Church of Scientology quotes David Miscavige instead of Founder L. Ron Hubbard


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Re: David Miscavige: The Scientology Chosen One?

I'll bet hubbard couldn't even find the door to close it or show someone in or out in his last days as he was probably banging his head against it while he chased butterflies disguised as BT with his fly swatter e-meter cans. Another chapter in the mythical bridge to freedom chocolate factory. Conman DM covers his mentor Confidence man in bitter dark brown. .cra....p, err chocolate for the membership and the IRS and the rest of the world, Le Rotten nutty Hubbard selling said spoiled poison under the rights not given under the 1st amendment.

Jim Carey al la Who Framed Roger Rabbit style could do well to avenge his deceased girlfriend's tragedy by framing up tubbard and his unchosen warped 4'13" replacement. I sure he could nail hubbard's undersea coffin down with great aplomb and appropriate insanity.

I would be completely hilarious if it wasn't for the real tragedy which accompany's the entire subject.

David Miscavige: The Scientology Chosen One?

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David Miscavige: The Chosen One?

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Is David Miscavige the Chosen One?

Miscavige has certainly run a concerted campaign for years to convince everyone L. Ron Hubbard personally selected him to take over after his passing.

The official hagiography of Miscavige includes to this day this out of context quote about “real scientologists” that has been reinterpreted as if it means David Miscavige.
“So forgive me for not managing the Church when it almost fell into hostile hands. It all came out all right. Why? Because real Scientologists made sure it did. My faith was justified.”

That real Scientologist L. Ron Hubbard spoke of was David Miscavige.

Somehow the plural “scientologists” became the singular David Miscavige. How? Don’t ask. It’s because we say it is so.

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Somehow it seems to have been generally overlooked what Monique Yingling said on the ABC News site:
“Mr. Hubbard viewed David Miscavige as one of his closest and trusted aides, and he essentially groomed him to become the leader of the Church,” said Church lawyer Monique Yingling. “So really while there wasn’t an anointment or anything like that, it was clear to everyone… that David was the person that Mr. Hubbard would want to take the Church forward.”

Strange she confirmed that he was NOT anointed.

But for once, Monique Yingling was telling the truth. Miscavige was NOT anointed by L. Ron Hubbard. If there was such a person, it was Annie Broeker.

But in fact, NOBODY was anointed by L. Ron Hubbard. The guy who “causatively moved on to Target Two” didn’t leave ANY succession plan. How strange is that? He wrote “policy letters” on how to wash cars and windows, how to organize an in-basket and how to write a classified ad but he wrote NOTHING about how scientology was to carry on after he died. He recorded EVERYTHING he said on recorders that were with him at all times. He wrote long-hand and typed extensive issues and even books (remember he managed to write a science fiction “dekology” — Mission Earth — during his last years). He could have recorded a message laying out what he intended and had it transcribed by his secretarial pool as he had done thousands of times over the years — they were sitting waiting for his recorded words to arrive. He could have included his plan in a written “Ron’s Journal” – something he put out often. He could have included it in his will.

He could have delivered the message containing his specific intentions for succession and scientology after his passing in numerous ways. He did nothing. According to one of the two people who was with him in his final years (Steve Pfauth), he was instead obsessed with trying to get rid of BT’s around him.

Thus, the door was left open to whoever could seize the power. And there is no doubt that this IS David Miscavige.

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