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Church of Scientology Eastern United States OT Committee Report


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Church of Scientology Eastern United States OT Committee Report

Mike: Disastrous EUS OT Committee Report

I have highlighted a few of the most interesting things in red. Not a single one of these reports gives the impression of a flourishing org. In fact, for the most part they are pathetically sad. Their reports covering the activities for an entire quarter focus in many cases on a single individual who got onto services, or people who were “revitalized and planning on starting” or “pledges” for the ideal orgs.
Perhaps the most noticeable thing is that there is more information contained in these reports about WISE, WTH, Criminon, Youth For Human Rights and other “4d campaigns” than there is about selling books or getting people onto services in an org. The “OT Committees” are avoiding the orgs themsleves or “clearing the planet.”
Which raises the question of what the Church of Scientology could possibly have to do with such independent secular organization as The Way to Happiness, Criminon, Youth for Human Rights and other independent secular "4d" campaigns."

Emphasis and comments below are Mike's.

Leaked data:
Eastern United StatesOT Committees2013 December Quarterly Report“The Eagles” ATLANTA OT COMMITTEE DECEMBER 2013 REPORT

The Atlanta OT Committee has continued their focus on creating the Ideal Org and finishing up the fundraising for renovations. The Atlanta OT Committee has gone into over drive with doubling its active OT Committee Members.

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

The OT Committee had highest ever promotional outflow to the Atlanta Field. An affluence of volunteer hours topping 67 hours in one week and recoveries up over last quarter.
Fundraising for Ideal Orgs

This fall the OT Committee held many Ideal Org fundraising events. Continuing on the successful action of Saturday speaker and/or seminars held with between 25 and 40 plus public attending. These events have had the effect of keeping the goal of finishing the fundraising. [Just a little short on specifics....]

OT Ambassador Joel Benk and Debbie Benk, the ED for Atlanta Org continues to throw the gauntlet down and went on a complete disagree and became one of 7 current Gold New Civilization builders on the planet. That created the effect of others stepping up and Roddie Crouch followed and completed his next status and became an Atlanta New Civilization Builder.

Stephanie McAleer pitched an Atlanta Braves Strike and became the newest humanitarian in big league style.

Matt Hines kept the donation momentum going and went up to double humanitarian. And Rusty Logan pledge up to Humanitarian as a Staff Member and has just a few thousand left to make that a reality.


The OT Committee, led by OT Committee I/C Mike Bredeweg, did a massive promotion for the Golden Age of Tech Phase II events at Flag. This included web promotion, e-mails, and call-in, which resulted in 30 people from the field attending the live events! [Straight up and vertical -- 30 people attended the most important event in the history of history! Now THAT'S PLANETARY CLEARING!!!!!!!]

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

The OT Committee continued promoting the showing of the events in the Battle Creek Org, through e-mails and call-in, and helped to get over 70 people to attend these events locally.

Progress on Files Projects.

Melissa Enders decided to be the CF I/C to run the Files projects. Melissa has started organizing this work. [This is the best they could say. Oh dear]

Getting New Public into the Org.

OT Committee Member Randy Meyers held a tour of the future Ideal Org building, showed a Public a video on the Ideal Org project and Scientology, and this Public then started a course.

Other Major Activities.

The OT Committee ran a project to thoroughly clean and remove massive amounts of waste and debris from the future Ideal Org building. This took 2 months of dedicated work, and they removed many tons of construction debris and waste from the building. The building is now suitable to provide tours and events to give the Public mass on the building and assist in Ideal Org fundraising.

Recent Stellar Achievers.

Jim Devries headed the project to clean and prepare the Ideal Org building for tours and events. This project cleaned out over 60,000 sq. ft. of space, and removed many tons of waste and debris.


This quarter saw the preparations for and the local release of Golden Age of Tech Phase 2!

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

The OT Committee was fully engaged in call-in and getting the entire field in for the Golden Age of Tech Phase 2 events. The OT Committee Call In Tree was revived and updated, consisting of an I/C, 3 Team Leaders and 4-5 Call In personnel under each Team Leader. This is a 19 man call in tree with each person taking 8-12 people to call, covering nearly 200 public to be contacted. The result was 250 attendees to the GAT 2 Release events, and highest event attendance in 20 years! [250 people in Boston at an event is highest in 20 YEARS! You can bet they have reported more than this at virtually every event though those figures were just made up. They are excited about 250 people. Straight up and vertical....]

OT Committee Chairman and OT Ambassador I/C, Bob and Lorraine Baritz, are setting the example for the field by going to Flag for 8 weeks to do the Cornerstone/Ballroom SRD service prior to the opening of GAT 2. They have now arrived at Flag for Super Power! They also promoted their wins and Golden Age of Tech 2 and got excitement going in the field which contributed to the stellar attendance at the release events!

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books & Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

Production Exec Sec, Chris Harrison is the area top FSM and leads the way in getting Public onto service. Qualifications Secretary Joe Nuccio, tracks about 55 OT Committee Members and keeps them moving through their Basics and Golden Age of Knowledge. Arrival onto service from the OT Committee activities average 6 per week.
Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.

This quarter there was a successful “Spooky C-Note Day” held to raise funds for the Ideal Org construction. A small group of OT Committee Members, led by Events I/C Jane Grondin, came in costume for this spooky themed fundraiser near Halloween. This was a telethon style fundraiser and over $5,000 was raised for the Ideal Org.

As reported earlier, the current Boston Org building was sold in August 2013 for 10.5 million. The Org has until Aug 2014 to stay at this location rent free. We are now awaiting construction documents and a final budget to build the new Ideal Org! All design and planning has been funded and there is 11 million in hand to start construction! Boston will be the next Ideal Org DONE in the EUS!

Progress on Files Projects.

Jaime Thompson is the CF Files I/C has ever increasing production in the CF Files project area. Each week between 10 and 20 volunteers turn put to move the files project forward. All backlogged filing through the letter L has been completed, and the letter M and N have been alphabetized. There are weekly CF Parties held and this is a continuous activity.
The Addo Project expanded this quarter with Solo NOTs Auditor Craig Mackay taking on the role of Addo Project I/C. There are now 3 OT Committee Members who work weekly to update the returned mail in the addo system.

The files projects are a huge undertaking, but are established and producing and expanding!


OT Committee Members assisted the Org Division 6 by selling books at stress test tables when these are set up. Communications Executive Secretary Eddie Maher and OT Committee Member Mike LaRosee are 2 Members who participate in this activity. [No specifics at all?]

Boston has an active OT Committee and a strong field. The focus of the OT Committee is getting the new Ideal Org and helping people move up The Bridge! [Yada yada yada]


With 344.44 volunteer hours this quarter, the Buffalo OT Committee shines in its support of the 4th Dynamic Campaigns!

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

The OT Committee assisted with call-in to increase the attendance and enlightenment at the Golden Age of Tech Phase II event. Jim Hottum, OT Committee Member, picked up an out of town public to attend the event and get into session. One of the wins voiced was that the newly returned GAT II trained auditor had this public “in session” like never before!
Scott Carrie and Patty Coleman, both OT Committee Members, have started the Survival Rundown. Patty has also started the Student Hat along with fellow Member Robb Henderson.

Scott Carrie delivered 23 hours of Book One to Public and Staff. One of his selectees completed the Purification Rundown and went onto the Objectives and continues with the Basics studies.

Steve Ilasi completed his Scientology Drug Rundown and his delivery of it to his twin!

Joe Creek, a Committee Member, attested to Objectives Completion! Jeff Hahn, OT Committee Member, in charge for the TWTH campaign and OT VIII, welcomed his wife, Jill Hahn on Staff as an Auditor back from the Freewinds as a New OT VIII completion!

[This is an entire QUARTER of "fully availing themselves" in one of the original "Ideal Orgs" -- 10 years of straight up and vertical expansion has brought them to this. Reporting on "picking up an out of town public."]

Progress on Files Projects.

This quarter the primary concentration was on the inventory project for the release of GAT II with Members and Public contributing 22.25 hours.
Getting New Public into the Org.

Steve Ilasi, OT Committee Member, flowed to this area by distributing 1,360 Non-Existence pieces to raw public. Patty Coleman has a selectee that has signed for their 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] training Division 6 service! [Apparently NO NEW PUBLIC actually were gotten INTO the org this quarter]


Scott Carrie organized, pitched, (along with Steve Ilasi) and presided over the Volunteer Minister tent set up at the Applefest Festival held Oct. 5th & 6[SUP]th[/SUP]. It’s always fun as the tent is neighbor to the petting zoo with a Senior Citizen turkey! A flood of public came into the tent resulting in nineteen assists given and two booklets sold.

Patty Coleman helped the Org with the necessary paperwork to participate in the Earth Spirit Expo held on Oct. 12th & 13th. Thirty six stress tests were given and 8 books were sold! Great communication lines have been established from being a part of this venue. Scott Carrie has also sold 3 other books and Dr. Glenda Rose, OT Committee Chairman, has sold 2 books this quarter.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

On September 7[SUP]th[/SUP], the annual Puerto Rican and Hispanic day parade took place. Even amongst the rain and umbrellas, there was a fun turnout. It was quite a cultural party with 1,358 Truth about Drug booklets passed out between Members and Staff. Many smiling faces, head nods and acknowledgements were exchanged!

Maryann Rusnak, a Committee Member and teacher at a charter school in Buffalo, coordinated for Chris Latham, the Buffalo DSA, to participate in the Drug Free World presentation at her school. Packets of booklets were distributed to the students. A 7[SUP]th[/SUP] grade student told Maryann she shared the marijuana booklet with her two sisters. One of the sisters, after reading the booklet, decided to stop smoking marijuana! Her mom and this student were very happy about this decision!

