Church Of Scientology Produces Entire Magazine Attacking The New Yorker


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I think Business Insider is going to need its own subforum. They're turning into the Village Voice.

Church Of Scientology Produces Entire Magazine Attacking The New Yorker

The Church of Scientology has produced a ..... in an attempt to discredit an article by The New Yorker's Lawrence Wright.


This Freedom Magazine was published last year. Tony at Village Voice and many other media reported on it and how it was CoS response to bad PR the Wright article.

Scientology Attacks The New Yorker. Hilarity Ensues. (UPDATED)By Tony Ortega Tue., Aug. 30 2011 at 12:41 AM Categories: Freedom Magazine, Scientology

Now that it's been mentioned again, as if new, CoS gets it's name and mag name in the news again, readers reading the propaganda and web stats. :whistling:
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Is this magazine a "new" issue? I remember that cover from a while back - it came out not too long after the Paul Haggis interview.

Recently, Tony posted an article about how that magazine that dead agented M&M and friends was recycled. The one with the clown car full of bitter defrocked apostates on the cover.

Is this seriously the second recycled magazine in as many months? If so, I repeat Tony's question from last month: "What the hell is going on?"


Old news is old.

Yes, but not enough people saw it in the first place. It needs to come out over and over and over...I say old, new, bring it on...let's hear them talking about Mayo or further back...everything. ALL of it until the world knows the truth.

Cult, you're goin' down.