really been growing so much! This truly shows you how Scientology works and everything he said was so right. I am also just amazed at how gorgeous our Chapel is and I am really proud to be part of this group.

Susan Hawley – Where do I begin? There are so many things that I loved today. I really got that an ideal Scientologist is someone who confronts the world outside and turns it into a place where Scientology is used everywhere and with everyone no matter who you come into contact with out there in the world. I am closed to work more on the 4th dynamic campaigns that we have in Scientology and start getting out there.

Wolfgang Brugger – I loved Alfreddie and the sermon today. It was so powerful. After coming to this and hearing these words from LRH and Alfreddie I am now truly going to become an ideal Scientologist.

Patrick Martin – The sermon we got was fantastic! I am going to continue to make things go right to avail myself of more Bridge progress and I am going to become a more effective Scientologist.

Anastasia Bang – I loved the message we got today and I loved the group processing. After seeing this I know my part is to do whatever I can to bring more sanity to this world.
George Mesmer – This was very impacting. Mr. Johnson said what really needed to be said about how a Scientologist is someone who applies the technology of Scientology and I really got it! I am going to become more active.

Zorica Stanulova – I thought everything was amazing! The Chaplain and the LRH words, the singer and the information we received from the Minister. I also really liked the group processing. I am going to come to every Sunday Service that I can and use the data and bring others too.

Diane Klein – The music was fabulous, the talk was awesome and the group processing was wonderful. This was also in my first time in this building and this was quite a welcome! This service really made me see that KSW is something that is 24/7 and really inspired me.

Brian Smith – I loved Alfreddie and his speech and the group processing that we did. I think I am going to start working for the IAS and work for the purpose of others and not just self.
Debbie Phelps – I loved this speech today. Alfreddie really hit home to all of us that this planet is in ruin but by the end he had us so uptone and closed on the application of KSW and Scientology in every aspect of life. I also really loved Stacy Francis who really blew us away. Man! All I can say is that I know I need to do more and I will do just that. Always!

Orlando Bentz – I really liked the message from today that something can be done about it! No matter what you have, in Scientology you will always find a way out. As a result of attending this Sunday Service I decided that I am going to stay on course and get others to get on course and do the same.

Audrey Steinbergs – The ARC, quality and personal certainty that Scientology works was so tangible in this sermon. I really see what I need to do. I need to keep on getting out there, keep on with my SRD and this also reaffirmed my intention to do the Cause Resurgence.

Shauna Pratt – This rocked! The sermon was excellent because it showed the ruin that is out there in the world and then gave the direction to handle this. I need to use Scientology everywhere in my own way to get public to become effective Scientologists.

Renata St Lawrence – Rev. Alfreddie is so real. I really got that I need to become more of an ideal Scientologist. The message about applying KSW really indicates to me.

Sally Shube – It was so much fun to be with this group. I loved the singer, the packed Chapel, the Reverend and the group processing! All of it! I definitely want to do more reach out in the outside world as a result of coming to this Sunday Service today.

John Elrick – Everything was awesome! I had a lot of fun today. The singing, the Reverend and the group processing were equally stellar! I am going to move so much faster and get my Purif paid for very soon and complete all my Basics very soon too!

Gaspar Kolosz – Really showing us what we can do as Scientologists was amazing. I am going to continue training and do just that.

Liz Dawson – This was so real. There are real problems out there and we have the real solutions in Scientology and I know something can be done about it. I need to help more on getting this done. Thank you for this today.

Marla Lenain – I really liked the technology we got today from Rev. Alfreddie. I decided I am going to do Super Power and disseminate more.

Doug Daniloff – I loved the message of what is an ideal Scientologist. This was so hard hitting. I decided I am going to get back on staff.

Interesting the first name on the list is super whale Bob Duggan. One would imagine someone supposedly as smart as he is would see through the bs. But there is more to come that will explain his “devotion to the cause” and it is a VERY strange set of circumstances that leaves him at the mercy of Charmaine Roger.