Six Members of the Committee also provided support for Chris who held a public relations community event in the chapel on October 15th, Buffalo school personnel and local clergy attended. The Way to Happiness campaign was introduced to the attendees. Twenty seven booklets and 27 DVDs were accepted from the display table! Debra Friedmann, OT Committee Member, helped Chris with a lot of the preparations and call-in for this community meeting. 2,229 booklets and 15 DVDs (2 to the Albany, NY library) collectively were passed out by Members this past quarter.

Karl Bradshaw sent out 45 TWTH Intro kits to the Niagara County District school principals, 10 booklets to the regional Nurses Center, and donated $500 for TWTH booklets to be distributed from a group of military servicemen to children for the Christmas holiday.

Glenda Rose was the keynote speaker for the Zonta Club meeting on Oct. 9[SUP]th[/SUP] showing the group the Human Rights PSA’s. There was positive feedback and one person in particular really liked the presentation.

Glenda also showed the Human Rights DVD at the meeting of the Order of the Eastern Star, a worldwide fraternal organization. Nine Members were there and again the presentation was well received!

At the last minute, Patty Coleman got onto an anti-bullying week being held in the town of Hamburg, NY High School. Chris Latham and the DFBO and Patty “armed” themselves with Human Rights info to pass out. 32 booklets and DVDs were distributed and one educator kit. 3 teachers, a youth pastor, a Girl Scout leader, and the President of the school board all met Chris as a result of this activity.

[Obviously the OT Committee is more interested in drug booklets and Human Rights DVDs than getting people into the org or onto service. Pretty typical of these OTC's -- they can get away with their "contribution" being anything and the less they have to deal with actual Dianetics and Scientology the better]


In CCNY’s ongoing quest to become an Ideal Org, its major fundraising event of the year was held, the very popular “Annual Summer Bash”. Two “Open Mic Nights” not only brought in Scientology artists, a number of whom haven’t been in the Org in quite some time, but raised funds for the Ideal CCNY. And filing parties galore also contributed to the motion of getting all folders ready for the BIG DAY.

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

CCNY was well represented at the GAT II release and Super Power opening at Flag, with almost all of the OT Committee in attendance!

Completely exhilarated, upon returning to New York, they threw themselves into call-in for the local events. All except for Pam Bennett (OT Committee CF I/C), who stayed at Flag and is now on her set-ups for Super Power! Yet, even with Pam MIA, in collaboration with Org call-in, there were 90 confirms… double the usual number for an event! [No mention of how many showed up? Probably no more than 45. This is an org?] And especially gratifying was the fact that many people who hadn’t been seen in years came out for them.
Not unexpectedly, everyone was VVVGIs after the events, and Amy Harnell (OT Committee Dissemination Secretary and Artist Association I/C) was the first to route onto the new Student Hat at CCNY!

Just one example of the wins related to the events was the attendance of a public who’s been off The Bridge for years and his FSM said: “Getting this guy to move in any direction is like trying to pull a hippo out of a swamp with a string.” And his OT V, CL VIII, OEC/FEBC mother came to the event with him, after rejecting his first invitation. This is what he texted after the event: “We had a great time. Completely blown away! I couldn’t believe how amazing it was!”

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books & Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

There were two recovery cycles, getting people back onto their Basics, along with two starts and two completions. [Stats for a QUARTER]

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs

A fire dancer? Hula dancers? A roast suckling pig? In Connecticut??!! Yes! All that and more at CCNY’s Annual Summer Bash, held in September. It was hosted by OT Ambassador PoSau Tam and her husband, Randy, at their lovely home, with the tent and tables beautifully decorated with balloons, streamers, pristine white tablecloths, and orchid arrangements.

The fabulous Aloha Hula NYC Dance Troup electrified the crowd of approximately a hundred attendees with fire dancing by a real Fijian prince and two Polynesian dancers. Several of the more adventurous attendees volunteered to join them, and received a raucous round of cheers for their efforts.

But the entertainment was not the only source of electrification. Special Keynote Speaker Michael Chan – OT Ambassador, New OT VIII and 3L’s completion – inspired the audience, elevating the day to a whole new level. And celebrity fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, CCNY public, made a guest appearance, speaking about the importance of an Ideal CCNY. She also donated several of her exclusive handbags for donors giving over a certain amount.

The event was emceed by ED CCNY Stephanie Brymer, and CCI’s Eric Meyersfield not only led the fundraising to a whopping $40,000 in pledges [But nothing actually collected.... $40,000 in pledges will buy a building in New York Upper East side about when hell freezes over....] but wowed the crowd with his rendition of “New York State of Mind.” (Billy Joel, eat your heart out.J)

Progress on Files Projects.

Pam Bennett (OT Committee CF I/C) held two very successful Filing Parties, in true CCNY style – with live entertainment provided by guitarist extraordinaire Ian O’Connell and made-to-order burgers, cooked on the good old backyard grill (yes, there are backyards in NYC – and CCNY has one!) by OT Committee Member Wendy Patten and CCNY public Sase Sham. The September party had 11 frenzied filers, with 7 for the party in October, all moving the project forward with more pre-sorting and filing of particles, as well as pulling specific folders, which are being used to promote the Basics to Div 4 public.

Getting Public into the Org

The tradition of CCNY’s renowned Open Mic Nights, hosted by Amy Harnell (OT Committee Dissemination Secretary and Artist Assoc I/C), continues…

CC Sings – September 29[SUP]th[/SUP] – After Amy started off the evening by reading “The Joy of Creating,” the evening held a diverse and inspiring range of performances, including rock, Spanish folk, contemporary dance, country, pop, poetry, musical theatre, conga drums, and more!

Autumn Open Mic Night – November 10[SUP]th[/SUP] – In honor of Fall, CCNY hosted a very special autumnal Open Mic Night. The first two floors of CC were decorated with sunflowers, autumn leaves, and pumpkins, vibrantly hand painted by OT Committee Member Leslie Koenig… recently returned, having completed New OT VIII! Hot chocolate, pumpkin pie and other festive goodies were served and, as usual, the performers were captivating, creative, and diverse. A raffle was held, with all proceeds going to the CCNY Ideal Building Project. First prize was dinner and drinks for two at Frankie and Johnny’s (voted one of NYC’s top 5 steakhouses), and second prize was one of Leslie’s beautiful hand-painted pumpkins.

There were approximately 15 people at each event, and the raffle raised $300. All performers and audience Members received a VM booklet of their choice.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

OT Committee Chair and Councilwoman Kathy Savas heads up her town’s anti-drug program. To educate the public, she produced a drive-in movie night in October and showed the “Truth about Drugs” video to over 100 people.

Recent Stellar Achievers

Amy Harnell – Fundraising for the Ideal CCNY is the primary focus of the OT Committee, and Amy does an extraordinary job as Events I/C, coming up with “bright ideas,” bringing in the talent, decorating spaces with grace, flair, creativity and ensures every detail is perfect.

Kathy Savas – As OT Committee Chairman, she consistently “inspires the troops” and keeps the group on purpose and moving forward. Additionally, as Councilwoman in her town, she spreads the word about the dangers of drugs with her events.

Pam Bennett – A key target for every org moving in the direction of “Ideal” is getting the C/F in PT. Pam held two CF filing parties and became an Elite Ambassador of Planetary Dissemination.


The Chicago OT Committee continued to forward command intention this past quarter by continuing to get the Chicago field through The Basics.

Helping Scientologists in your field move up The Bridge to Clear and OT.

Chicago celebrated another New OT VIII in the field when Chris Olsen returned home from the Freewinds in October. Public Vince Chiarra and Alex Alemis also completed New OT VII and Debbie Young started New OT VI Part A. Courtney Condon also began OT Preps at FSO. New OT VII completion Cheryl Berman completed L11 and L12. New OT VIII completion Randy Kretchmar completed L11.

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books & Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

The OT Committee has several FSMs in the ranks and as a group they contributed an additional 24 Basic starts this quarter.

OT Committee Members helped promote the release of Golden Age of Tech Part II. They did call in and sent out emails to increase attendance at the local event in Chicago. The live GAT II Release event at Flag was attended by 8 Chicago OT Committee Members.

So far the OT Committee has reported 2 New Student Hat starts as well as a Super Power start. Two additional OT Committee Members have started set ups for Super Power.
Recent Stellar Achievers

New OT VIII Linda Triscik is the Chicago OT Committees top FSM with 24 service starts so far this year.


This quarter the OT Committee really backed up the Org and helped with the preparations to release GAT II. There was Call-in, and also volunteering that helped as so many Staff were gone on training.

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

OT Committee Member Jim Speiser who attended the GAT II event at Flag came home on fire. He got his wife paid for her NEW Solo Course in Cincinnati and scheduled to start. She has been stalled on The Bridge for years now. He also got his daughter onto her ARC SW and paid through her grades.

The OT Committee Chairman Vicki Daugherty routed on to her new Student Hat course as soon as it was released. Vicki and a group of OT Committee Members went to Flag to see the recent events and returned to Cincinnati to help excite the field to come and see the event at Cincinnati.

OT Committee Member Bill Bertinot worked with four people to get them paid through The Grades. OT Committee Member Scott Shelby APed for a good piece of his GAT II training, and also did call in for the GAT II event with a resulting 50 confirms.

