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Church of Scientology provides financing for cost of religious scriptures & services


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Church of Scientology provides financing for cost of religious scriptures, courses and services.

Mike Rinder: Bridge Will “Finance” You

As always, please go to Mike's blog for his analysis and the analysis of his commentators.

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“Hi Peter,

If you have seriously been considering the purchase of your ACC lectures or Mark Ultra VIII Meter but need assistance with the financing to make this happen?I have some good news…

There is a financing option I have available that has already helped hundreds of people get their ACC lectures (or other LRH materials) direct with Bridge.

This is rarely used or known about and still applies even if you have bad credit. You will find out within minutes and have zero interest for 10 months.

Since this is something we have had success with, I wanted to try with you as well!

Interested? :)

Please let me know by return email or call me directly at (323) 216-7367.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Violet Havel Bridge Publications


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