[Another Ideal Org and they have NOTHING HAPPENING on getting anyone onto service. Their quarterly report consists of people being scheduled to start and "APing for a good piece of GAT II"]

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books & Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

OT Committee Member Ben Kasle volunteered each week to help in the course room getting people through their courses while the full battery of sups was being trained at Flag. OT Committee Members Mike Teifke and Scott Shelby both set a great example and were regularly on course and moving on their training. Mike completed the PDCs, and Scott completed his Third ACC and started on the Fourth ACC.
Getting New Public into the Org.

OT Committee Members had new public starts of 2 Life Repairs and 2 Books sold with Extension Courses. [In a Quarter]


Each week OT Committee Member Henry Jagger has gone with the Org Bookselling Team to help out. They had a new person come in to the Org and start a course through this activity.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

OT Committee Member Jim Speiser has met with the Mayor of Indianapolis and has set up another meeting with officials of the city to implement the distribution of TWTH in certain target districts of the city. He also spoke with a leading State Police official about The Truth about Drugs campaign. Jim has also volunteered and has started breathing new life into the WISE group.

Six OT Committee Members working through their Rug and Art selling business handed out over 2000 The Way to Happiness booklets in this quarter.
Other Major Activities.

The OT Committee is doing The Neighborly Love Project for the upcoming holiday season. Funds are being raised currently to get out fifteen baskets. Henry Jagger is the I/C of this project. Baskets are delivered to local clergy to get out of Non E with them. Results in the past have ranged from thank you letters, to visits by the ministers to get stress tests and a tour. Recently the Org Staff and OT Committee Members went to a local college to sell Dianetics books. A student there came by and said that his pastor – at the church across the street from us – told her congregation that we were GOOD NEIGHBORS. The very intent of the Neighborly Love Project in the first place!

Recent Stellar Achievers.

Jim Speiser has moved his family onto and up The Bridge this quarter. He has made great inroads into the community by meeting with key officials as well. He has paid for and scheduled to start his retraining as he is currently a pre-GAT II Class V Interned auditor.

Henry Jagger has volunteered each week to do booksales and has done body routing. And he has started the fundraising and the beginning stages of the third round of The Neighborly Love Project. Henry’s soft and polite demeanor endears him to the local clergy and their staff. They love him!

Margaret Chalmers has made all the desserts for each event and fundraiser. She has helped at all Sunday brunches. She has brought her professional skill but has volunteered and really made a difference so that the cafe is clean and shiny and there is a great atmosphere of friendliness. There are also a lot of her homemade treats which are even good for everyone. She has done a great job to help the Org.

Billy Chalmers has not only volunteered at the Org doing call-in for the key events, he has audited Book One as a volunteer for the Org many many hours this quarter.


Out of a total of 24 Members, the weekly average for the number of active Members during this past quarter was nine. The total number of hours spent on OT Committee projects by Members and/or Volunteers was 1,618.5 hours.

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

OT Committee Members helped with call-in for the Freewinds event on October 6[SUP]th[/SUP]. There were 15 people in attendance at this event. The OT Committee was also helpful in setting up for the event, arranging food, and completing the cycle of clean up after the event.

On November 9[SUP]th[/SUP], AOLA provided a Bridge Enlightenment event by Angie LeClaire, an AOLA auditor. The OT Committee helped with call-in, set-up and post-event break-down. This event was attended by 30 people. Neal Oxman, a Columbus public, gave a talk about his recent services from Solo 2 through New OT V at AOLA. A product of this event is that Mike Blake, an OT Committee Member, is planning his forthcoming trip to AOLA for auditing.

Three Columbus OT Committee Members; Gary Howes, Jodi Howes, and Cherie Downey; attended the live GAT II events at Flag in November and again in Columbus the following weekend. The OT Committee was instrumental in helping to get over 70 people confirmed for the events locally and helped with set-up, food, and break-down for the events.
Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.

The OT Committee assisted Org Staff with a fund raising event on September 14[SUP]th[/SUP]. The theme was “The Time is Now.” There were 18 people in attendance, and $100 was raised. A Halloween fundraiser was organized by the OT Committee and featured the LRH lecture on “Confronting Evil.” This was on October 26[SUP]th[/SUP], and $200 was raised with 18 in attendance.

Getting New Public into the Org.

Earlier in 2013, we discussed the OT Ambassador program targets at an OT Committee meeting to determine where we might most effectively focus efforts. The intention was to create the biggest possible impact with the resources available. It was determined that the OT Committee needed to make a concerted effort to get new people on The Bridge. The OT Committee considered that coordinating with the local WISE Membership (since many of the WISE Members are also on the OT Committee) would maximize the effectiveness in this regard.

A series of workshops was planned and led by Dan York, a Scientologist from Nashville. The OT Committee and WISE worked together to make these events happen, targeting professionals in particular. Three workshops have been done already: September 8[SUP]th[/SUP] “How to Build a Winning Team,” October 20[SUP]th[/SUP] “How to Break Out of a Fixed Income,” and November 17 “How to Make Money in any Economy.” A fourth workshop is planned for January.

Attendance has been enthusiastic, as follows: 9/8 – 40 (8 of whom were non-Scientologists) , 10/20 – 43 (11 of whom were non-Scientologists), and 11/17 – 35. One new start has resulted thus far from these events.

The OT Committee is pleased to see that these events are serving to introduce new people to WISE and to LRH Tech, as well as providing an opportunity for current public to find new ways to implement the Tech and thereby flourish and prosper.


The Universal Light Expo took place in Columbus on October 12[SUP]th[/SUP] and 13[SUP]th[/SUP]. The people who attend this event are generally folks who have an interest in spiritual topics. Two Members of the OT Committee manned a booth at the Expo and both of them had wins.

OT Committee Member Mike Blake shared this win: “I had a lady sit down for a stress test and indicated that she was deaf. I put her on the cans and through gestures and intention got her to understand what the meter was going to show. She had a big fall and I indicated the stress. She said YES I have lots of stress! I showed her the Dianetics book and she got very excited and bought it!”

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

OT Committee Member Monique Williams, the head of the Happy House project in Columbus, continues to conduct this tutoring and study assistance activity in an inner-city neighborhood. She reports that 20 – 25 students attended, and there were five completions during this past quarter.

In addition Monique attended three community meetings: Greater Linden Corporation, Clintonville Safety Committee, and Linden Recreation Center CRC meeting (liaising with the community). In the Clintonville meeting she connected with the local police precinct and received data defining high crime areas, for the purpose of passing out TWTH booklets. Coordinating with the OT Committee, Monique saw to it that forty-five booklets were distributed in the targeted neighborhood.

On her last visit to Linden Recreation Center before Thanksgiving, Monique was given a recognition by one of the staff which reads: “I wanted to recognize you for all your help and contribution to Linden Recreation Center. You are a great asset to our program and our community. It is always a pleasure to see the smiles you put on the children’s faces. You make a significant difference. We are grateful for all that you do. Thank you.” Signed, Ambrosia LaMarr, Recreation Leader.

Other Major Activities.

Related, but not directly connected, to the Applied Scholastics 4D campaign, is the current local effort to establish a charter school with a focus on the arts (Central Ohio School for the Arts) which will specifically use LRH Study Technology. Two OT Committee Members, Tina Slack and Cherie Downey, are serving on the Board of Directors for the school. Their chief interest is to ensure that the curriculum is pertinent and to a high standard and that study tech is employed in the classrooms.

Recent Stellar Achievers.

Mike Blake sets an example as a stellar achiever. He consistently leads the way in the OT Committee call-in efforts for getting people to arrive at events. Mike is also at the forefront with bookselling activities. He organized and recruited help for the Universal Light Show where the OT Committee had a booth.

In taking responsibility for the neighborhood where she conducts the Happy House activity by seeing to it that TWTH booklets were distributed there, Monique Williams has set an example and made a mark by way of showing how personal involvement can create good effects on the third and fourth dynamics.


Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.


  • OT Ambassador EUS I/C John Stout started the Phase II Student Hat immediately after it was released.
  • Roy Finley has completed New OT VIII.
  • Carol Fischer has begun her preps for New OT VI at Flag.
  • Marty Liverance is working on his eligibility for New OT V at AOLA.
  • Joe Matievich, Dave Jantz, Monica Biddle and Jon Holtfreter are auditing on Solo NOTs.
  • Rick Sowerby has been on his OT Preps at AOLA.

There have been a total of 99 service starts from the OTC. Eight OT Committee Members or their selectees took their next step to OT. OT Committee Member John Deluca is responsible for getting 3 Division 6 service starts.

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books & Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

The Basics/Recovery Team continues to contact those in the field who are not actively working on their Basics or otherwise on service. The team members include Basics Project I/C and New OT VIII Curt Larson (newly posted), Susan Hamady, Jon Holtfreter, Bob Jenkins and Mary Brustmaker. Peg Bogema, the Production Secretary, has taken an active role
in this project. Jon Holtfreter recovered a veteran Scientologist to his Basics.

There have been 7 recoveries
. OT Committee Members Laurie Gailunas and Jon Holtfreter have the most products.

New OT VIII Andy Jajuga has taken on the hat of ensuring that all OT Committee Members are on and moving through their Basics. OT Committee Members continue to progress through the Golden Age of Knowledge. OT Ambassador John Stout leads the way as he is on the 5[SUP]th[/SUP] London ACC and closing in on completing the Golden Age if Knowledge lineup.

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.

Events and interviews are held and conducted on a regular basis. Highlights of recent activities include:

  1. OT Committee Member May Brustmaker contributes every week to the Ideal Org and sets a very shining example for us.
  2. OT Committee Events I/C Cathy Stone has planned and executed a number of entertaining, fun and successful events including tours of Detroit and a cruise on the Detroit River.
  3. Funds raised to date come to over $137,000.
  4. The Jacquez family is the latest to pledge to become Ideal Org Humanitarians.
  5. Detroit’s biggest donors for the year are Alan & Ursula Kellman, John & Gail Stout, Roy Finley & Cathy Stone, and Dr. Abe Gershonowicz.
  6. OT Ambassador Dave Bogema continues as the Detroit OT Committee Fundraising I/C. Active fundraisers include John Stout, Alan Kellman and Cathy Stone.

Progress on Files Projects.

The Central Files Project I/C is New OT IV Rick Sowerby. He ensures weekly progress is made on CF, and also holds monthly Sunday gatherings in which OT Committee members and volunteers work on CF. Usual participants are Rick Sowerby, Paul Maisano, Mary Brustmaker, Alan Kellman and Roy Finley. The Jaquez family joined the team this past Sunday


Detroit’s leading booksellers are Solo NOTs Auditor David Jantz and John Deluca. Dave, a naturopath, delivers seminars about nutrition and the effects of psychotropic drugs in which he makes use of CCHR materials. Books sales take place at the conclusion of his seminars.

OT Committee Members, including Dave Jantz, Joe Matievich, Carol Fischer and John Deluca have sold 30 books.

IAS Fundraising Activities and major statuses made.

OT Ambassadors and OT Committee Members continue to help support the IAS. During this quarter, Detroit OT Committee Members have contributed and raised over $477,000 for the IAS, making Detroit the top IAS org in EUS!

Dr. Abe Gershonowicz completed his Gold Meritorious with Honors status. Alan & Ursula recently made a $50,000 donation to the IAS above and beyond their Gold Meritorious status. John & Gail Stout completed their Patron Meritorious.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

OT Committee members Joe Matievich, Lourdes Collado and Monika Biddle are working on The Way to Happiness campaign. Monika has developed many contacts where she lives and in the City of Detroit.

On Thanksgiving 1200 TWTH booklets were distributed, to those in attendance at the annual parade, by Joe Matievich, Mary Brustmaker and others.
New OT V Laurie Gailunas continues as the I/C of the successful Ann Arbor Dianetics Group.

Total events for the year to date came to 57, with the leaders being Laurie and Joe Gailunas, Cathy Stone and Dave Jantz.

OT Committee Members have been active for 773 weeks and put in a total of 2382 Volunteer Hours.

Other Major Activities.

The OT Committee assisted with two staff arrivals: Kathy Tweitmeyer and Ken Taylor.

A number of OT Committee representatives went to Flag for the Golden Age of Tech Phase II events and the Grand Opening of the new Flag building, including OT Ambassadors Alan & Ursula Kellman, John Stout, and Paul & Vickey Maisano, as well as Dave & Peg Bogema, Cathy Stone & Roy Finley, and Marty Liverance.


The FCDC OT Committee has been busy this quarter focusing on GAT II, recoveries, completing the first IAS project of the year, Youth for Human Rights and the annual Drug Free World Halloween Handout!

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

The FCDC OT Committee main production has been the “Recovery Basket” project. Working with Division 6 the OT Committee put together goodie baskets including a copy of FOT DVD and an invitation to the GAT II Events. We obtained a list of public who needed to be recovered and who were not yet confirmed for the events. OT Committee Members including Cynthia McIver, Shawn Kimmel, Karen Berg and Devon Roscoe each took responsibility to get the baskets to public who lived in their neighborhoods. Approximately 10 baskets were delivered to public who were otherwise not in comm. One public, Natalie, who was visited by Devon Roscoe was disinterested and didn’t even want to go through the trouble of coming to her door to pick up the basket. By the end of the communication about Gat II, she had come up tone to strong interest. When she heard how much faster the lower bridge was she said “So really right now. . . I could go into the Org and complete my next bridge steps!” She decided she would have to make a point of coming in and seeing the replay event when her finals were over! [And that is apparently all the news from another "Ideal Org"....]

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.

FCDC is part of a regional Ideal Org Alliance. We have formed the “Freedom Alliance” with Philly and Boston. In order to strengthen the alliance with Boston on September 3, 2013 the FCDC OT Committee decided to acknowledge the Day and Foundation staff and congratulate them on selling their existing building! We purchased a HUGE “Edible Arrangement” fruit and chocolate gift basket and had it delivered as a surprise during an announcement event. It was very well received with the ED saying, “WOW!!! I just came in and saw the biggest most beautiful Edible Arrangement I have EVER seen!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

Getting New Public into the Org.

The main production in this area has been by individual FSMs.

OT VII, Vera Robinson has been a top FSM this quarter. She has conducted lectures in the field and routed new people into the Org for The Basics, Purif, Objectives and other services.

Events for New Public

  • Workshop on Tone Scale to all top management at Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase.
  • Workshop on Tone Scale to all top management at Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls.
  • Workshop on Component Parts of Communication to Vice President and all managers at Hay-Adams Hotel next door to White House.
  • Individual training on communication to Counselor for Education at The Embassy of Bahrain.
[Not a single new person actually arrived apparently]

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

Youth For Human Rights: On October 5[SUP]th,[/SUP] 2013, Youth for Human Rights was part of a larger event with a dual purpose of holding a march to raise awareness about modern day slavery as well as bringing together various organizations with human rights missions in a resource fair. YFHR participated in the march and we had a display table as part of the resource fair.

The Youth for Human rights team was comprised of Members of the National Office and the VMs and YFHR of the FCDC OT Committee. A Committee Member and two law students from Georgetown Law School set up a display table on the lawn of President Lincoln’s Cottage along with several dozen other human rights related organizations. The Story of Human Rights booklet and the DVD as well as the What Are Human Rights booklets and DVDs were distributed as well as educator kits interested attendees.

Additionally the group had a HUGE petition that the attendees signed that asked the President to make human rights education mandatory in schools. There were hundreds of signatures on the petition. The idea was to create a resource fair that brought together like minded groups with people interested in getting involved. This helped to get into communication with public who are passionate about human rights and also with other human rights related organizations. One such organization wanted to feature YFHR on their website. When the attendees were not visiting the display tables there were speakers and performances.

Throughout October 2013 the FCDC OT Committee and the Org worked together to distribute over 15, 000 The Truth About Drugs Booklets throughout DC, VA, MD. The following article ran the Washington Sun Newspaper detailing the project:

“In the support of Drug Awareness Month, the Founding Church of Scientology staff and volunteers have made it an annual tradition at the end of October to distribute the Truth About Drugs booklets to raise awareness of the harmful effects of drugs.

“This year Church volunteers, lead by Devon Roscoe of Washington DC and Karen Berg of Alexandria, VA, in their continuing effort to make our communities drug-free, took to the streets and distributed over 15,000 booklets to local DC and VA shops and public service facilities, including the Annandale parade and good old-fashion trick-or-treating so adults and kids alike can get the truth.

“As a mother, I really appreciate the work Scientologists are doing to reach our kids with the truth about drugs before the dealers do,” said Ivy Hylton of Hillcrest Children’s and Family Center. “And the booklets are impacting, effective and kids love them.

“There is a lot of talk about drugs in the world—on the streets, at school, on the Internet and TV. But no one, especially a young person, likes to be lectured about what he or she can or cannot do. Thus, we provide the facts that empower youth and adults to choose not to take drugs. Additionally our Truth About Drugs campaign consists of activities that they can join which popularize drug-free living. These activities are simple and effective,” said Ms. Roscoe.

“Karen Berg commented, “I handed a booklet to a woman with a toddler. She grabbed it and said, ‘Truth about drugs! Great! It’s never too early to start educating on that!’ Another man took one, read the cover and immediately asked me if he could have more. Drugs have negatively affected many of our lives and it is our goal to get the truth about drugs out to everyone in our community.”

“The Church of Scientology supports The Truth About Drugs initiative, one of the world’s largest non-governmental drug education and prevention campaigns and makes these materials available free of charge to educators, law enforcement and community programs.

When young people are provided with the truth about drugs—factual information on what drugs are and what they do—usage rates drop commensurately.

“The Founding Church of Scientology will be doing this every year. Those interested in getting more information on the Drug Free World programs can visit www.drugfreeworld.org. We encourage everyone to get the factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug free.”

Other Major Activities

The DC Criminon Program run by OT VII Matt Robinson and Derek Baxter has had a successful quarter with expansion from 2-3 programs. The Criminon program now delivers to the female inmates, the drug rehabilitation population as well as to the Juvenile population. Recently, the Federal Government has contracted with Criminon DC to provide classes as part of their parole program. This will be a paid service that is slated to begin in 2014.

Recent Stellar Achievers

Stellar Achievers this quarter are New OT VIII Vera Robison for her work in the field and as an FSM and Karen Berg for her work with The American Red Cross, the National Affairs Office and as an OT Committee Executive.


This was a very active quarter for the OT Committee of the LI Org. Participation in meetings was increased and stabilized along with various project completions.

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

The Long Island OT Committee Members were very actively involved in the process after the release of GAT II as well as trying to activate people to buy services such as training and processing. OT Committee Members called and confirmed public to attend the GAT II events. At least 5 OT Committee Members made calls and especially Malcolm who dedicated several days of calling to confirm public for the event. Several e-mail blasts as well as text blast messages were sent by OT Committee Chairman Dr. Kostopoulos, in regards to the event.

Members of the OT Committee attended the live event at Flag. OT Committee Members worked also to get people confirmed for the World Flag Tour.

OT Committee Members called and confirmed people to attend the GAT II events and many Members of the Committee attended the live event at Flag. OT Committee Members worked also to get people confirmed for the Flag World Tour.

[They dont even have a report on anyone attending the event, let alone getting on service!]

The OT Committee sponsored on a regular basis Sunday Service with group auditing. For first time ever the LI OT Committee hosted Prosperity Workshops to reach out to local businesses. These happened twice a month.

The OT Committee worked hard and scheduled an Ideal Org Weekend Spectacular which will now take place in the month of February due to the GAT II and IAS events this month. OT Committee news-bulletins, e-mail updates and text reminders outflowed on a regular basis. The OT Committee is very excited and has lots of projects in mind for the near future to re-activate past Members that can help reach group goals.

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books & Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

OT Committee Members helped others to purchase and start GAT II courses plus other courses and also Flag packages.

Dr Kostopoulos, OT Committee Chairman confirmed: Oscar Romero (Survival Rundown) and four Public for the Success through Communication Course as well as a 3 Intensive Flag package for himself!

Other Major Activities

OT Committee Members funded a “Scientology” sign that will go in front of the LI Org and make the Org visible.

Recent Stellar Achievers.

Jim Kahrs – Helped with Prosperity group meetings twice monthly
Harry Shmitz – Helped with Sunday service twice monthly
Dimitrios Kostopoulos – Facilitated and scheduled and Ideal Org event “The Weekend Spectacular”.


Miami OT Committee works for freedom for Miami with a new building to renovate and moves others up The Bridge to OT by getting them on course and recovering the Scientologists in the field.

Helping Scientologists in your field move up The Bridge to Clear and OT.

Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone [These two are also "claimed" by CCInt and Flag] answered the call and not only completed the line-up for Super Power but actually where one of the first to start Super Power. Sue Devlin is now back on Solo NOTs and continues to move through the level. Chris Nobbe went to the Freewinds and completed her review program. Steven Perrotti is now at Flag on NED with the Golden Age of Tech ll. Adolfo Valero continues to move through New OT VI at Flag. Mark Witt continues up The Bridge auditing on NED and Marie Williams helps the Org as the NED C/S to help make clears in Miami. Collette Atzel has recovered a Public and has started auditing him on Book One. Norman Vespi and Sonia Roca arrive on the Freewinds for the OT prosperity convention.

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books & Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

The Miami OT Committee Members are actively moving on The Basics line-up to prepare for the Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

Tomas Tillberg continues on the 2nd ACC. Dottie Tillberg is currently on the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] ACC. Colette Atzel completed the complete basics line up so she is ready to start her Golden Age of Tech ll line-up. Sheri Hamilton is currently on the 7[SUP]th[/SUP] ACC. Joann Madigan is on the Source of Life lectures and continue to move through The Basics. [That's it?]

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.

Miami has continues to create on making the Ideal org a reality. Sheri and Robert Hamilton have answered the call by moving up to their next level. They are Vanguard Members with a donation of $10,000. Wendy Harris is playing the game and also move up to her next level. She is a vanguard Member with a donation of $10,000. Joann Madigan moves to her next level as well and has become a Crusader. She has donated $25,000 to the Ideal Org and keeps her promise of an Ideal Org in Miami. This quarter $10,046 has been raised to complete the funds need to renovate the new Org building. [At this rate, the renovations will be done in 250 YEARS]

Progress on Files Projects.

Collette Atzel is the CF I/C and she continues to work on getting the files completed. She has recruited 3 new Members to help with the Central Files project which is on going until the new Org opens.

IAS Fundraising Activities and major statuses made.

Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone have recently moved to the next level of Silver Meritorious.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

Barbie Brown continues to help on the education front salvaging young children from psychiatry. She passed out hundreds of The Way to Happiness booklets to children during Halloween. Lina Velez, the VM I/C passed out hundreds of Youth for a Drug Free World booklets to help children understand the truth about drugs. Lilliana Correa organized a walk for Human Rights and distributed hundreds of booklets and 150 DVDs to the public. She also disseminated to a congress woman in Dominica Republic.

Recent Stellar Achievers.

Sheri Hamilton, Marie Williams and Dottie Tillberg continue to take responsibility for making sure the OT Ambassador program is complete.
Nancy Gurliaccio and Joann Madigan are incredible at event set-up and continue to put the most amazing costumes together at the Ideal Org fundraisers.
Lina Velez, Barbie brown and Lilliana Correa continue working on 4D campaigns and Norm Vespi continues as fund raising I/C for the Ideal Org.


Nashville is re-organizing as an OT Committee with Owen York as the new OT Chairman.

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

The CC Nashville OT Committee helped with getting Public to the Org for the events with call-in prior to the GAT II Release event. The OT Committee also started a weekly push amongst OT Committee Members to get anyone not through the Purification RD or SRD and also Super Power through them. Dan York the Nashville WISE IC is currently on his Purification RD and is lined up for Super Power in February. OT Committee Chairman Owen York is lined up for Super Power also in February. The D/Chairman recently finished her Purification and is lined up to do her SRD on February 15[SUP]th[/SUP]. There is also a push to make sure OT Committee Members are all on course every week, wrapping up the Basic Books and Lectures.

The OT Committee has started to push weekly FSMing by the Members as a recurring target to continue to get new Public onto The Bridge and existing Public into session and onto Courses and to take advantage of GAT II.

[Not a single specific from another "Ideal Org."]

Getting Public into the Org

Artlightenment 2013 was held November 14th – 16th. The message of the festival was that artists should be helped and that the Celebrity Centre offers such help for artists. The main event message was forwarded on Saturday night at the end of the art and film awards when a special trophy was awarded in recognition of five years of Artlightenment. This was presented to the Executive Director of Artlightenment, FSM Robyn Morshead, in front of the nearly 200 public present in the room. A brief speech was given, “Our services deal with the immortal nature of all of us and our courses and services are geared towards helping artists.”

The festival began on Thursday 14 November, with double the attendance from the previous year and the Tennessee Tribune posted a story called Artlightenment 2013 Art and Film Festival.

On Thursday night, the Film Festival was opened by Sherry Carlisle and the Impalers. The band consists of 6 seasoned Nashville musicians and performers. Afterwards, they each thanked the staff who were hosting them several times over. Sherry, who has toured with some of country music’s legends, said that the service at the Org was absolutely incredible.

Two professors and 20 students from MTSU were present during the Thursday night film festival. They were very, very happy with a full-page “Special Mention” of the faculty and students of MTSU in the beautiful, full-color Artlightenment 2013 program they were handed.

Professor Tom Neff of the Film and Video Department returned on Saturday night, along with more MTSU students to accept awards. To say Mr. Neff appeared happy is a total understatement because the man was overjoyed running up to the stage more than once to accept awards on behalf of MTSU Students’ work. The culminating moment was when his student’s film Sbocciare (meaning to blossom in Italian) won best film of the festival, and another of his student’s film Streets of Florence won the Audience Choice award. Afterwards, he expressed to one of the staff hosts that he is so impressed with what the Church of Scientology has achieved with the event.

The support for the org and the event by MTSU faculty and students was evident again in the following days when a blog called “MTSU Students & Faculty Win Big at Artlightenment” was posted on http://emcmtsu.com, the film and video department’s website. Then a second story was posted on the blogEMC student documentary films of Florence, Italy to screen on campus” which spoke highly of being award-winners at ArtLightenment, and it had a link to the first story for more information.

Celebrity photographer Raeanne Rubenstein was the featured artist this year, and she brought a powerful element of international stardom to the Org. Forty or more her photographs were beautifully displayed on four 4′ x 8′ black rolling panels that were constructed specially for that purpose. The images were unique and powerful and showed many of the world’s legends of recent times: Isaac Hayes, Patrick Swayze, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, Julia Roberts and her brother, Rod Stewart, Dustin Hoffman, to name just a few.

On Thursday, Raeanne sent an invitation to hear her speak at Artlightenment, to her private email list of several hundreds of people. Her speech was very well-received by an audience of more than 100 people. She shared entertaining stories from decades of her work. She also included her basic purpose which is to capture her own viewpoint of the person as they stand before her and not any preconceived conception. This revealed why her photographs were unique compared to others taken of the same subjects.

On Saturday evening Raeanne was presented the Artlighenment Lifetime Achievement award by Robyn Morshead. Later, Raeanne raved about how nice the staff are, how incredible the service is at the org, how much Robyn Morshead has assisted her, and how much the acknowledgement at Artlightenment meant to her as an artist.
Numerous artists in attendance reached for more information, many received DVDs, additional data and some were sent to the Org. A number of Public also went through the Public Information Center.

An artist and daughter of a Nashville opinion leader came back to the Org on Sunday and were routed onto the Testing Line. She purchased The Problems of Work and read the book over the next few weeks. Then she came back in and started on the Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life Course! [This is THE specific...]

In summary, Artlightenment 2013 was a success in terms of attendance, good will generated for the Org, and really reaching out to hundreds of new public to let them know that the Celebrity Centre offers real help to artists!

IAS Fundraising Activities and major statuses made.

This quarter there were many new status levels achieved by both OT Committee Members and Public. There were 5 new Patron with Honors statuses made: Steve Brubaker, Shirley Young, Ad Maddax, the Snead Family and Brian Foley. James Hays achieved Crusader status and Devin York became a Lifetime Member of the IAS.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

Over 2900 students throughout the state of Tennessee were briefed on the Truth about Drugs. Over 5000 copies of The Truth about Drugs were handed out during these briefings. In this quarter there were numerous invitations from schools and other groups to present the data from “The Truth about Drugs”.

One event in the beginning of November was in Lake County, which is 4 hours away from Nashville. It’s the last county on the west side of TN. It is a small county and the person who invited us wanted us to do all the schools. She arranged to pay for the motel. There was one elementary, one middle and one high school. The students in each school were very pleased with the presentation. There were several, especially in the high school, who said it was a great presentation. The principal of the High School was most impressed. Part of the lecture was defining food versus drug and it was stated “in the end, it is very simple: if it is not a food, don’t put it in your body!” the principal cognited “Wow, yes, that is so simple, it can’t be more simple, I love it”. Between all three schools 870 students participated in the seminars and a total of 1502 Truth about Drugs booklets were distributed.
OT Committee Members went to a Pow Wow organized by a tribe of American Indian in Port State Park, Clarksville. Rebecca Carter had made the connection to distribute TWTH booklets at the Pow Wow. People were very friendly and welcomed the booklets. We distributed 1000 booklets during the week end. One Indian who goes to several such events asked to have a box of booklets of The Truth about Drugs and a box of TWTH to distribute to events he’s going to go to in the near future.

An authorized CCHR Board has been established in the state of TN. The proper papers have been filed with the Secretary of State which allows for Fundraising. Meetings have been carried out with local ministers and state representatives are being briefed on CCHR activities.

Stellar Achievers

OT Committee Member Robyn Morshead has been putting on the Art Enlightenment event for the past three years. These events are gaining more and more interest from the art community in Nashville.


The primary focus this quarter was Ideal Org Fundraising to pay off the mortgage on the Ideal Org building. [Mortgage? Wow, not heard of this before] Additionally, OT Committee Members helped promote the Golden Age of Tech Phase II events through emails and call in.

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

On October 6, OT Committee Member Heidi Yanavich gave a Bridge briefing to 7 public, including 1 new public, at the LRH House in Bayhead, New Jersey. Heidi said it was an honor and a privilege to be able to give this briefing in the home where LRH wrote. She said, “The way Valery and Alex mock up and maintain his home and entertain would tickle him pink!”

OT Committee Members Noelle, Steven, Nick Talevi, Allan Cassolino and Tomasina Sideris were all at Flag for the Live Events.

OT Committee Members helped with call in and emails for the Golden Age of Tech Phase II events and with moving boxes at the Org to prepare space for the new materials.

There are currently 3 OT Committee Members on the New Student Hat and Nick Talevi received his Grade IV at Flag on the day the new Flag building opened! Noelle and Steven have been helping to get people to buy the new e-meters.

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.

On October 26, the OT Committee held the “Eat, Celebrate and Be Scary” Ideal Org fundraising event and annual costume party.

The Sunday Brunch Ideal Org Briefing was held by the OT Committee on September 29. The event featured Mr. Carlos Torres, 28-year Sea Org Veteran and Class IX Case Cracking Auditor with the Universe Corps. The Event was held at the home of Steven & Noelle Talevi. The total amount of funds raised this quarter were $36,691.


The NY OT Committee is devoted to helping move volumes of public up The Bridge to full OT. The recent monumental release of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II puts clearing and full OT in reach for all. The NY OT Committee is active in all sectors of Scientology.

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

Immediately upon receiving the date of the GAT II and Super Power release the Chairman of the NY OT Committee Rick Santangelo appointed OT VIII/OTA Michele Takacs the Call-in IC along with our Call-in IC Angelo Mongoivi. Michele targeted each OT Committee Member to call Public to confirm them for the event to be held in NY. OT Committee Member Bennett Weber was quick to confirm 10 people the first day. Michele developed a grid and kept confirms and reported to the Chairman and FCS NYD. An email promo was designed and sent to the OT Committee list and public in conjunction with NY Org.

The OT Committee was responsible for over 100 of the 600 confirmed attendee’s at the release of GAT II in NY. Both Michele and Bennett were highly commended for their efforts. [No mention of how many actually attended?]

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.

The NY OT Committee assisted CCNY in their yearly end of summer fundraiser. Over $40,000 was raised. [That was PLEDGES....]

Progress on Files Projects.

The NY OT Committee assisted in the completion of the Harlem Org central files project. NY OT Committee Members over a 4 week period help Harlem complete the over 8000 files project.

IAS Fundraising Activities and major statuses made.

In the last five months NY OT Committee Members have donated and/or regged $170,689.00 and plan to continue their support of the IAS. So far in 2013 the grand total is $363,566. In the last newsletter it was reported that Dan Margolin achieved the status of Patron but he actually achieved the status of Patron Meritorious.

Miriam Kanter and Jeff Hoffman both achieved the status of Patron. Joanne and David Gentile Silver Patron Meritorious.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

Backed by a grant from the IAS, NY OT Committee Member and US Veteran first responder, Ayal Lindeman, is leading the international Scientology Volunteer Ministers disaster response team to help the Philippines recover. He was accompanied to the Philippines by NY OT Committee Member Carol Eurell. They flew out of Kennedy Airport on November 12, 2013 and after two flights totaling 19 hours arrived in Manila.

Drug Free World

Continuing under the direction of Meghan Fialkoff, the Northeast Executive Director for Truth About Drugs, Youth for Human Rights, and The Way To Happiness campaigns, there have been scores of events for the public in the New York/New Jersey area over the last several months.

Jane Santangelohas been putting on The Truth About Drugs events in the NY/NJ area. The latest had Jane giving two events at Hackensack High School in early and mid-November. At these two events Jane reached a total of over 600 youths. She says that the school is a great multi-cultural environment and that the kids loved the presentations. She has also recently done a presentation at the Grace Alliance Church in Piscataway, NJ.

State Senator Jose Peralta presented a New York State Senate Proclamation to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World Northeast Chapter and the Fialkoff Foundation for a Drug-Free World NYC Program on November 13, 2013.

David Tidman and Ben Fialkoff have done over 30 events in the last several months. Due to their efforts 3000 to 4000 school children have been reached with the message of “The Truth About Drugs”. They present The Truth About Drugs DVD and give out the associated booklets.

Karen Bernath has continually manned The Truth About Drugs booths. She gives out booklets, pledges in people as Drug-Free Marshals, and offers free drug education events. She has manned booths at the Marriott Eastside Health Fair, the Temco Health Fair, the Health Fair Resorts Health Fair, the Casino Resorts Health Fair, and the West Hab National Night Out Against Crime and more.

Brielle Takacs, Michelle Takacs and Dan Margolin have manned booths at the Dumont Street Fair and at New Milford High School, both in New Jersey. Brielle also was set up at the Hackensack Street Fair, the Footsteps for Families Walk for Child Abuse, the Champion of the Grill Festival. At Van Saun Park in Paramus, and an Englewood Sidewalk Sale.

New York OT Committee Members Lance Davis and Karen Bernath, along with many other volunteers, have been giving their time on Saturdays distributing Drug Free booklets in the Harlem Org area subway stations.

Youth For Human Rights

Three Youth For Human Rights Events in Harlem.

Daphne Olson, and John Eurell of the Hudson Valley Chapter of Youth For Human Rights recently gave three presentations at P.S. 96 Scholars Academy – Joseph Lanzetta School. The school is just down the street from the new Harlem Org location. On November 12, 2013. A total of 90 students, 6 teachers and the Dean attended the events.

The first two presentations were for fourth grade classes and the third one was to an eighth grade class. All of the students were shown the Story of Human Rights video, several Human Rights PSA’s, and the UNITED music video. The kids loved it. You could see it and several of them commented on that fact. During the UNITED video the students were clapping to the music along with the people in the video and they loved the video. Daphne made sure all the teachers got cards, booklets and materials about the YHRI website.

There were two major events that the NY OT Committee assisted in for The Way to Happiness. There was the Puerto Rican day Parade in which 20,500 booklets were handed out. Then the Thanksgiving Day parade in which 7000 booklets were handed out.\


From September through November the Orlando OT Committee continued to run events for the Orlando Ideal Org building fund to push more and more Members up through Clear. Work was done to organize the Central File and prepare for the eventual move in the new Ideal Org building.

Helping Scientologists in your field move up The Bridge to Clear and OT.

The Orlando OT Committee has continually pushed Members to get up The Bridge. All active OT Committee Members are either on their Basics or on co-audits or getting processing. Lynn Kleinschmidt (OT Committee Dir I&R) and Jim Bowe (Public) have been at Flag off and on this year, getting their Grades and shooting for Clear. Lynn is now on her NED at Flag and is going for CLEAR this year!

In preparation for the local Phase II event on Nov. 23, 2013, the Orlando OT Committee coordinated with the Org to get people to the event so that they could hear and see what Phase II was and what it could do for them.

In the week before the event, the OT Committee did Call-In and decorated the Orlando Org event hall. One OT Committee Member volunteered to handle Org Reception during the mornings to free up one more Staff Member to work on Org preparations for the event.

After the event, three individuals stepped forward to either purchase or start their Phase II training.

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books & Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

With the Phase II release, the OT Committee Members are backing the Org by getting their new Phase II materials and signing up for Phase II Courses. There is this push to get on and through these new Phase II Courses, because that’s got to get done before they all can go OT!

We had another Basics Completion this quarter – Cecil Todd, OT Committee CF I/C, completed his Basics.

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.

On Sept. 7, 2013, a very special event was held at the Orlando Org. This event was in honor of Ron’s visit to Africa, and was M/Ced by Rob Bokermann, who had lived in Africa. Rob told us several stories of his experiences in Africa. He had also prepared some typical African food, which all the attendees had a chance to sample and taste. The evening closed with a rousing fundraising session in which $2,131 was raised for the future Ideal Org building.

An “Honor to the Stars” event was held on Sept. 29, 2013 at the favorite restaurant, Maison & Jardin. The event was to honor the Stalwart donors for their continued support to the Ideal Org Drive, of which about 30 attended, some coming all the way from Clearwater. The evening started with hors d’oeuvre on the patio, followed by a French style steak and salmon dinner, and ended with the always exquisite dessert that they are known for. After the dinner, all donors were honored and wins were recognized. In concluding the evening, $4,172 was raised in additional funds toward buying the building.

All told in these three months, the OT Committee raised a total of $11,250 toward the future Ideal Org. [This place is just sad -- $11,000 in a quarter for their "Ideal Org" and this is "rousing."]

Progress on Files Projects.

The files guys have really been busy. With Phase II moving in and the Org not Ideal yet, a rearrangement of the Org space became a necessity. Cutting new doors and painting the walls and moving CF became essential for Phase II delivery. OT Committee Members put their shoulders against the MEST universe and worked together with Staff to create the needed spaces. Then in addition to moving CF and helping to recreate these Org spaces, they also spent an additional 90 hours in filing particles for CF and Treasury.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

Harry Rohr is an old time Dianetics Auditor. He helped start the first mission in Orlando in the 1950’s and has been continually active in the Orlando Org. Harry runs a weekend stall at a large flea market in the Orlando area. When sales get slow, he walks out and around the market with a pack of TWTH books and disseminates TWTH.

Recent Stellar Achievers.

Karen (Orlando OT Committee I/C) and Todd (Public) Lucht have both joined the Sea Org in the first week of October, 2013. One of the biggest steps that a person can take in their lifetime, is to join the SO.

David Kaup (Orlando OTA) continues onward on Solo NOTs, also handling the Orlando OT Committee I/C from above, as well as handling his full-time job. He is looking forward to returning to study in the new Orlando Phase II Academy for his new Phase II training.


This quarter was characterized by both transition and change for the Philadelphia OT Committee. Our former Chair, Sue Young-Moore, left the area and moved to Clearwater. In the interim, Div 1 Secretary Maria Walicki held things together as we located a new OT Committee Chair in the person of Edward DiMartino. During this period two Ideal Org fundraisers were held and several thousand dollars were raised at each event for the building renovations. Also, long time OT Committee Member Pat Devlin joined Staff and is now serving as the Director of Tech Services.

Actions taken to help Scientologists in the field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

A large delegation of Philadelphia OT Committee Members attended the international release of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II at Flag. Several Members were also active with call-in for the local event — as well as assisted with working the event. Local public Dimitri Silverstov began his Super Power Rundown on the first day of its release.
The release of Golden Age of Tech 2, assisted two families with helping other family Members re-kindle an interest in Scientology yet again. The McCormick Family (OT Committee Member Christine McCormick) reports that her daughter attended the release event in Seattle (where her daughter now lives) and became more convinced of the correctness of needing to re-connect to Scientology. The daughter now plans to do her Purif and Student Hat. Their son Skyler (currently attending college) looks forward to making Bridge progress over the summer break. Their son Connor was a fortunate recipient of the pilot program at Flag and went from the Survival Rundown to Grade 4 in a matter of a few months. He is winning in life and his mother reports he is demonstrating it.

Trudi Battershall got her son, former Philadelphia Staff Member, Jeff Battershall, to attend the event as well.

OT Committee Member Dr. Richard Walicki has completed the basic Objectives of his Survival Rundown and is now working on the newly released additional Objectives with his twin, (the Philly DSA) locally.

OT Committee Members Jade Ripley and Brian Griffiths are also on their Survival Rundown in Philadelphia. OT Committee Member Chuck Simon has completed both his Purif and Survival Rundown at Flag. Marina Simon (OT VIII) is likewise completing her Survival Rundown at Flag.

Helping Scientologists in the field onto and through the Basics Books & Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

Trudi Battershall, OT Committee Member, completed her 1[SUP]st[/SUP] American ACC and she recovered a public to attend the release of GAT 2.
Progress on Files Projects

CF I/C Joe McCusker is continuing to work on address corrections and new folder preparations.

On two separate weekends in November, Central Files Parties were held. This helped to reactivate several recently inactive Members who participated in these CF projects.
Getting New Public into the Org.

OT Committee Member Julianna Owens has been having great successes with both recovering Public onto The Bridge as well as with interesting new public in Division 6 services and auditing. She recently signed up her chiropractor for the Ups and Downs in Life Course. He has also expressed an interest in getting Life Repair auditing. His wife has reportedly taken an interest in basic services as well.


OT Committee Members Colleen Maulfair, Phyllis Discher, Dick Marks and Bill Nicoletto continue to sell books. Dr. Walicki also maintains a basic books display in his office and periodically sells books to his patients. [actually SOLD any?]

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

Dick Marks recently passed out between 300 and 400 The Way to Happiness Booklets at local mall and in Philadelphia’s Chinatown area. Doctors Venturena (dentist), McCormick (chiropractor) and Walicki (dentist) all distribute The Way to Happiness in their offices. Dr. McCormick’s office has a Way to Happiness Day during which he plays the PSAs on monitors and distributes about a gross of TWTH booklets.

OT Committee Stats I/C Maria Roosevelt is working on the following project: A film director affiliated with an award-winning group (Jay Craven’s Kingdom County Productions) did a documentary on prescription drug abuse, called “The Hungry Heart.” Her take was that the reason people took drugs in the first place was in order to try and solve other problems, but found that taking more drugs to get off drugs didn’t solve problems either. There was a focus on communications. The documentary toured the State of Vermont and received front-page coverage in some newspapers, resulting in an increased public awareness about the abuse of prescription drugs.

Reportedly, one local paid daily newspaper with a readership of 9,288 even ran a series of front-page weekend edition stories focusing upon the film and the topic.

While the film had already started to tour, Maria called the director and got her agreement to have Drug Free World (DFW) information tour with the documentary. Then, in conjunction with the DSA Boston, she arranged for DFW booklets to arrive in time to continue with the tour. There were also 50 Truth About Drugs DVDs included. The producer was also sent a short Drug Free World clip that she could play before the feature documentary.

Next a ¼ page DFW custom booklet and web address ad was placed in the paper while the front-page extended story was running. (This is the paper with the nearly 10,000-person distribution.

It created an effect. There was a definite rise in awareness and newspaper front-page headlines quoted the police chief as saying: “Drug dealers get out of town” in an ethics crackdown.

The newspaper went so far as to name the psych drug that a person was on when he became derailed by it and committed a serious crime.

Maria is now working to raise contributions to include Truth About Drugs booklets as inserts in some of the local papers. About $1,000 would help her to continue her momentum.

Recent Stellar Achievers

Maria Walicki, in addition to her activities, held the OT Committee together while searching for a new chair. She also reached out to Division 6 Public (student reactivation) with call-in, and assisted with the fundraising efforts this last quarter, including stage regging.

Joe McCusker, who celebrated his 85[SUP]th[/SUP] birthday in November, continues to hold the fort in Central Files.

Louis Feldman is also assisting with the CF project from his hat as OES for the OT Committee – at the same time, he continues to volunteer time in the course room as a (Flag-trained) word clearer – assisting students as they progress through The Basics.

This quarter Puerto Rico has had a mayor push to obtain its new building with lots of activation of its field, lots of recoveries and lots of Ideal Org donation status increases. The overall enthusiasm towards the achievement of this goal is quite contagious. Puerto Rico Org has been assisted by a wonderful SO team that is helping to recover public and maintain the purpose flowing.

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

A series of 3 consecutive Dissemination Seminars were delivered by Frank Suarez, OT Committee Chairman, Don Pfendler, FSM Specialist and Jim Bates PTR ORG OES to help rehab the PTR Org FSMs. The results have been phenomenal as many Scientologists have rehabbed their ability to disseminate by drilling to perfection and using LRH dissemination tools that include ample use of the pre-sessions.

The BIS stat has consecutively shown an increase into affluence ranges every time one of these Dissemination Seminars was delivered. Some Scientologists who had 2Ds that were not Scientologists were able to now share Scientology Tech with their 2D for the first time after applying the dissemination tools correctly to their spouses. The dissemination seminars have increased the number of Scientologists who are winning in life by disseminating Scientology effectively to their family and friends and that has increased the number of them that are now reaching for the Tech Phase II training and processing at the Org.

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books & Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

This quarter the PTR OT Committee started a game to have each and every one of its OT Committee Members on course doing The Basics and ACCs. This showed a good example to the rest of the field and it has had the intended effect as many of the Public have joined in to study their basics because of the OT Committee Members participating on course.

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs

One key event which broke all previous concepts of what a high-toned, creative, aesthetic and most Theta exterior fundraising event should be was the recent “A Concert with David Pomeranz”. In this event the high aesthetic band of Mr. Pomeranz’s music, his personal magnetism and enthusiasm had the field jumping, dancing and singing as one unified group and on the board that night we had $205,000 in donations and pledges all of which materialized over the next few weeks. The attendance was 72 people and this in itself was a highest ever as the average attendance at fundraising events is around 50 people.

The OT Committee was involved in every aspect of this event including the call-in, decorating, contracting, setting up and fundraising.

Another fundraising event that left a lasting and most Theta impression on the field was the THETA KUNG FU event which had Chinese food and people dressed up mandarin style and best of all Mr. Tim Lomas from the CLO (then CO OSA EUS) gave the group an OSA briefing that was an eye opener as it exposed the dwindling spiral and its ripple effects. He delivered this in a high-toned and yet de-PTSing way. The group of 30 people had obvious case gain and $30,000 was pledged in Ideal Org donations. What was observable from this event was that the next few weeks showed increased participation and donations as a result of the Theta injection.

Getting New Public into the Org.

The OT Committee has been heavily promoting the Thursday lectures on Scientology entry routes featuring the Life Improvement Courses as a way of getting new people on The Bridge and recovering inactive Scientologists having a rough time with life. One Public who was talking about the possibility of “leaving the level for financial reasons” had been totally introverted into his business financial troubles with mounting overdue mortgages, taxes, and falling stats. He totally reversed his declining stats and went into an affluence after being recovered by Frank Suarez (OT Committee Chairman) and asked to do the Overcoming Financial Stress and apply it to his business. The reversal was so dramatic when this pre-OT applied the LRH financial stress solutions of this short Life Improvement Course to his business scene, he was able to turn declining stats of 2 years into a “highest ever affluence”. He also attested to New OT VII at Flag and is now preparing himself to do New OT VIII at the Freewinds. His success story on the Orgs bulletin board read “After having done the Overcoming Financial Stress Course, in just 2 days I was able to reverse a 2 year decline that had cost my business some $300,000 in loses and I realized that if I would have done this course before I would have saved myself and the business some $299,950!” (discounting the mere $50 he paid for the lifesaving data on the course). His success story had an attached income stat graph that showed a long time steady decline that had now reversed and was going up on a screaming affluence trend.

Once this pre-OT availed himself of the LRH Tech to handle his financial stress he found the time to route onto The Basics to finish the few remaining courses needed to become a “Basics Completion” that would make him eligible for his next step on the Bridge, New OT VIII.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

The OT Committee TWTH I/C, Enrique Esteban, has kept pushing TWTH as well as other 4th dynamic campaigns. In this quarter Enrique Esteban promoted the TWTH as a “values campaign” to the Miguel Such Vocational School director, Mrs. Wanda Castellano. Enrique got her a TWTH DVD and some booklets and asked her what her goals were regarding values education to their students and then aligned TWTH with her goals as school director. Mrs. Castellano started delivering TWTH seminars first to the school teachers and then to the school’s 1,000 vocational students. The results have been phenomenal in the school environment, resulting in much less violence and better grades. Mrs. Castellano has officially made TWTH an integral part of the Miguel Such Vocational School curriculum.

This vocational school has a sponsor bookstore, the Betances Bookstore, which had been promoting its own “Values Program”. Because of the wide acceptance of the TWTH campaign by the school director, the Betances Bookstore contacted Enrique Esteban and asked him to use the TWTH booklets to positively influence the school’s surrounding low-income communities which are riddled with drug trafficking gangs and threaten the school’s student safety.

In the municipality of Toa Alta, after several TWTH presentations were made by Enrique Esteban, the Education Department invited Enrique to join their “values committee” and to also be a part of their human rights committee. These education committees coordinate training of several dozen school social workers and the First Lady of Toa Alta herself asked Enrique to please help them distribute 25,000 TWTH booklets as part of their municipal social betterment campaign. This request prompted a meeting between Mrs. Evelyn Rodriguez, personal assistant to the Toa Alta First Lady, who then asked Commander Vazquez of the Toa Alta municipal police for support in helping deliver the 25,000 TWTH booklets to the community. Right now Enrique is coordinating with the Toa Alta Municipal Police to deliver a TWTH training seminar for the policemen that will deliver the booklets so that they are brought into “personal conviction” themselves regarding TWTH including having them pledge to the TWTH values before they attempt to deliver the booklets to the community. This is following “to the letter” the successful strategy used in Colombia with TWTH campaign as explained by Coronel Prado (Freedom Medal Winner).

This quarter 10,500 TWTH booklets have been delivered to different schools and communities in Puerto Rico as part of the OT Committee 4[SUP]th[/SUP] dynamic activities.

Recent Stellar Achievers

OT Committee Member Enrique Esteban with his TWTH campaigns, Santiago Lampon, Fundraiser I/C with the most creative and stellar donations achieved for the Ideal Org, and Elizabeth Gonzalez, Solo NOTs Auditor.

[Note Tampa Org is not included as they are now "under Flag'.... Not a surprise as most of their staff are FSO public and most of their public are FSO rejects]
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WUS and EUS stats reported really blow the LIES!! Quite pathetic and sad for the poor people still stuck in the Sinking Ship of Scientology!! I hope some lurkers see the big picture from the wonderful and courageous OT MOLE who leaked these stats!! I think computers and phones will be banned after this leak.

Let's not forget last week - those lies stated in depositions from Warren McShane, Tommy Davis and Allen Cartwright regarding "David Miscavige never talks to anyone on the phone" (well, that may be true -but we found out he TEXTS) Remember the Mike Rinder Leaks - AKA: Text-Kick-Scientology-Ass Leaks in Texas!!

To the MOLE that made this possible!! :party::party::party::woohoo::woohoo::grouphug::grouphug:THANK YOU!!

SP's Suppressing Scientology - one gadget at a time!! What is next?


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Carcha says

January 26, 2014 at 6:45 pm

To those with Co$ attention deficit disorder, or just overrun on why the Co$ does this, these are the essentials of the report categories requested (some categories are omitted in most instances).

Scns on GAT II
Scns on Basic Books & Lectures
Fundraising or Ideal Orgs
Files Projects
Getting New Public into the Org
IAS Fundraising
4D Campaign Activities
Other Major Activities
Recent Stellar Achievers

These are the 18 reporting entities: Atlanta – Battle Creek – Boston – Buffalo – CC New York – Chicago – Cincinnati – Columbus – Detroit – FCDC – Long Island – Miami – Nashville – New Haven – New York – Orlando – Philadelphia – Puerto Rico.

N. There are some questions to be asked about some of these locations. New Haven had some serious non-payment of tax problems, Chicago is probably still boarded up, Atlanta was a running joke about the parking lot, and I’m sure locals have more info similar. It’s interesting that the OTC in Long Island banded together in a major display of Cause over MEST and funded a sign for the building. Now that’s impressive, and arguably straight up and vertical, if they get it hung upright.


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If I was still a scientologist I would have to say, reading all that was Dev't to read that Dev't report about Dev't!!!!!!! Or if I was DM I could say expansion like never before, or straight up and vertical.. oh wait didn't his lawyers in court try to say that for him in explaining why he is so busy representing one of the fastest growing 'religions'so he didn't have room in his schedule to be deposed or appear in court. LOL I have to admit that might be quite a bit of work for ONE person micro-managing to get done in 3 months ...each day before breakfast...

I realize those are not org stats, but I do wonder if there is an overlap of the orgs stats. What would the org stats [STRIKE]standing[/STRIKE] laying on their own would be in comparison.

If this is the stats of an GROUP of OTs, I gotta say it seems like they took the EL Wrong Bridge to total cause and freedom.


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If I was still a scientologist I would have to say, reading all that was Dev't to read that Dev't report about Dev't!!!!!!! Or if I was DM I could say expansion like never before, or straight up and vertical.. oh wait didn't his lawyers in court try to say that for him in explaining why he is so busy representing one of the fastest growing 'religions'so he didn't have room in his schedule to be deposed or appear in court. LOL I have to admit that might be quite a bit of work for ONE person micro-managing to get done in 3 months ...each day before breakfast...

I realize those are not org stats, but I do wonder if there is an overlap of the orgs stats. What would the org stats [STRIKE]standing[/STRIKE] laying on their own would be in comparison.

If this is the stats of an GROUP of OTs, I gotta say it seems like they took the EL Wrong Bridge to total cause and freedom.

Like the reactive mind, Hubbard was making it all up...

Or like that picture of the pilot at the end of the OTIII Incident 1 implant who say's


"I'm mocking it up"(Note)

The members emulate Hubbard....they "Duplicate source"
They also make it all up...

arnie lerma

Note: In the OTIII material Hubbard instructs that you

"only run incident II up until you see the picture of the pilot saying "I'm mocking it all up"......

Alan Walters, Clear #8 told me that might have been Hubbard "getting off his withold" and checking to see if anyone noticed!
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Like the reactive mind, Hubbard was making it all up...

Or like that picture of the pilot at the end of the OTIII Indident 1 implant who say's


"I'm mocking it up"(Note)

The members emulate Hubbard....they "Duplicate source"
They also make it all up...

arnie lerma

Note: In the OTIII material Hubbard instructs that you

"only run incident II up until you see the picture of the pilot saying "I'm mocking it all up"......

Alan Walters, Clear #8 told me that might have been Hubbard "getting off his withold" and checking to see if anyone noticed!

Scientologists are "mocking up" Scientology one lie at a time!

They insulate and protect their "mock up" with a hard SP-proof shield called "don't look, don't talk, don't think for yourself!"

Other break-proof remedies to keep the shield bullet proof from the truth -

"the media lies, expcept when they give rave reviews about Scientology",

"you can't always believe the internet, except when their are rave reviews about Scientology",

"no case on post", no dramatizing of cases",

"if it is not in writing, it is not true and then hide the crimes by destroying written evidence of crimes",

DISCONNECTION from anyone not with the program even if it destroys your family.

If they can keep the shield "mocked up" it is real to them. If the truth penetrates - it starts breaking down the shield.

The truth does shatter the lies and that is how you destroy Scientology! Tell the truth!


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That thing about $cientology being "always worse than you think" - it looks likely the condition of the "church" is worse than anyone thought!

So now we know why the turnout for the grand opening of the Clearwater building was so low.